June 15, 2010

IMPOSSIBLE: Only ONE debris shows UA livery and it's the largest photo'd

The FBI claims they recovered 95% of Flight 93.

Amazingly, out of all this alleged debris recovered, only one of the pieces of plane debris photographed at the scene shows United Airlines logo colors.

But not only that, this piece shown with the UA livery is the largest piece of plane debris photographed!

What's the odds on that one?!

You'd think that if the largest piece of plane debris photo'd showed the plane's logo colors and if almost the entire plane was recovered, odds are that there would be lots of smaller pieces of debris with the plane's livery photographed. 

The only logical and rational explanation for this is the crash was staged and the perps only brought in one piece of plane wreckage with the livery of the plane they say crashed.

(Also note that the photo of this only piece of debris with UA livery is a close-up, which makes it unable to determine where exactly this piece was photographed. There's no real proof it was even taken at the scene.)