June 30, 2007

Retiree discovers seawater can be used as fuel

Water into fuel?

Retired TV station owner and broadcast engineer, John Kanzius, wasn't looking for an answer to the energy crisis.
His machine could actually make saltwater burn.

John Kanzius discovered that his radio frequency generator could release the oxygen and hydrogen from saltwater and create an incredibly intense flame.
The APV Company Laboratory in Akron has checked out John's amazing invention. They were amazed.

"That could be a steam engine, a steam turbine. That could be a car engine if you wanted it to be."

Imagine the possibilities. Saltwater as the ultimate clean fuel.

June 28, 2007

41% at Ubuntu forum thinks 9/11 an inside job

I had been trying out the free Linux-based operating system Ubuntu after my old computer with Windows XP bit the dust and I started a poll at their forum (you'll have to log in) in May asking if 9/11 was an inside job. Out of 225 votes so far, 41% have said yes:

June 26, 2007


Here is what you've all been waiting for; a movie about me that documents my thug life...

Killtown Movie Trailer

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And of course it is going to hit the theaters close to the anniversary of 9/11!

You can, however, see me currently on their top MySpace friend's list.

June 23, 2007

June 21, 2007

The vonKleist cover-up

Read this blogpost again where I show that the "pod" underneath what some truthers think is a real drone plane is nothing more than result of sloppy video fakery on a CGI plane and you'll understand why the title of this post is named that.

June 20, 2007

Banned at "Truth"NetRadioLive.com

This is what happens when you point out hypocrisy at some "truth" movement sites:

Of course they will tell you a story they want to tell you. Just ask them why wouldn't a leader in the truth movement who started attacking me on the chat board answer why they called me a liar and said I didn't have my facts straight and ask the rest of the board why they wanted to sweep it all under the rug.

(Update) Read more about what happened at: 911movement.org

See my banned from list.

On Truth Hertz Radio

Wednesday: Guest Killtown

June 19, 2007

On The *Nixed Report

Tuesday at 7-9 PM Central Standard Time


June 16, 2007

On The Worsley Show

Show archive: (mp3)

Subjects: 9/11 censorship, Val McClatchey photo, no-planes


June 15, 2007

911Blogger.com is a joke

(Update 06/16/07: Podders now feeling the 'ripple effect' of the 911Blogger haters!)

I emailed the main admin at 911blogger, DZ, and asked him why I got banned there.

I finally heard back from him and here's the reason why they banned me:

Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007
From: "dz"
To: "Killtown"
Subject: Re: Banned at 911blogger today


Your account was blocked based on the community's feedback on your comments via our up/down comment moderation abilities. During the month of May approximately 93% (and since January approximately 90%) of your comments received negative ratings - with a cumulative total of comment scores near -450 since January 1st, 2007.

It is important that user moderation on our site be based on our community's feedback, and when a user receives such consistently low scores by the community then that feedback must be listened to, and that is the reason your account has been blocked.

p.s. Please forgive me for the delay in my response, I have been without an internet connection at home for about the last 1-2 weeks.

Best wishes,


So basically any group can have a bunch of their goons join and just sit their all day and vote the people they don't like down to eventually get them banned. Rich.

What if my "evil" no-planer friends and I all ganged up at 911Blogger and just sat there all day and selected negative marks on all the comments by the people who we think are planehuggers for the sole purpose of getting them banned? What would you think of 911Blogger if they allowed that to happen?

911Blogger is full of a bunch of hater "truthers" (see here) who hang out in the comments section and insult everybody they disagree with because they think they know what's best for the truth movement (if they are not just shills) and vote down people's comments not because they disagree with the comment, but because they simply don't like the person who made the comment. How do you think that makes the 9/11 truth movement look?

The comments section at 911Blogger is a big reason they are so popular. They get a lot of traffic and are probably one of the first 9/11 "truth" sites newbies will come across, so just think of what newbies will think of the truth movement if one of the first sites they come across is a site where mob rules and the mob that currently rules there act like immature little punk kids in which their insulting foul-mouth comments will be littered all over the site for the newbies to read.

If 911Blogger wants to have any credibility for their site, they need to either:

  1. Select mature unbiased members to moderate their comments section in a professional manner, or
  2. Close their comments section down

9/11 "truth" sites shouldn't block comments from other truthers, unless they support censorship.

See my banned from list.

June 14, 2007

Banned at AboveTopSecret, public execution style

One day after causing a firestorm over at AboveTopSecret.com by showing that the plane engine seen in the Shanksville crater was planted by a backhoe bucket, ATS bans me. But they didn't just ban me, they did a public banning of me (you'll have to copy/paste the URL in your browser because ATS redirected the link. Hmm.):

SkepticOverlord posted on 14-6-2007

A Public Banning Today...

A rare public banning today on ATS.

Normally we don't discuss bannings, but given recent events in our 9/11 Conspiracies forum, it seems appropriate to be open about this one.

After much consideration and discussion among our staff, it is with sincere regret that I announce the termination of ATS membership privileges for "killtown." This is unfortunate since, until recently, it has often been a benefit for our membership to have direct access to one of the early pioneers of vocal 9/11 conspiracy speculation.

Also, in what may be a first for us, off-ATS content and activity factored heavily in our decision to ban him. Many members may feel his on-ATS actions are cause for banning, but that's not where we focused our decision.

If you've been paying attention to this (9/11) forum, we appear to have become one of many "battle grounds" (as one member put it) in an escalating war of attention-seeking among competing "9/11 Truth" groups.

Killtown was exploiting the critical nature of ATS members by posting controversial theories here, participating minimally in responding to the critical discussion, then discussing his being "attacked" or "censored" on ATS via postings on other safe harbor websites. It appears as though we were being used as a means to build some kind of macho credibility that involved a series of false and insulting accusations directed toward ATS and our members that included "censorship," members as "shills," and everyone "aiding the perps."

Certainly, this is not the first nor the last bit of insulting criticism of ATS by conspiracy extremists. Typically, we've ignored it in favor of focusing on running ATS the way we feel is best for our members (must be working, we have lots of members & traffic). However, in this case, we saw the need to end what was becoming an escalation of abusive exploitation of fair and logical questions from our critical members.


I want to add that this action in no way implies any desire to place limits of any kind on the topics that can be discussed in our 9/11 Conspiracies or other forums. Open and honest dialogue on any topic within the boundaries of our Terms & Conditions is what we have stood for, what we stand for now, and always will. Undoubtedly we'll see a cascade of off-site criticism and insulting rhetoric over this action... so be it. We stand by it as the proper choice in the best interests of our members and the flow of productive and civil discussion.

Hmm, I've never heard of ATS doing a public banning of a member and this public banning of me was supposedly a "rare" one, so I guess that means they've done this before (I'd be surprised if they actually did). Me thinks they purposely choose to hang me in front of everyone for political reasons.

Now I don't know about you, but doesn't publicly lynching a member at a conspiracy forum that's supposed to be about "finding the truth" like they just did to me and trying to "make an example out of him" (i.e. embarrass them) seem a tad unprofessional and ironic? I can't help but chuckle when I read ATS's mantra:

We are the Internet's largest and most popular community dedicated to the intelligent discussion and debate of "alternative topics" such as conspiracies, UFO's, paranormal, secret societies, and dozens of related topics.

With 111,936 members generating 3,169,838 posts of substance that cover 274,397 topics in 142 different discussion forums, you could say "the truth is in here."

The simple yet effective motto of our membership is "deny ignorance", which signifies an effort to apply the principals of critical thought and peer review to the provocative topics covered within.

And with a highly professional staff of 48 dedicated people, AboveTopSecret.com is renowned for enabling the discussion of nearly anything while insisting on polite civility and respectful decorum.

Back to the accusations against me, the first thing you'll notice is that "SkepticOverlord" failed to include any evidence to prove all his accusations against me. I guess you'll just have to take his word. The sad thing is, many ATS members have done just that (read the entire thread). Here's my favorite:

"I do not know the member that go banned and I already said that I was sure [it] was for a good reason." - marg6043

So since in America we are "innocent until proven guilty" (at least I hope we still are), I don't need to defend myself from SkepticOverlord's accusations against me. He needs to prove his allegations against me. Otherwise his accusations against me are nothing more than slander.

A couple members there voiced concern on that thread about my banning which I'm greatful for. I hope somebody there asks SkepticOverlord to prove his accusations against me though.

But if you want to see if I was the "bad guy" in all this, here is the main thread of mine that it is in my opinion called most of the ruckus against me:

You'll notice that I get attacked first and some members there try to derail the topic. Here's my favorite attack (and notice this member didn't get banned):

"You have posted fake imagery, used a misleading title, not provided any evidence, if you have or conspired in the hoax, you deserve not only banning, but arresting as well, it is treasonous and disrespectful and you have absolutely no evidence apart from fabricated images and hoplessly misinformed speculation of the saddest kind...
Do you like posting lies on here and posting about the reaction to it on other sites and Blogs to try and big yourself up? or trying to get yourself banned , so you look like you are getting somewhere, i see you have even been banned on Avery's site... wow, that must take something... you proudly wear that banning like a medal on your blog, do u want one from here as well, so you can show off your bannings of honour?.. your no planes BS will be the undoing of you, that is if there is anything??
You are discracefully using ATS to enhance your profile and that of your equally shady mates..
I hope you sell nothing of whatever you are thinking about releasing, or are you just a wannabee Killtown..
You seem to be pushing too far, you should be careful." - Fowl Play

You'll then notice that the thread was locked by the same mod who attacked me in that very thread. If you see posts by me that looked like I had attacked someone are was being rude to them, look at their post(s) that I was replying to and you can make up your own mind if I was justified with my responses.

I do admit I don't take being attacked well. If you punch me for no justifiable reason, I will punch you back and I might even kick you when you're on the ground to teach you a lesson for punching me in the first place without just reason. Also, I get attacked by posters all the time on forums and most of the forum admins don't do anything about these attackers, so I'm usually forced to retaliate and defend myself. Yeah yeah yeah, I should just "ignore them" if they are attacking me. Hey, I have my faults.

So the list of conspiracy forums that have banned me.


If you're tired of conspiracy forums that censor people because of their theories, come join one of the few who won't:

June 13, 2007

My 'Shanksville planted engine' theory causing firestorm at ATS

Wow, late last night I posted a thread over at AboveTopSecret.com showing how the perps just used a backhoe bucket to plant that engine scrap seen in one of the Moussaoui trial pics:

I just checked out the thread and what a firestorm I've caused over there! There was already three pages to the thread when I went to their site. Many of the members over there (who seemed to have come out of the woodwork) are just hurling personal attacks, accusing me of disinformation and creating a hoax thread :

"What you suggest is total disinformation and seriously unhelpfull. You and your colleages are proving to be more than conspirators, you are posting out and out misinformation, bordering on traitorous lies." - Fowl Play

"More deceptive tactics from the "conspiracy fakery" crowd it would seem... we have shown these fraudulent Conspiracy Tycoons for what they are...disinformationists intent on discrediting all 9/11 conspiracy research efforts." - mister.old.school

"this is probably the most absurd "theory" that I've heard thus far." - elevatedone

"...if you spread to much unproven facts it will make people tired and in the end totaly ignore everything that can/could be proven." - Cygnific

"I've come to the conclusion that before I go into threads on 911 I am going to look to see who the original poster is....it will keep me from wasting 20 minutes of my time everyday." - cw034

"I will agree with others that this post is boardline hoax." - zerotime

But the kicker is when an ATS mod jumps in and insults me, accuses me of "making things us," edits the title of my thread, and I'm on "thin ice" at the forum:

"Killtown, in the future, please refrain from just making things up and presenting them as fact. I'm editing the title of this thread, and I'd also consider yourself on thin ice as far as this forum goes." - thelibra, Moderator

Great, now I get to walk on eggshells the rest of my time over at ATS.

This "unbiased" mod changed my thread title by adding a question mark at the end and emphasizing my post is a "theory":

Shanksville engine planted by a backhoe bucket? (theory)

Well all I have to say is that my thread about the perps planting that engine scrap in the Shanksville crater by simply lowering it down in the backhoe bucket must be right on the money for such a hostile reaction from all the members and even the mods!

June 12, 2007

'Chippy' bows out of Shanksville debate...again

Chippy calls it quit in our Shanksville debate. Guess he couldn't handle the overwhelming evidence that Flight 93 didn't crash in Shanksville anymore.

(Oops, did I say that?!)

June 10, 2007

'9/11 Mysteries' alters Rick Siegel's original WTC footage

Rick Siegel of 9/11 Eyewitness pointed out back in Jan '07 that Sofia Shafquat of 9/11 Mysteries had altered the audio on Rick's original WTC footage.

Rick just made a new video clip that clearly shows how 9/11 Mysteries (watch) altered the audio on his original footage by editing in explosions, sirens, and a police call operator. The helicopter flying from the right to left seems to have been temporarily obscured also:

911 Mysteries Part II – Secrets and Lies Exposed (youtube)

This is highly disturbing. Altering the audio in Rick's footage is deception. Sofia needs to pull 9/11 Mysteries off the market now and immediately explain why she alterd the audio in Rick's footage.

Also, Sofia used my blogpost interview of Scott Forbes in her video along with his photo Scott exclusively gave to me and then stiffed me in their credits. I would have gave them credit if I used any of their stuff.

(Update: 06/11/07)

I've called out the producers of 911 Mysteries at their forum to take their film off the market and to explain why they grossly altered Rick's footage.

June 08, 2007

AboveTopSecret.com latest to join censorship camp

AboveTopSecret.com has started to crack-down on no-planers:


Due to member demand, the 9/11 forum is now under close staff scrutiny.

posted on 7-6-2007

Any inappropriate comments, insults, topic derailment, or trolling will result in immediate posting ban or account termination.

We've received an overwhelming number of member complaints since the topic of "TV Fakery" splashed on the ATS scene a few days ago. Most of the member complaints are dealing with the trollish nature of the new member(s) promoting these theories, and a handful of supporting characters.

Their original post actually named names (including me):

What we (staff and memebrs) have noticed about this group is that their individuals (namely, Rick Siegel, Jim Fetzer, Nico Haupt, Coffinman, bsregistration, Killtown , etc etc)

Their claim that the no-planers like me are spamming and trolling their forum is a joke. Read my rebuttal to their post here to see why.

For all the latest with the censorship at ATS, visit the forum that won't censor you for your theories: 911movement.org

June 07, 2007

'September Clues'

Best TV-fakery documentary to date by socialservice.

Has analysis of the Pentagon and Shanksville at the end:

Analysis of WTC witnesses:

See also:

June 04, 2007

Banned at 911Blogger

Ah, the censorship continues. Here's what appeared when I tried to log into 911blogger.com today:

First, no reason was given to me as to why I was banned. Second, it's amusing that they banned me, but they let people like this run rampant there:

"Shilltown" still at disinfo central? You doing overtime or something? I thought you got told to go clear your desk for being so ineffective and blatantly shill like. Consider what accessory after the fact means.
Submitted by Dem Bruce Lee Styles

Still pushing Disinfo For Retards (TM)
Use that line in your next bit of drivel.
Submitted by johndoraemi

Shilltown's (Web)Fairy Tales
Against my better judgment, I followed Killtown's claims about large passenger jets buzzing by the towers when the planes crashed. Unsurprisingly, the sourcing wasn't exemplary. There's only one source really...
The "Webfairy" is a fake image manipulator for many years now. It creates nonsense clips to get the gullible following up on pixels. It's a big waste of time and sanity, and Webfairy / terrorize.dk / Killtown has no credibilty left whatsoever.
Avoid like plague.
Submitted by johndoraemi

haha, of course you do! That way you and the other disinfo artists like Fetzer can go on posting your baseless disinfo garbage
Submitted by CattleRustler

Well, that's a new twist to your madness, isn't it Killtown!!
I truly believe this liability makes this stuff up as he goes along. Or is it his superiors who make it up?
9/11blogger: delete Killtown's link NOW!! pretty pweeze?
Submitted by TruthNow

So banned at the following 9/11 "truth" forums:


Democratic Underground

Lets Roll

Loose Change*

(*Technical I'm suspended until 2009 because Dylan Avery was too much of a coward to outright ban me.)

I wonder how many more "truth" sites I'll be banned from?

Like my signature avatar says:

For a 9/11 forum that won't censor you for your theories, visit: 911movement.org

June 03, 2007

Loose Change Frontman Dylan Avery Attacks Killtown

"Big lie! Big lie! Big lie!
... No Killtown, because you ARE lying."

- Dylan Avery (May 9, 2007)

Maybe someone would like to ask Dylan what I was "lying" about?

Find link to the show archive here and you'll also see who doesn't have their facts straight.

Video by bsregistration of 9/11 Octopus.

[Update: 06/04/07] More video entries on Dylan's attack:

See also: