December 18, 2010

Why no piles of plane debris, just piles of dirt?

The official story says most of Flight 93 buried underground, reaching a depth of about 45 feet where the Boeing 757 supposedly accordioned against a layer of bedrock.

On 9/13, officials started excavating the alleged hole the plane supposedly made and, on the same day, supposedly unearthed one of the plane's engines and one of the plane's black boxes at a depth of 15 feet.

On 9/16,* only three days later, they reportedly finished extracting all of the plane that buried, a total of about 80% of the Boeing 757, that's 30+ cars-worth of debris!

Logically, there should have been numerous piles of plane debris collected outside of the hole after extraction either waiting to be processed, or after being processed and awaiting off-site removal.

However, as you can see in the excavation photos below, there were no piles of plane debris collected, only numerous piles of extracted dirt:

And if you look at all the piles of dirt collected outside the hole, they look to be the exact amount to completely fill back up the excavated hole, meaning nothing came out of the ground, except dirt, and that means the official story that most of the plane buried is a lie, the official story that 95% of the Boeing 757 was recovered is a lie, thereby the official story that Flight 93 crashed there is a lie.