March 14, 2010

Skeptic's dilemma regarding alleged Flight 93 wreckage

The FBI claims that they recovered almost all of Flight 93.

SHANKSVILLE, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- The FBI announced Monday that its investigation of the site where a hijacked jet slammed into a field here is complete and that 95 percent of the plane was recovered.

Photos of the scene taken before the clean-up started show relatively little debris lying around.

The official story states that most of Flight 93 had buried and this would logically explain why not much 757 debris was observed above ground.

However, skeptics have put themselves in quite a dilemma.

First off, skeptics seem split in regards to how much of Flight 93 was buried underground, or not. Some believe most was buried, while others don't. This is an obvious problem for skeptics because they can't have it both ways.

For the skeptics who don't believe most of the 757 was buried, they've never been able to show where most of the claimed 95% of wreckage was above ground before cleanup.

(An FBI aerial photograph taken Sept. 12, 2001, shows the crash site of hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pa.)

For the skeptics who do believe that most of the plane had buried as the media and others reported, they've never been able to prove that most of a large 757 was dug out of the ground.

They've also never been able to rationally explain why it took almost a year before the media started reporting that most of Flight 93 had buried, an unprecedented feat for a large airplane that should have made front page news soon after investigators realized that most of Flight 93 had supposedly buried, especially when it would have been logically assumed that if most of the plane had buried, then most of the passenger remains would most likely be buried along with it too, especially since no bodies or blood was observed above ground.

So skeptics, you can see your dilemma.

First, you need to come to some consensus as to how much of UA93 was allegedly buried.

If your consensus is most of the plane had buried -- an extraordinary feat for a 757 to do -- then you have to show extraordinary evidence to prove most of the 757 had buried -- so far you haven't.

If your consensus is most of the plane did not bury, then you have to show where all that above ground wreckage was that comes close to adding up to an astounding claimed 95% recovered of a 757.

You also have to rationally explain why your consensus is radically different than the media reporting most had buried.

March 11, 2010

Blog updates

I've added some new features to this blog.

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