December 23, 2008

Jennifer Spell gets 'Laser Light' myth video axed at YouTube

A little over two weeks after "Shure" from posted on Dec. 4 that he called Jennifer Spell, who filmed the 2nd WTC crash video infamous for creating the "laser light" theory (it was just a piece of piece of paper), Ms. Spell goes on a rampage and gets all copies of her 2nd crash video taken down at YouTube, including one of mine:

Dear Member:

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Jennifer Spell claiming that this material is infringing:

The 'Laser Light' @ the WTC Myth (ver 2):

Please Note: Repeat incidents of copyright infringement will result in the deletion of your account and all videos uploaded to that account. In order to prevent this from happening, please delete any videos to which you do not own the rights, and refrain from uploading additional videos that infringe on the copyrights of others. For more information about YouTube's copyright policy, please read the Copyright Tips guide.

If you elect to send us a counter notice, please go to our Help Center to access the instructions.

Please note that under Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act, any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity was removed or disabled by mistake or misidentification may be subject to liability.

YouTube, Inc.

Here is the "Laser Light" myth video that was axed at YouTube:

December 10, 2008

Things heating up in Val McClatchey photo controversy

Check out what resident Shanksville expert Domenick DiMaggio (a.k.a. "Terrorcell") has to say about if Val's infamous "Flight 93 photo" is fake, who faked it and why.

December 04, 2008

[52] WTC crash videos . . . so far

(Update 12/07/08: One more new "amatuer" 2nd hit video released.)

There's been quite a few new South Tower crash videos coming out of the woodwork lately. That makes a total of 52 known WTC crash videos so far. All the latest ones are "amateur" with one showing a rare south face impact.

Here is a run-down of the newly released ones and their new nicknames:

"B&W" (Black & White)

One of three new videos released by the FBI in a FOIA request by Scott Bingham. Named after the video being in black and white making it the only B&W crash video (Can camcorders record in B&W?). No audio and filmer unknown. Shows the impact into the south face. The smoke oddly seems to "bounce" throughout the recording. Shot trajectory is between the Jennifer Spell and Brian Gately videos.

One of three new videos released by the FBI in a FOIA request by Scott Bingham. Named after the crane seen in front of the plane's path. No audio and filmer unknown. Camcorder is still the entire time and is aimed at the South Tower as if the filmer knows something is about to happen to it. Video shows no other buildings for reference point. Shot angle is closest to the Columbine video.

One of three new videos released by the FBI in a FOIA request by Scott Bingham. Named after the unknown woman filmer who says "It's like the end of the world!" after the crash. The woman comments about the Tower exploding, but never mentions a plane. The shot trajectory is almost identical as the TinaCart1 video.

Fred Hadley

Released after seven years out of "reverence for the event" by the filmer Fred Hadley who, you guessed it, is in the film industry. Video was shot from his North Shore Towers apartment complex in Queens and just like so many of the other 2nd hit videos, when Mr. Hadley zooms in on the WTC, he focuses on the South Tower as if he knew something was about to happen to it. And if there couldn't be any more coincidences, Mr. Hadley uploaded his video to YouTube on Sept 10, 2008, the very same day as another new video shot from Queens that almost caught the 2nd hit (which that one has a similar trajectory line as the TinaCart2 video). Mr. Hadley's video shows a very prominent haze across the horizon where the WTC is which makes it look like the only other merky 2nd hit video, the Earth Station video, which coincidentally is was taken at a similar angle.

"SY 01"

This video is named after the "SY 01" letters seen in the upper-left corner of the screen. It is from a compilation of new crash videos found here. The source is unknown, the filmer is unknown, and it has no audio. The shot angle is closest to the Anthony Cotsifas photo.



Named after being shown on MSNBC and an unknown woman in background heard saying "Oh my God!" twice. "Amateur" filmer unknown. Seems to have been shown on MSNBC only and perhaps only once and never again. Shows south face entry. Similar angle as the B&W video above and the Naka Nathaniel video. Catchs the "white elephant" plane in the upper right corner flying in towards the right just like the "Flight 175 plane." Video does remarkable zoom-in to catch the "plane" as so many other 2nd hit videos do.

Btw, I've been working on upgrading my 2nd hit page since it's gotten too big. It will have a new name and sub-pages. I'll post a notice when it's done.

November 07, 2008

Is funny-looking alleged 2nd WTC hit witness really actor and 'truther' Gary Welz?

Notice Gary Welz and the 'funny man' seem to have the same crazy hair, receding hairline, earlobe, and crooked teeth. (Left and right photos from

MSNBC aired a clip of an anonymous funny-looking and sounding man (@:19) with big dorky glasses and a bad receding hairdo who supposedly was an eyewitness to the 2nd WTC "plane" crash. The clip of this man only seems to have aired once.

"...and dove to the other side and crashed right in and the explosion was so terrific it looked like it had dynamite in it. The ball of fire that came flying out of that one was even worse than the first one and we were standing there and I said "I can't believe this!" and sure enough, there it was another plane. The plane wasn't no airliner or anything, it was a twin-engine big grey plane."

Did this funny-looking guy really witness a plane crash into the South Tower, or is he really a scripted actor played by none other than actor, comedian, voice impression expert, terrorist/suicide bomber script playwriter, and alleged 9/11 truther and also alleged 2nd plane witness Gary Welz (who's story about him seeing the 2nd plane crash keeps evolving)?

(This post was formerly here.)

October 15, 2008

Shure: Jack Blood & Dylan Avery admit to TV fakery; Cuccurillo confirms; Dylan denies

(Update: 10/16/08)

I think I'm going to let all the he said/she she unfold here.

October 10, 2008

Banned by 'free speech advocate' Krisboro

"You're either for free speech or you're not" - Krisboro (08/01/08)

"Free-speech advocate" Krisboro just, um... banned me:

Krisboro runs, created for Jack Blood (although Jack has no control over it), that has become increasingly a joke. He advocates "free speech" over there, but bans people he disagrees with, yet allows trolls like Looger, Rob "piece of" Bishop, and stallion4 to go hog-wild with their immature comments, personal attacks, and even suggestions of killing one's self.

Case in point, No-Planer "Lord Tsukasa" had been reassured by admin Dr.No. that he was free to discuss NPT there:

you have got it right, you are free to discuss these ideas here,
without fear of being banned or censored ....

However a couple of months later and after repeated attacks by the trolls, Lord Tsukasa and a couple of No-Planers were banned by Krisboro for discussing NPT:

Reason given for ban: Don't need the hassle... You guys have your own place to dicuss your theories, I suggest you go there instead.

I had asked Krisboro to un-ban these No-Planers who were told that they were safe to discuss NPT. As expected, Krisboro said no. I then start suggesting that Jack Blood should not allow that forum who bans people after they are told they won't be and who allow trolls to go hog-wild to use his good name.

A couple of months ago, I had sent Krisboro a PM asking him to get rid of some of the trolls like "Looger" who seem to do nothing but attack and insult people. Krisboro then posted my Personal Message to him on the forum to try to show "HankXavier" that I'm not for "free speech":

From: Killtown [ Thu Jul 31, 2008 8:20 pm ]
To: krisboro

quasi says you're the Admin to come to.

Can you get rid of Looger? The guy is nothing but a troll. See in this thread:

"Anybody else always get banned on Prisonplanet forums?"

Would appreciate it.

First of all, Krisboro is right! I'm not for "free speech" on private truth forums. "Free speech" means that people can post personal attacks, slander people, be condescending, etc on a forum without fear of being banned. That kind of speech has been something I've always opposed to be allowed on truth forums.

In Krisboro's reply to my PM, he essentially says he won't ban people like "Looger" because he's an advocate of "free speech" and the forum he runs in Jack Blood's name is a place for "free speech":

Re: Looger

From: krisboro [ Fri Aug 01, 2008 1:32 am ]
To: Killtown

Hey man,
I'm not going to "get rid of" anyone, especially not a regular board member like Looger, just on the say so of you.
Looger happens to be a good friend of mine and is anything but a troll.
You cry all over web forums that you are censored and banned from forums for your opinion, but then you advocate I do the same on my board just because you don't like what he has to say?

Get real dude...

You're either for free speech or you're not (in which case you're in the wrong place)

Krisboro is being a hypocrite in ever sense of the word by claiming to be for "free speech," but then bans people for speech he doesn't like. As Krisboro himself said: "You're either for free speech or you're not."

But what's even more despicable than Krisboro's hypocrisy on free-speech is that he allows trolls to post the most vile thrash at the Jack Blood Forum.

Recently, No-Planer "sparkoflife" starts posting over there. Well-known troll Rob Bishop then replies to sparkoflife "Why... won't... you... people... die?!" along with a follow-up pic that advocates for him to commit suicide.

I then start a thread to show everyone how the forum has become a joke by censoring people for their theories, but tolerate trolls who suggest people like No-Planers should die (imagine the uproar by planehuggers if a No-Planer suggested that planehuggers should "die") and to call on Jack Blood to not let them use his good name, for such a joke of a forum, or to get new admins.

Admin "Dr. No." then responds by calling me "pathetic" and suggests that my standing up to the despicable admin over there is just one of my "little games." I called him out to explain what he thinks my "little game" is, but like a coward, he never does explain.

The funny thing is that you'd think the reason Krisboro banned me was because of me calling out his despicable actions as admin and calling for Jack Blood to disassociate with that forum if that's what kind of forum Kriboro is going to run in Jack's good name, but from the looks of it, Krisboro doesn't ban me for that, but for calling well-known troll Rob Bishop what he is; a POS. Go figure.

A plea to Jack Blood:

Jack, I urge you for the sake of your good name to do what you can to get mature and non-censoring admins to control that forum in your name, or to ask for your good name to not be associated with that forum that has become a joke.

See my banned from list.

October 05, 2008

Helicopter in a hurry, or fake-ass helicopters?

(Retraction on earlier post. New evidence coming soon...)

October 03, 2008

Guest on Kevin Barrett's show


The Dynamic Duo

5:30 - 6 pm CST

Call-in number (866) 582-9933

Listen live on Network 4

October 01, 2008

Guest on Jim Fetzer's show


The Dynamic Duo

Host: Jim Fetzer

Wed Oct 1

5:00pm-6:00pm Central Time (2nd half only)

Call In Number: 1-866-582-9933

Listen Live - Network 4



CBS Prez warned in 2000 about fake plane crashes

Hezarkhunning - 3 more clues...

Why They Didn't Use Planes To Hit The WTC

Fairbanks left engine hits above wing, should have hit BELOW wing

September 23, 2008

CBS Prez warned in 2000 about fake plane crashes

Just another huge coincidence that supports the theory that TV fakery was used on 9/11?

CBS Is Divided Over the Use Of False Images In Broadcasts

Published: January 13, 2000
New York Times

[Andrew Heyward, the president of CBS News,] said that he understood the argument against the use of the technology -- which is widely employed in sports and some entertainment shows -- on news programs. The danger is "that it looks too real and therefore it's wrong or potentially wrong," he said. "I certainly agree it's potentially subject to abuse."

He noted that advances in computer-generated techniques had made things like missiles hitting Baghdad and airplanes crashing look so real that it was incumbent on networks to underscore that these were not real images.

Accompanying video:

Hat tip to Newmex.

September 22, 2008

YouTube pulls two 'Flight 93 plume' videos

Read about it here.


Update 09/23/08:

Shure's forum PumpItOut gets pulled for "TOS violations."

August 30, 2008

Death threat from planehugger 'EzraPound'

EzraPound 31 Aug 2008, 01:32 AM

KillTown, you would not ever want to be left alone in a room with me, along with Judy Wood, Reynolds, Fetzer, and half a dozen of your moron retard followers. You have done millions of hours damage to the 9/11 Truth movement's campaign to get the simple obvious reality of this day out to the wider public. You have prolonged the slaughter of now over a million Iraqi women and children. You have assisted these neocons to spread DU all over the middle-east which will result in increased cancers in the world. You have allowed 4000 US soldiers to be sent to their death. You have allowed 20,000 US soldiers to become sick from DU poisening.

You would not want be left in a room with me and an M16 in my hand and all you No-PLaners lined up against a wall. I know what I would do, and I would do it without blinking.

- (single post)


'EzraPound' denies comment was a death threat. Says I'm "slandering" him (lol):

This is absolute slander. I never made a death threat. If KillTown is making any money from this false cry then I Ezra will have it.


Ezra now tries to change what he meant:

I would leave the M16 in the room, and lock the door behind me for you No Planers to squabble over your ALien Lizard Orb Microwave Tiem-Machine 9/11 theories.

August 18, 2008

August 10, 2008

Shanksville: A Staged Crime Scene? - By Lisa Guliani

August 10, 2008

On September 13, 2001, William Wendt, a Massachusetts freelance photographer on assignment for The New York Times Magazine, was arrested at the UA Flight 93 crash site, charged with criminal trespass for walking into a restricted zone, escorted to an unmarked car and whisked off to an undisclosed location, where he and assistant Daniel Mahoney were subsequently detained for several hours.

“It was not obvious where the plane had crashed, which is why we started walking around – to find it. We didn’t know we’d wandered onto part of the crash site because that area was unmarked by signs or crime scene tape.” He adds, “When we returned to take our photos, what struck me the most was that it seemed like I was photographing a staged crime scene. I’m a little hesitant to comment on it. Strange things happened that day.” So says William Wendt, in two separate telephone interviews conducted in August 2008.

According to Wendt, the media was required to first register at press tents and then wait to be ferried by bus to the Flight 93 impact zone. The press pool was made to wait long stretches of several hours for the bus, which only seated about 50 people. It made three or four trips back and forth, says Wendt, and that was it. The photographer recalls that the Feds created delays with the bus. “The media was pretty upset. Only a small percentage actually took the bus ride because most refused to wait around that long. There was an outcry from the press.”

Wendt and Mahoney never did get to ride that bus and, like the rest of the media present, were not allowed to get very close to the crater. “I spoke with people who came back from the bus ride. They came back to report that they were allowed a lousy vantage point – no vantage point. My colleagues kept telling me there wasn’t much to see and it wasn’t worth the wait. There was a pit, but no visible plane wreckage.” He likens their reactions to those of riders on overhyped amusement park rides – the media bus riders were clearly unimpressed with what they’d been shown.

“I remember a lot of talk amongst the press about the plane being in several pieces over a stretch of land. Yet the evidence seemed to suggest something else. People around me were saying that a fisherman had found a fuselage in a lake 8 miles away from the crater. There was a big buzz about that.”

Wendt also photographed Ground Zero and the Pentagon crash site. Regarding the Pentagon, Wendt says “I stopped the vehicle on the beltway, told my assistant to wait there and then I ran down the hillside. I had to jump over some fences, too. There was no way I was going to miss getting that shot. For me, it was the opportunity of a lifetime. The image I got was captured commando-style, and I’m surprised I didn’t get arrested doing that. Right off the bat, I was thinking there’s no way that a jetliner made that hole. I found it unbelievable that people were actually believing that’s what happened.”

When asked why he thinks the media is apparently disinterested in seeking truthful answers to the many questions swirling around 9/11, Wendt responds, “Maybe the media is too frightened to pursue it. Actually, I’m very surprised that they’ve failed to do this. I remember press people talking at the time about how the whole thing looked like an American-Israeli operation, like the Mossad had a hand in it. That was the word on the street. You want to know if I believe the government about what happened that day? Let’s just say there are all these stories that make you think one thing, but the brunt of what you see hits you and then common sense tells you it’s got to be something else. I think there’s been a cover-up.”

Wendt’s voice is tinged with sadness as he tells me, “9/11 was a turning point for this nation. I’m still haunted by it.”

This article was published in a special 9-11 edition of the American Free Press in 2008. 

(Re-posted at Lisa Guliani's Facebook.)

July 23, 2008

Air vs. Skyscraper (video)

Credit to Jim Fetzer and Joe Keith for idea for this video.

See also:

July 22, 2008

'Terrorcell' on Vyzygoth tonight talking about Susan McElwain seeing UAV in Shanksville

Domenick DiMaggio (aka "Terrorcell") will be on Vyzygoth's Beyond the Grassy Knoll show tonight at 10:00-12:00 EST.

He will be discussing the smoking gun testimony of Shanksville resident Susan McElwain who witnessed a wing-less UAV flying over her minivan seconds before the alleged crash of Flight 93.

Full interview of Mrs. McElwain by Domenick DiMaggio:

Partial interview:

Susan McElwain: It was pure white, there wasn't any markings on it, there was no rivets. It was that close I would have seen them. It was so molded like it was all one piece... It was cylinder, it came back and this spoiler was across it.

Terrorcell: And there were no wings or...?

Susan: I did not see any wings.

Terrorcell: What do you think it was?

Susan: I can only go by what other people have said to me cuz at the time I thought it was a plane. But like that guy from California who mailed me a bunch of pictures and that guy from Bedford who sent me a bunch of pictures, they all said the same thing that it had to be a missile or an unmanned plane or something...

July 18, 2008

'New clues' in unsolved Jovin murder

New Clues in Yale Student Murder

Investigators Release Sketch of Man Seen Near Where Suzanne Jovin's Body Was Found

July 3, 2008 — ABC

Shortly after the murder was reported, a local woman came forward claiming to have seen a man run in front of her car just half a mile from where Jovin's body was found. She had been driving slowly enough to get a look at his face and give a description to police.

The witness described a white male of medium height in his 20s or 30s, athletically built with blond to dark hair and sharp, chiseled facial features. Prosecutor James Clark in New Haven State's Attorney's Office, who inherited the case in 2000 after the former prosecutor became a judge, said the witness told authorities the man "was running pretty fast," which made her suspicious.

However, a source with knowledge of the case said the witness's information was disregarded at the time because investigators and the media were focused on Jovin's thesis adviser, who is no longer considered a suspect. The source called the decision to focus on the adviser a "fatal flaw" in the investigation.

The team, however, was very hesitant to make the sketch public, Clark said, because "this picture is not a portrait of anybody." That is why the police are not calling the depicted male a person of interest or a suspect.

Investigators seek the 'someone' Jovin referenced in hour before stabbing

Published Wednesday, July 16, 2008 --

In its second revelation to the public in two weeks, a team of investigators probing the 1998 slaying of Yale College senior Suzanne Jovin has announced that it is seeking the identity of an individual to whom Jovin had lent GRE study materials — a potentially critical line of inquiry that lead investigator John Mannion said previous investigators on the case neglected to explore.

A mysterious, nondescript "someone," whom Jovin mentioned in an e-mail she sent less than an hour before she was found stabbed in New Haven's East Rock neighborhood, is the target of the Jovin Investigation Team's latest lead. But Mannion said there is nothing at this point to indicate that this “someone” is connected with the murder.

See also:

July 16, 2008

Lawson uses 'deception, insidious innuendo, misdirection and lies' on eBay

(Update 07/17/08: Sale of deceptively titled Lawson video canceled and pulled off eBay store account. See bottom of page.)

Anthony Lawson is a 10% truther because he spends most of his time trying to debunk September Clues because, as he puts it, Sept Clues is full of "deception, insidious innuendo, misdirection and lies."

I've been challenging him on his Sept Clues debunk attempt claims at Pilots For Truth forum (you'll have to log in), but he still refuses to back up his work (doesn't seem too confident in his work, does he?).

Now someone is selling a video on UK eBay they entitle "September Clues - 9/11 Conspiracy DVD" that looks like is the original September Clues when viewing the top section of the webpage:

However, when you scroll down to the second have of this item for sale, you see that it's not the original September Clues, but in fact Anthony Lawson's debunk attempt video:


Exposing the deception, insidious innuendo, misdirection and lies in the “September Clues” series of videos, which many scholars and others have mistaken for the truth about some of the events that happened on that terrible day: September 11, 2001. Hopefully, this video will make them realise that they have been deliberately mislead. (By the author of "WTC7 - This is an Orange") Content: Where necessary, some of the shots in this video have been enlarged, slowed down, or have had indicators or stop motion techniques applied to them. No other visual manipulations or additions have been made.


Lawson's debunk attempt video is called September Clues - Busted!, not September Clues.

It looks like Lawson (or whoever posted this item) was deliberately trying to mislead people in thinking it is the original September Clues because the original is also up for sale on UK eBay:

So who is guilty of "deception, insidious innuendo, misdirection and lies" now Lawson?



Deceptively titled Lawson video at UK eBay canceled and pulled from its Conspiracy World DVDs store after being caught:

Original end time: 25-Jul-08 23:08:32 BST (9 days 4 hours)
Canceled: 16-Jul-08 23:58:20 BST

Hat tip: mason-free party.

July 11, 2008

Air vs. Skyscraper (gif)

(Video used was the ABC/ESPN version of the Evan Fairbanks shot. Download gif.)

See also:

July 10, 2008

Al Jazeera aired fake WTC 1 crash footage

This video was not faked by the 9/11 perps, but most likely by Al Jazeera or related for their own use in their promo.

Source video.

July 09, 2008

Et tu, Bermas?

On Tuesday's Alex Jones show, Jason Bermas was discussing details from the BBC's WTC 7 doku hit piece. Near the end (not recorded in the previous link), Bermas mentions that the BBC was promoting disinformation by showing a close-up clip of Nico Haupt wearing his "TV fakery" t-shirt (@ 57:06).

Bermas then proceeded to insult the idea that TV fakery was used on 9/11 to cover-up that no planes hit the WTC by calling it something like a ludicrous theory.

Ludicrous huh? Well better not tell Bermas that the military planned to use 'TV Fakery' since 1995 and the media had warned since 1999 about the military's use of it and how live TV broadcasts can be doctored.

And does Bermas really have any room to talk about certain theories being "ludicrous." How many times did he have to redo Loose Change again? And speaking of "ludicrous," what does he think hit the WTC? Watch the first 4 mins of Bermas' Loose Change I for a refresher course:

Bermas believes in the "Pod" theory; drone planes with a special "pod" fired a missile out of it into the Twin Towers a fraction of a second before impacted. I also believe he thinks these drones were outfitted with "special skin" and that's why the plane appears to "melt" into the facade without meeting any resistance.

The Pod theory has been criticized arguably as much as TV fakery by some in the truth movement and Bermas got so much flak about promoting the "pod" theory in Loose Change I, that he took it out of his 2nd edition.

I'm sure one reason Bermas thinks TV fakery is "ludicrous" is that he buys into the "thousands of witnesses" around the WTC saw the planes. Yet, I believe he still thinks no plane crashed into the Pentagon even though "hundreds of witnesses" near the Pentagon "saw it."

A while back I had asked Dylan Avery what he and Jason Bermas thought hit the WTC on the Mike Swenson show (@ 5:32) when they had him set to be the first caller to attack me. Dylan says he never answered my question because "there's much better things to do" (or something like that) and when I pressed him again his responses was "I don't know what hit the 2nd Tower."

Too bad Bermas has joined the haters club. I always thought he was pretty open-minded. Sad to see he's now towing the Alex Jones' "That's disinformation!" party line.

Hope you are getting paid well over there Jason.

July 08, 2008

BBC neglect key points in WTC 7 doku

In the BBC's The Conspiracy Files: 9/11 - The Third Tower documentary (watch here), they fail to mention a few key points that you have to wonder why a major network like the BBC would do so if they went through all the time, trouble, and money to do a "thorough" documentary on the conspiracy theories about the WTC 7's unusual collapse.

1) The BBC neglected to show the unusual implosion of the East Penthouse on top of the WTC 7 seconds before the rest of the building imploded even after truther Richard Gage mentions it in the documentary.

(The about video clips were not shown in the BBC's documentary.
Red circle below is the East Penthouse on top of the WTC 7.)

"The Penthouse dropped and then the entire perimeter of the main building begins and goes straight down in 6 1/2 seconds which is virtually free-fall speed." - Richard Gage

What are the odds a Penthouse on top of a skyscraper implodes seconds before the rest of the building does?

2) They neglected to find out (or mention if they knew) who was the alleged fire department commander who Larry Silverstein uttered his most infamous phrase to.

"I remember getting a call from the, uh, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'You know we've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is, is pull it.' Uh, and they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse." - Larry Silverstein

How odd is it that years after Larry's infamous "pull it" remark, we still don't know who this fire department commander who allegedly called him was?

NOTE: The BBC shows FDNY Fire Chief Daniel Nigro after mentioning Larry's infamous "pull it" comment which makes it seem like the BBC is implying that Chief Nigro was the one who allegedly called Larry on 9/11, however in an email response, Chief Nigro says it wasn't him.

See also:

July 07, 2008

WTC 7 vs. Controlled Demolition

(Link - Video)

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck...

June 28, 2008

Michael Hezarkhani a board member at Giuliani Partners???

(Update 06/30/08)

Hezarkhani is not a board member according to Giuliani Partners' communications director:

Thank you very much for calling this to our attention. Mr. Michael Hezarkhani is NOT on the board of Giuliani Partners.

Sunny Mindel
Communications Director
Giuliani Partners
5 Times Square
New York, NY 10036
212 931 7392


Michael Hezarkhani
5 Times Sq
New York, NY 10036-6523
(212) 931-7300

Job title: Board Member

Alleged video Michael Hezarkhani took on 9/11:

Shure posted WhitePages find.

June 05, 2008

June 04, 2008

Hour interview on Vyzygoth (WEDNESDAY)

(Update: mp3 archive)

Wednesday, June 4th. 4-5 pm ET
(1-2 pm PT)

Hour 2: Killtown on the
Fairy Tail, The Little Engine that Couldn’t, and Back in Black Boxes
(The topics that got me thrown off BlahTalkRadio)

Call in: 888-333-9009

E-mail: or

IM: MSN vyzygoth

Click here to listen

May 30, 2008

Banned at Sherdog forum

Well add one more place to the list of troll-ridden forums with mods that don't follow their own rules.

I created a thread at one of my favorite MMA sites, Sherdog, about my article Why They Didn't Use Planes To Hit The WTC in the appropriate political section called The War Room:

Gun-toting neocon? Tree-hugging lib? Duke it out in the War Room.

After posting it, the trolls came out of the woodworks:

"go into the kitchen, grab a steak knife and stab yourself in both testicles." - IrishBeatDown

"Some people are dumb enough to have a talent for completely disregarding solid evidence in favor of asinine theories." - AlphaDelphic

"killtown get you a piece of toilet paper. put it on top of your head. look in the mirror and say. im a peice of dirt im a piece of dirt. till ya relize its so" - smasheroffaces

"Killtown also belongs to the flat earth society." - bruce_campbell

After 7 pages of insults by the trolls, a mod there moved my thread to their hidden section, The Dump, without explanation. It's unknown if they moved it there because of all the trolls, or for political reasons. If they moved it there because it became infested with trolls, sad that the mods caved into the trolls and moved my thread instead of "moving" them.

I then started another thread in The War Room about Simon Shack's video, Nosed Out:

It ended up in The Dump too after, to no one's surprise, the trolls came a trollin':

"your retarded, so was 9-11 faked so bush junior could finish what his father started then? god i hate conspiricy theorists." - Nothus

"A laughing matter...much like ALL of your bullshit theories." - Jackson81

"I think the "TV Fakery" folk are the A-grade of 911 Truther retard. " - Ruprecht

It even brought out a planehugging truther:

"People, when I claim to be a 9/11 Truther, don't immediately group me in with the threadstarter and his crazy fucking friends." - Jin-Roh

(No, Genghis isn't my friend anymore.)

And then, you guessed it:

Sad to see Sherdog helps to feed the stereotype that fighting fans are mostly close-minded, reactionary, meat-heads. Well, I'll still love the sport of MMA regardless.

And the list of censoring sites keeps growing, and growing, and...

May 21, 2008

Update on No-Planes article

I decided to modify the main focus as to why I think the perps didn't use planes to hit the WTC and why they faked the crash videos on my No Planes article to really drive home why they choose TV fakery instead of using real planes:

May 13, 2008

BlogTalkRadio's copy-n-paste response to 9/11 truth censorship reason

Email from Vyzygoth:

It gets better.

After I sent my query letter a second time at 8:30 pm PT, I get a response from Sweet, sort of. He sends me a copy and paste of their rules and regulations, then bolds and increases the font size of the four words you will find below. Anyone who does things like that usually has a large forehead and an undersized brain. I think it's clear he's a flak catcher that is doing the bidding of his masters that don't like mingling with the unwashed masses.

Vyz's email (in italics) to BlogTalkRadio after their response as to why they canceled his account there and censored 9/11 truth:


Nice that you sent along these guidelines, but I'm asking you to be specific as to EXACTLY what I said that was "libelous," "defamatory," "false" or misrepresational.

All you did was copy and paste words.

BTR broadcasts programs critical of the government's take on 9-11. Why are they still up on your site? Again, what was it that singled out my show? I read from mainstream news stories that conflicted each other and cast doubt on the government's take of those events. Those weren't my words, were they?

I don't mind that you gagged the show. I just crack up at your brand of "free speech" advocacy.
You agree not to post, upload, transmit to, or cause to be broadcasted via the Site or to BlogTalkRadio's servers, through data upload or broadcasting of audio content, any sound recordings, communications, text, graphics or other information (collectively, "Material") that:
  1. is obscene, indecent, offensive, libelous, pornographic, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, defamatory, unreasonably violent, threatening, intimidating or harassing;
  2. contains falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage BlogTalkRadio or any other person;
  3. contains any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or other disabling devices or harmful components intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information;
  4. advocates or encourages any illegal activity;
  5. infringes on the intellectual property or other legal rights of BlogTalkRadio or others;
  6. violates the privacy of others, including other users of the Site, or impersonates another person;
  7. gives rise to any civil liability or violates any applicable law, regulation, treaty or tariff; or
  8. violates the acceptable use policies of any networks, machines, or Services which are accessed through BlogTalkRadio’s network.

BlogTalkRadio, in its sole discretion, shall determine your compliance with the foregoing prohibitions set forth in this subparagraph, and reserves the right to delete from the Site without prior notice any material that it deems to be non-complying or otherwise objectionable for any reason or to take any other action with respect to your Broadcast Blog Programs, or any other material posted by you on the Site.

The problem is, despite what Sweet told Jim, you will get over 100 hits if you search 911 on Many of those shows are critical of the government's take on 911. However, these shows may also suck and present no threat.

Then I was sent this from a listener in
Canada, which I sent along to Sweet with the following words:
Now things are starting to make sense.

Ain't it grand working for The New Bund and The Ministry of Truth?