June 04, 2007

Banned at 911Blogger

Ah, the censorship continues. Here's what appeared when I tried to log into 911blogger.com today:

First, no reason was given to me as to why I was banned. Second, it's amusing that they banned me, but they let people like this run rampant there:

"Shilltown" still at disinfo central? You doing overtime or something? I thought you got told to go clear your desk for being so ineffective and blatantly shill like. Consider what accessory after the fact means.
Submitted by Dem Bruce Lee Styles

Still pushing Disinfo For Retards (TM)
Use that line in your next bit of drivel.
Submitted by johndoraemi

Shilltown's (Web)Fairy Tales
Against my better judgment, I followed Killtown's claims about large passenger jets buzzing by the towers when the planes crashed. Unsurprisingly, the sourcing wasn't exemplary. There's only one source really...
The "Webfairy" is a fake image manipulator for many years now. It creates nonsense clips to get the gullible following up on pixels. It's a big waste of time and sanity, and Webfairy / terrorize.dk / Killtown has no credibilty left whatsoever.
Avoid like plague.
Submitted by johndoraemi

haha, of course you do! That way you and the other disinfo artists like Fetzer can go on posting your baseless disinfo garbage
Submitted by CattleRustler

Well, that's a new twist to your madness, isn't it Killtown!!
I truly believe this liability makes this stuff up as he goes along. Or is it his superiors who make it up?
9/11blogger: delete Killtown's link NOW!! pretty pweeze?
Submitted by TruthNow

So banned at the following 9/11 "truth" forums:


Democratic Underground

Lets Roll

Loose Change*

(*Technical I'm suspended until 2009 because Dylan Avery was too much of a coward to outright ban me.)

I wonder how many more "truth" sites I'll be banned from?

Like my signature avatar says:

For a 9/11 forum that won't censor you for your theories, visit: 911movement.org


spooked said...

911 blogger still links to your site though in their side bar (unlike me).

Be interesting to see how long those links last.

Anyway, fuck 'em. They are boring limited hangout/shill sites.

War On Suckers said...

Welcome to the Ministry of 911 Truth.

Talking about something as outrageous as video fakery on 9/11 "truth" forums is totally unacceptable behavior.

Know your place, shut your face.

Unknown said...

Here's an actual question. If you guys have such irrefuteable evidence of a conspiracy, why have you not taken it to the proper authorities? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there such a thing as witholding evidence and obstruction of justice? Both crimes in and of themselves?

Killtown said...

Hellbound Smoker, 9/11 was "not an inside job". "19 Arabs did it". The attacks were "planned by Osama bin Laden". You can go troll some other blog now.

War On Suckers said...

Hellbound Smoker you'll find some tinfoil hatters over here.

Now go roll yourself another dole mother and fill out your IR12.

War On Suckers said...

Hellbound Smoker. Why don't you go down to your local pub, put away your dole mothers and just light up a tax paid cigarette? Oh but you can't do that can you, that would be breaking the law wouldn't it. After all you'd be killing everyone with your secondhand smoke. It must be true because that's what the "proper authorities" told you.

Best you stand outside if you want to light up.

Unknown said...

Damn! Foiled by an oh-so-witty jab at the public smoking laws of New Zealand! I can see I'm dealing with an Ivy Leaguer here. However, this is not an answer to my question.

If you or killtown do have all this irrefuteable evidence of wrongdoings and conspiracies, why have you not taken it to the proper authorities?

spooked said...

We've tried contacting the authorities. The "authorities" won't act on the evidence. Not surprising really, the system is basically corrupt and everyone else is scared.

Plaguepuppy said...

That's the problem, there are no proper authorities at the moment. Think about it nicotine guy: if there were a plot this ruthless, and the perps use it to seize absolute power (look around you), do you really think you can just go to your local court and file charges?

War On Suckers said...

Reporter Arrested on Orders of Giuliani Press Secretary

Reporters were questioning Giuliani staff members on a variety of issues, including his apparent ignorance of the 9/11 Commission Report, according to Bermas. The staff members accused the reporters of Ron Paul partisanship, which press denied. It was at this point that Lepacek, who was streaming a live report, asked a staff member about Giuliani's statement to Peter Jennings that he was told beforehand that the WTC buildings would collapse.

Giuliani's press secretary then called over New Hampshire state police, fingering Lepacek.

More details at WeAreChange.org

Are these the "proper authorities"?

Robert said...

ROCK on with your bad self killtown!!

You're getting BANNED, because your very close to the Truth.

Never stop!


War On Suckers said...

Hugo Chavez perhaps?

Unknown said...

I've looked around me and I still haven't seen any of this 'deeply-seated government corruption'... I'm assuming, of course, you have proof of a far-reaching conspiracy? "Look around you" is not really an answer to anything.

Perhaps a better question would be have you tried politely submitting what 'evidence' you have? Drop the confrontational "Smash The System!!!" tone and maybe you'll get somewhere. Maybe.

What makes any of you confrontational CTers any different from a David Icke fan who harasses Kris Kristofferson on camera and accuses him of being a twelve-foot tall shapeshifting reptile? What response do think he (or you) is going to get?

Phil Cody said...

Did a David Icke fan really harass Kristofferson on camera? Where can I see that? I love Kristofferson, he was great in Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid and he's written some cool tunes. Here's one of his about working politely with the proper authorities called "They Killed Him".

There was a man named Mahatma ghandi
He would not bow down, he would not fight
He knew the deal was down and dirty
And nothing wrong could make it right away

But he knew his duty, and the price he had to pay
Just another holy man who tried to make a stand
My god, they killed him !

Another man from atlanta, georgia
By the name of Martin luther king
He shook the land like rolling thunder
And made the bells of freedom ring today

With a dream of beauty that they could not burn away
Just another holy man who dared to be a friend
My god, they killed him !

The only son of God almighty
The holy one called jesus christ
Healed the lame and fed the hungry
And for his love they took his life away

On the road to glory where the story never ends
Just the holy son of man we'll never understand
My god, they killed him !

Sing about Mahatma ghandi
Sing of Martin luther king
Sing of Jesus christ almighty
And the brothers Kennedy

Radical Priest said...

don't let 'em gitcha down;
just because they're "Truthers"
doesn't mean they know what they're talking about.....of course the same goes for you too brah - AND me; so that said, lemme jes' compliment you firstly on your vast and extensive review of our topic du vie, and consider some points of relevance regarding this 'banning' issue.
I empathize and concur with statements onboard here for many reasons, the least of which is also being banned from several sites myself; OR quit in disgust. But the occassions of disrespect are numerous though not as vast as yours, as is my outspokenness; 'not as vast as yours'. None the less I have your site and it's multi- faceted material posted and linked many times on my site, which you have linked here; Thanks:-
"9/11=PNAC Plot",
or "9/11 Plot" as the URL sez,
( http://erroneousbusczh.homestead
.com/9-11Plot.html )
So, my first banned, well, quit in disgust and later wiped from the site was Rick Siegals-
"9/11 Researchers" after an appalling exchange with Rick, who showed me his fascist side by remarking to me that I was "hiding behind being a minister" and called ME a cultist because of my religion (which he knows NOTHING about) while supporting the slurs being written about other "Truthers" behind their backs, making assumptions and despicable insinuations about graft, retirement checks and sell outs.
Someone there, a clown named 'coffinman' had the audacity to order me to "cease and desist" my posts which HE claimed were disinformation and untruths.
After telling him to go fark himself and several other spicey epiphets I decided that I just didn't have time for "Truthers" who claim that THEIR Truth is the ONLY Truth.
The same holds true for 9/11 Blogger, A28, Kos, Digg, OpEdNews, and several others that I've noticed but don't remember; but anyway, the first two banned me or deleted my account more accurately, and after quitting in disgust from the other ones; I began to consider the root of this difficulty and the endless train of abuse that follows so many of the sites online.
The common denominator- feeble, insecure, powerless adolescent men with low paying jobs, no future, no past, no inspiration, no heart or passion, no hipness and NO kewlness; nursing bad attitudes, self loathing, low self esteem, lack of awareness and insight and so much more.
In short, we're talking dweebs, nerds, twits, twurps, blobs, clods, jerks, dicks, a-holes, jackasses, mofos and so forth. They're all out there too and jes' 'cuz a guy sez he's a "Truther" doesn't mean he doesn't drink too much or cheat on his wife, his taxes and God knows whatever else. It also doesn't mean that he REALLY has a clue or a position of integrity in society, or an education, patience, tolerance, experience, or any foundation for existence or character, or scruples, or honor......and
MOSTLY, as from my experience with 9/11 Blogger; which I observed closely, was that like Digg and Kos, the group mindthink is a clique of unfigurable 'insiders' who backslap and give each other high fives and votes over assinine remarks, while they vote down and thereby eliminate anyone they either don't know or like or respect or believe or......
like a bunch of freekin' schoolkids;
which is mostly what they are.
Oh sure they're older, but they've never grown past adolescence and likely never will.

My point is;

the TRUTH is;
we don't KNOW the TRUTH.

That is IT!
There are PLENTY of good ideas, a ton of good evidence and a list of questions a mile long in support of a new, REAL Investigation; but in actuality WE don't REALLY know the WHOLE TRUTH.
What each of us in the "9/11 Truth Movement" has is an uneasy feeling supported by video and written material which in itself is questionable at times;
but NO ONE actually KNOWS anything,
so for anyone to be touting or spouting or loudmouthing ONE idea, HE must also by the same token ALLOW for all of the other ideas, which are supported by OTHER "9/11 Truthers"
The rampant egotism associated with the Truth Movement is equal to the diversity and failings of an American man run amoke in his world of fanciful self impressed delusions based on his singular subjective viewpoint. There are European ones as well probably, but the Gringo is known worldwide as being A#1 Top Dog Prick when it comes to full of himself b.s.trips; and this is what we're seeing within 'our' movement.
But even THAT is a misnomer since what is being called a movement is really seperate cliques of buddies, who, like football teams seem to be out to bring the other down, and as easy as it is to shoot off the Big American Mouth, is as easy as it is to have your own website and your own presentation; which, under the rights of this country are equal to and as good as those of any OTHER man/researcher.

But what IS that;

" Why don't we
step outside buttwipe" ??!!

That which is the same as,

" Go fark yersef "
" Yer crazy "


" 9/11 was done by 19 Arabs "

It's the egocentric obstinence that goes along with our luxurious right to wallow and indulge our own views and our own dreams; as a right under the Constitution vaguely described as freedom of speech , freedom of religion, and freedom of assembly.
Of course when it comes to voting in a President, that comes to be a real DIS advantage because every man has a vote and each vote is equal. The pitfalls of giving idiots a vote is evident by the last election, and since there are SO many idiots out there, we must do TWO things to survive.
FIRST we must learn to ignore them.
SECOND is we must give up any hopes or expectations for the future or the survival of mankind.


If it isn't Iran, or Martial Law, or False Flag Psyops, it'll be some other bastard brainchild of psychopathic moneyheads and penis deficient retards that will bring our demise.
Or with any luck an asteroid will just smear us across the Milky Way like a racing stripe and put us all out of our misery swiftly and irrevocably.
Meanwhile, all we can do is what we're going to do anyway; so just do it and bypass the 'enemy' and try to have some fun, love something, eat good so that your body feels good, and clean up your head, it's a mess.

Peace Out,
Radical Priest,
Rev. Michael Valentine Goldsun
9/11=PNAC Plot

Unknown said...

After reading this page I started to wonder what's wrong with prisonplanet. It didn't occur to me before I red this:


It basically tells you how to the jews have control of our lives. I find it very plausible, since I've heard far more than once of this with sources. Rothchild is a jew. Wartburg is a jew. Oppenheimer is a jew. This guy names many more. I've red on SotT.net about US congress or senate requiring every member to fill a form where they basically pledge to not interfere against pro-jews. If they don't they'll stop getting monetary support and become a shunned minority in the governing system. I don't remember if there was any paper available of this, but I'm pretty confident they have, otherwise it'd be easy to debunk by the infiltrators.

Anyways, what struck me with prisonplanet is that goddamn, they got so much stuff about everything conspiracy-related, you name it, but not a word on the jews? If you got half a brain you should understand that despite Hamas too being at fault, the real culprit is the violent right-wing extremist government of Israel that continues their course.

I'm tired of the atmosphere of fear around this issue, that we'd be labeled nazis for talking about it. If it's so easy to debunk this all, then by all means do so and don't just pull the nazi card out! That's what sheeps who are too afraid to think with their own brains, trained by the governing jews apparently, do. I say the same what one of the insider jews revealing this in that link said, and add the same that he did: I don't hate jews, but I hate what they do.