June 20, 2007

Banned at "Truth"NetRadioLive.com

This is what happens when you point out hypocrisy at some "truth" movement sites:

Of course they will tell you a story they want to tell you. Just ask them why wouldn't a leader in the truth movement who started attacking me on the chat board answer why they called me a liar and said I didn't have my facts straight and ask the rest of the board why they wanted to sweep it all under the rug.

(Update) Read more about what happened at: 911movement.org

See my banned from list.


War On Suckers said...

Strange but true!

Logged into the tnrlive.com/chat/flashchat.php
and asked "is it true that killtown got banned?"

Welcome! You have entered [Revere's Ride] at 3:34 pm
[Revere's Ride]: waronsuckers has entered at 3:34 pm
[Mike S] 3:34 pm: just like i never got a call from haglund or an email
[Rob Bishop] 3:34 pm: Oh, I asked Jason to send you the e-mail addy for Tom Grant
[Mike S] 3:35 pm: huh? rob i told u i had Grant's email
[Mike S] 3:35 pm: i needed his number, which u never got for me
[Mike S] 3:35 pm: so don't put THAT one up on me rob
[Rob Bishop] 3:35 pm: Like I said, I asked Jason to send it because I didn't have it
[waronsuckers] 3:35 pm: Is it true the killtown got banned here or is he just blowing smoke?
[Mike S] 3:35 pm: he got banned Waron
[Rob Bishop] 3:35 pm: He got banned
[Rob Bishop] 3:36 pm: All of the no planers did because they brought nothing to the discussion
[Mike S] 3:36 pm: well rob, dont come out with statements like "dont' beg me for emails or sponsors", cuz
you haven't given me anything
[Rob Bishop] 3:36 pm: Didn't stop you from asking
[Mike S] 3:36 pm: i asked you for ONE sponsors email and ONE guest's phone number
[Mike S] 3:36 pm: and got neither
[waronsuckers] 3:36 pm: Watching the September Clues video would bring a lot to the discussion
[northtexansfor911truth] 3:37 pm: pffffffffff
[Rob Bishop] 3:37 pm: So would a shred of evidence, don't bring that no plane argument in here
[Revere's Ride]: datars has left at 3:37 pm
[Rob Bishop] 3:37 pm: We've having a b***h fight right now
[Rob Bishop] 3:37 pm: Come back later
[PaulChowdaRevere] 3:37 pm: hahahaha
[Mike S] 3:37 pm: nah i'm done rob
[northtexansfor911truth] 3:37 pm: not wehn all you guys do is attack people that dont agree with you war
[Mike S] 3:37 pm: i've been insulted enough
[Rob Bishop] 3:37 pm: Don't run
[Mike S] 3:37 pm: i'm done with this
[Rob Bishop] 3:37 pm: Let's finish this
[PaulChowdaRevere] 3:37 pm: and Yes... KillTown was bounced
[Mike S] 3:38 pm: nah rob....you're too stubborn for any kind of "argument"
[Rob Bishop] 3:38 pm: Im not running
[Rob Bishop] 3:38 pm: I'll say this and put an end to it
[waronsuckers] 3:38 pm: It shows corporate media complicity. Whether it proves the "no plane" theories is up for
[Mike S] 3:39 pm: nah rob, you've said your piece
[Mike S] 3:39 pm: more than once
[Rob Bishop] 3:39 pm: I don't apoligize for my opinions. On anything. Nor do I apologize for defending them to
the death. I do feel sorry for insulting you, wasn't neccessary. At first it was a joke but it rings in truth, at least in my
[Mike S] 3:39 pm: oh so now it was a JOKE?!?
[Mike S] 3:39 pm: ok rob
[Mike S] 3:39 pm: u take care
[Rob Bishop] 3:39 pm: If you want to back Moore and do all of that crap, that's cool. I'm sure I back alot of right
wingers that you don't like
[Mike S] 3:39 pm: there's no reasoning with you

Killtown said...

I would suggest for Chambers to ax that Rob Bishop. That guy is a real piece of work.

War On Suckers said...

It is interesting that Dean Haglund's name was mentioned just as I'd logged in. Haglund being one of the actors in the infamous Lone Gunmen series, that introduced the concept of planes hijacked by remote and flown into the WTC "an unscheduled stop at the corner of Liberty and Washington". The Lone Gunmen didn't predict 911, it was the teaser before the main feature.