June 10, 2007

'9/11 Mysteries' alters Rick Siegel's original WTC footage

Rick Siegel of 9/11 Eyewitness pointed out back in Jan '07 that Sofia Shafquat of 9/11 Mysteries had altered the audio on Rick's original WTC footage.

Rick just made a new video clip that clearly shows how 9/11 Mysteries (watch) altered the audio on his original footage by editing in explosions, sirens, and a police call operator. The helicopter flying from the right to left seems to have been temporarily obscured also:

911 Mysteries Part II – Secrets and Lies Exposed (youtube)

This is highly disturbing. Altering the audio in Rick's footage is deception. Sofia needs to pull 9/11 Mysteries off the market now and immediately explain why she alterd the audio in Rick's footage.

Also, Sofia used my blogpost interview of Scott Forbes in her video along with his photo Scott exclusively gave to me and then stiffed me in their credits. I would have gave them credit if I used any of their stuff.

(Update: 06/11/07)

I've called out the producers of 911 Mysteries at their forum to take their film off the market and to explain why they grossly altered Rick's footage.


Anonymous said...

I watched the video, and it looks very dirty. Somebody is trying to hide the helicopters and push "explosives" at the expense of other ideas.

Very, very dirty. Thanks for exposing this!

War On Suckers said...

As if it weren't bad enough that 9/11 Mysteries has more than a few strawman arguments. Seems it might be even worse than In Plane Sight.

Fortunately given amount of damning evidence that no big Boeings hit the WTC, most of cointelpro mockumentories are pretty much redundent.

The NBC 4 live footage in Part 3 of September Clues just blows away anyone still hanging on to the official story let alone the mere plane huggers. Viewing it results in numerous expletives or just gaping mouths and utter silence.

Fortunately archive.org still has a streaming version of the live broadcasts from the day for including the NBC broadcast.

Anonymous said...

So putting in background sounds of a police scanner means they were trying to mislead?? Throwing dispersions against Jones is rediculous - he's been great. And you think the planes DIDN'T hit the building?-OK, now you're just complete idiots. Look at the youtube of Jones' microsphere info. This website pushes crappy conspiracy theories.