June 28, 2007

41% at Ubuntu forum thinks 9/11 an inside job

I had been trying out the free Linux-based operating system Ubuntu after my old computer with Windows XP bit the dust and I started a poll at their forum (you'll have to log in) in May asking if 9/11 was an inside job. Out of 225 votes so far, 41% have said yes:


War On Suckers said...

The problem with polls such as this, besides the ambiguity of "inside job", it gives no estimation of the percentage that don't know and don't care.

Matt said...

No, the problem with polls like this is that the sample is extremely self-selected. The people who answered this question:
a) use computers
b) use the Internet
c) use Ubuntu
d) use the Ubuntu forums
e) have enough spare time to read an Ubuntu forum that's not about Ubuntu
f) have enough time, and care enough, to answer your question

The first five mostly eliminate certain demographics--that demographic will be almost entirely young to middle-aged males. The sixth is more troubling, as "9/11 truthers" are far more vocal about what they think than those who accept that the towers were brought down by airplanes. People will be far more vocal if they think some great injustice is being done. Thus, a higher percentage of them will vote.

So, congratulations. You've discovered that vocal minorities tend to be both vocal and in the minority. Have a cookie.