November 07, 2008

Is funny-looking alleged 2nd WTC hit witness really actor and 'truther' Gary Welz?

Notice Gary Welz and the 'funny man' seem to have the same crazy hair, receding hairline, earlobe, and crooked teeth. (Left and right photos from

MSNBC aired a clip of an anonymous funny-looking and sounding man (@:19) with big dorky glasses and a bad receding hairdo who supposedly was an eyewitness to the 2nd WTC "plane" crash. The clip of this man only seems to have aired once.

"...and dove to the other side and crashed right in and the explosion was so terrific it looked like it had dynamite in it. The ball of fire that came flying out of that one was even worse than the first one and we were standing there and I said "I can't believe this!" and sure enough, there it was another plane. The plane wasn't no airliner or anything, it was a twin-engine big grey plane."

Did this funny-looking guy really witness a plane crash into the South Tower, or is he really a scripted actor played by none other than actor, comedian, voice impression expert, terrorist/suicide bomber script playwriter, and alleged 9/11 truther and also alleged 2nd plane witness Gary Welz (who's story about him seeing the 2nd plane crash keeps evolving)?

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