June 13, 2007

My 'Shanksville planted engine' theory causing firestorm at ATS

Wow, late last night I posted a thread over at AboveTopSecret.com showing how the perps just used a backhoe bucket to plant that engine scrap seen in one of the Moussaoui trial pics:

I just checked out the thread and what a firestorm I've caused over there! There was already three pages to the thread when I went to their site. Many of the members over there (who seemed to have come out of the woodwork) are just hurling personal attacks, accusing me of disinformation and creating a hoax thread :

"What you suggest is total disinformation and seriously unhelpfull. You and your colleages are proving to be more than conspirators, you are posting out and out misinformation, bordering on traitorous lies." - Fowl Play

"More deceptive tactics from the "conspiracy fakery" crowd it would seem... we have shown these fraudulent Conspiracy Tycoons for what they are...disinformationists intent on discrediting all 9/11 conspiracy research efforts." - mister.old.school

"this is probably the most absurd "theory" that I've heard thus far." - elevatedone

"...if you spread to much unproven facts it will make people tired and in the end totaly ignore everything that can/could be proven." - Cygnific

"I've come to the conclusion that before I go into threads on 911 I am going to look to see who the original poster is....it will keep me from wasting 20 minutes of my time everyday." - cw034

"I will agree with others that this post is boardline hoax." - zerotime

But the kicker is when an ATS mod jumps in and insults me, accuses me of "making things us," edits the title of my thread, and I'm on "thin ice" at the forum:

"Killtown, in the future, please refrain from just making things up and presenting them as fact. I'm editing the title of this thread, and I'd also consider yourself on thin ice as far as this forum goes." - thelibra, Moderator

Great, now I get to walk on eggshells the rest of my time over at ATS.

This "unbiased" mod changed my thread title by adding a question mark at the end and emphasizing my post is a "theory":

Shanksville engine planted by a backhoe bucket? (theory)

Well all I have to say is that my thread about the perps planting that engine scrap in the Shanksville crater by simply lowering it down in the backhoe bucket must be right on the money for such a hostile reaction from all the members and even the mods!


War On Suckers said...

Careful or you'll be getting a bill for all the spook overtime pay maybe even medical bills for the resulting RSI.

The backhoe bucket picture like the NBC live no plane video show how pathetic the perps really are.

spooked said...

Good job keeping 'em on the run, KT!

I personally just don't have the time or energy to fight shills constantly, but I'm very glad you are doing this.

pollenb said...

Apparently a Boeing 767 engine almost fits in a street litter bin too.