September 09, 2008

Hezarkhunning - 3 more clues...

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bwmn said...

If you want to know more read "The man who knew"on John O'Neill

u2r2h said...

As you know, my working hypothesis is that the Hezarkhani video (unlike the audio) is essentially NOT faked. IMHO the reason why it seems so weird is that is shows a hologramme from the best viewing angle.

It is only reasonable to assume that the real-time calculations had to be optimized for those angles where incidental cameras would get a reasonably clear close-up view (Battery Park), for other angles silhouettes were sufficient (against the sun).

The Hezarkani vid still seems artificial (and hence faked), but this is due to the imperfect reflections and colours. The "pod" is probably a concession to the technology that had to be carried by a uav. The original footage is not available for purchase or rebroadcast I imagine.

The Nose-out it the biggest holographical f**k-up, IMHO remnants of the plasma-carrying missile unexpectedly exited on the other side, and the hologram-projector was not switched off in time (causing the "venus flytrap") as the holographic "projection screen" disintegrates)

HERE are more details.

I also think the "laser projector" was caught on film in the THOM pictures
and who knows, the strange bright light in the Siegel film may also be connected to hologramme tech.

As you know, I surmise that I found the actual camera position HERE and HERE
and I am satisfied with the precision of the viewing angle calculations, based on the method of using the new york buildings (and their known height/width) as iron sights.

best wishes...