June 07, 2007

'September Clues'

Best TV-fakery documentary to date by socialservice.

Has analysis of the Pentagon and Shanksville at the end:

Analysis of WTC witnesses:

See also:


War On Suckers said...


Whoever made this has certainly covered many of the main examples of video fakery I've seen and some I wasn't aware of. Pretty shocking to see it put so clearly even for me.

I was about to complain as others have elsewhere, that its not possible to save video off livevideo.com but actually it is possible. Here's how with Firefox.

Start the video stream and put it on pause.
Navigate to your Temp directory on your C: drive.
Look for any recently modified .tmp files. Then do a refresh to find which one is the video stream.
Once the whole stream has been downloaded you need to copy the .tmp file. That's the tricky part as the file is locked and can't be easily copied.
Fortunately there is a program called Unlocker that can allow you to copy the .tmp file.
Copy it and rename it as a .avi and thats it. Its ready for playback in Media Player Classic or any player with a FLV4 video codec or perhaps encoding and burning to DVD

livevideo.com has got be the slowest video service out there. To make matters worse, if you watch a video through to the end want to watch it again. You must download it from scratch again. So I hope whoever made that video doesn't mind my above suggestion.

looncraz said...

Just get the VideoDownloader extension for firefox.

War On Suckers said...

The Firefox video downloader plugin doesn't work at livevideo.com hence why I listed the alternative method.

Anyway the video is on emule and youtube now.

Did anyone manage to download any of the full 1GB files of the live broadcasts at archive.org? If so then it would be extremely interesting to see a few hi-res frames from the NBC and CBS video approximately 13 seconds before the WTC2 impact.

This is what I've found on the low-res streamed version.

Unknown said...

video downloader is very hit & miss both for urls & users the best , surest bet for actually getting video from any source is a screencap util ie camtasia

Anonymous said...

Use this extension to save videos from livevideo.com


It's worked for all flash video sites except the BBC. I had to use a bit of software for that one. Not 9/11 videos btw. And also, I use Firefox 3.

For some reason, simon hasn't released 1-8 of September Clues on YouTube himself, so the HQ versions aren't there..

I've got his HQ (well, higher quality than the flv) videos from using the force HQ trick - just add &fmt=18 to any address on YT. Then use the Firefox extension above to save the .mp4 video. It's a bit sharper.