July 24, 2010

How'd all that debris land on top of the Shanksville crater?


If most of Flight 93 burrowed deep in the ground after it supposedly crashed, how did all that debris land on the surface of the crater if the reason there's no visible hole left in the ground by the alleged burrowing Boeing 757 is because the loose soil supposedly fell back in on itself and covered up the hole? -- how convenient!

- Lisa Beamer: "The plane had pierced the earth like a spoon in a cup of coffee: the spoon forced the coffee back, and then the coffee immediately closed around the spoon as though nothing had troubled the surface. Anything that remained of Flight 93 was buried deep in the ground."

- Veteran FBI agent Michael Soohy: "It's almost like a dart hitting a pile of flour. ... The plane went in, and the stuff back-filled right over it."

- "The rest of the 757 continued its downward passage, the sandy loam closing behind it like the door of a tomb." - The Age

Did some of the cockpit section that allegedly snapped off and hurled into the woods shattered into small pieces and got launched straight up into the air and then landed straight back down on the crater after the dirt finished filling back in the long deep hole that was supposedly just made by most of Flight 93 burrowing deep down through it? -- I'm reaching for an explanation!

Also, look at the photos of the crater again:

1) Does the crater even look like it was a deep hole that got filled back in and sealed from the alleged loose dirt? (Remember, they supposedly had to dig 15 feet to start finding the alleged buried plane!)

2) If the 757 crashed at a 40 deg angle, it should have created a 40 deg hole. Even if the loose dirt could even possibly filled back in a deep hole that was just created by a burrowing Boeing 757 (if that's even remotely possible also), does this "filled back in hole" look like it was a 40 deg hole, or 90 deg hole?

July 08, 2010

New Flight 77 page: Emergency Drills & Responses

I split my Flight 77's Official Claim page because it was too long and added Emergency Drills & Responses to also help highlight all the suspicious and coincidental drills and emergency responses related to the Pentagon incident.   

July 05, 2010

If Flight 93 crashed at 40deg and most burrowed down 45ft...

then why did the FBI excavate straight down as if something had crashed at a 90deg angle?

("An aerial photo shows the crash site of United Flight 93 near Shanksville, Pa., taken by the FBI Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2001")

I have an answer: because no plane crashed there.