October 28, 2007

October 27, 2007

'TinaCart1' filmers caught WTC 1 collapse

The video was taken by the same "amateurs" who took the TinaCart1 WTC 2 crash video.

It was first aired on CBS at 10:19 pm (EDT) on Sept. 11th and, as far as I can tell, it was the only time it was ever aired.

Since the North Tower collapsed after the South Tower did, it's reasonable to think that the 'TinaCart1' filmers also caught the South Tower's collapse.

The real interesting thing about this video is it adds further evidence that the TinaCart1 video, Robert Clark photos, and Wolfgang Staehle CCTV still were not only all taken from the same location as we discovered last week, but that the same people took all of them.

In particular, notice how the shot of this collapse video changes from their WTC 2 crash shot, to being almost identical to Robert Clark's photo:

('TinaCart1' WTC 2 crash still.)

('TinaCart1 collapse video still. Color of still auto-adjusted with IrfanView.)

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October 22, 2007

Banned at "truth"action.org

So if you are a no-planer, don't admit that at "truth"action.org or they will ban you:

I asked "imgstacke" the censorer why he banned me and here is his reason:

On a side-note, imgstacke is one of those "truthers" who likes to yell "Shill!" a lot, so I asked him to give me a list of who the shills are and evidence that they are shills. Here's his response:

Then some admin there (most likely imgstacke) deleted my only thread which I guess was so against what this "activist" site is about:

And the list of censoring sites keeps growing.

Three WTC crash shots taken from same location

The unknown "amateur" Tina Cart 1 video, Robert Clark photo, and Wolfgang Staehle CCTV still looks like they were all taken from the same location:

The location they all seem to be taken from is this building at 475 Kent Ave in Brooklyn, which is the address of Robert Clark:

(Source: Google Earth)

About Robert Clark's alleged photos:

"Robert Clark is a freelance photographer based in New York City and works with the worlds leading magazines and major publishing houses, as well as on cutting edge advertising campaigns.
Clark witnessed the attack on the World Trade Center from his rooftop in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. His photos captured the second plane hitting the tower and his four picture series was published in magazines around the world. His coverage on September 11th was recognized at the World Press Awards in Amsterdam. He received a National Magazine Award for Best Essay in his National Geographic cover article, Was Darwin Wrong?" - robertclarkphoto.com
(Photo source.)

About Wolfgang Staehle's CCTV stills:

Wolfgang Staehle (Thing.org) interview, the webcam recording the Twin Towers' end

Your installation in the Postmasters Gallery was an unintentional live witness of the WTC attack. After the shock days, do you see a philosophical or casual reason of this unique coincidence?
No, I don't see any reason for this coincidence. And I am really not that happy that the work is now frequently discussed in the context of this calamity. The intent of the work is quite different, quite the opposite of this sensational media frenzy. But I also realize that there's no escaping this changed context...

Can you remember of any significant picture that wasn't televised? Anyway could any picture be able to better express the sense of what happened?
The major piece in the show at Postmasters was a dual projection of lower Manhattan. I have this view archived for the whole day of September 11, 2001. From 0 hours to 0 hours. A picture every 5 seconds. And I am not giving it to the media.


[Gif deleted due to copyright violation]

If Staehle's CCTV recorded the whole day of 9/11 from "0 hours to 0 hours" as he claims above, that would mean the odds are his CCTV would have caught the 2nd WTC crash too. So why is he "not giving it to the media"?

October 21, 2007

Robert Clark and Wolfgang Staehle WTC crash photos the same?

(Update) Another video was found to have been taken from the same location.

See new blog post about these three shots all taken at the same location.

October 19, 2007

YouTube account of new WTC crash video release terminated

I went to check on the new "Shizzzham" WTC 2 crash video and it said:

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

This is very odd. What terms did they new crash video violate???

Then I checked on something that is super odd. The "Shizzzham" YouTube account got axed:

This account is suspended.

Suspended??? This account had only three videos uploaded to it; the new crash video and two videos of some infant.

If you were keeping up on the comments left about this new crash video at "Shizzzham's" YouTube account, you would have seen that most of the people who left comments thought the video was fake.

"Shizzzham" had even left some comments trying to counter that it was fake:

- I was going through all my old files I've archived to CD, this came up. There was no YouTube back then, he knew I was from NYC and gave it to me. Why is this a hard to believe? I left that company in 2002...still in Tokyo though.

- Yeah, he was on my team for a very short time, young Japanese kid. I can definitely find it out if I dig a little. You want me to?

- Dude, I swear on everything that is holy, there is nothing doctored here. I will email you the original copy and you can have it analyzed if you wish. As long as you promise to be honest.

And now his YouTube account has been axed for no apparent reason. Hmm. Was it "officially" taken down because I showed that the bystanders in this new crash video looked like nothing had just happened?

(Update) Apparently this person uploaded a whole bunch of "The Family Guy" clips to his account after I pointed out how strange it was for this new crash video being released on an account that only had two videos uploaded to it before this crash video that were uploaded on the same day a week before and a year after the account was made. Did this person upload all this Family Guy clips to make his YouTube account look less suspicious, or was it was the purpose of "account suicide" as my good friend theorized.

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October 15, 2007

New 'amateur' 2nd hit video shows crowd oblivious to crash

And they just keep coming!

A very interesting new WTC 2 plane crash video was released yesterday. It's especially interesting because it is a rare frontal hit shot like the infamous Michael Hezarkhani video and shows a lot of, if not all of, the same characteristics the Hezarkhani shot such as the "pod" and the scary faces in the smoke:

The first odd thing about it right off the bat is that on the YouTube account is was released on, the video is on its left side:

This Youtube account, that is nick-named "shizzzham" (which I named this new video), has only three videos currently uploaded on it. The first two videos are just close-ups of an infant that looks like, or is trying to make it look like, "shizzzham's" child. These two videos are both exactly 45 seconds long and were uploaded on the same day, one week prior to the new crash video. However, this account was created over a year ago:

Joined: July 22, 2006
Age: 37
Country: Japan

This YouTube account reminds me quite a bit as another YouTube account with a "family feel" that released an "amateur" 2nd hit video out of no where years after that attacks.

The comment "shizzzham" wrote for this new crash video is quite interesting:

A new hire from our company captured this while in NY for training. He was on the way to the office and saw one tower on fire and then started filming. In full view you can see the second plane smashing into the second tower. Amazing footage. I wish I remembered the man's name to give him the credit.

Um, how in the world did this "shizzzham" manage get this never seen been, 6 years after the fact, incredible, amazing, one-in-a-billion chance dramatic shot of one of the worst "terrorist" attacks in the history of the world from someone he can't even remember the name of??? And who in the hell is this "new hire" who never shows this video to the world, yet gives it to some guy he doesn't even know at his new company? No, nothing odd there.

Here are some observations when analyzing this new video:

- The voices heard in the video do sound to be Japanese which this "shizzzham" says he's from, however the infant in the other two videos at this account doesn't really look Japanese and the infant's name is "Lucio."

- The video quality is poor (so what's new?!).

- The camera is mainly focused on the South Tower and not the North one which is on fire. I was going to mention this is odd, but perhaps maybe it isn't since most of the alleged filmers of these 2nd hit videos seem to know when and where to pan/zoom right before this second plane comes in the scene as if they rehearsed the shot over and over!

- The plane that comes in totally skips across the screen, which again seems to be a common theme in many of the 2nd hit videos.

- The Rector St building is visible. ; )

- Last, but definitely not least, this video is also one of the rare videos that actually captures bystanders in it. What's really interesting about the crowd of people shown is that they certainly do not seem to be reacting as if a huge plane just barreled loudly over their heads and crashed into not only a huge skyscraper behind them, but the one next to its mate that was already on fire!

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October 11, 2007

Gen. Wesley Clark given 9/11 inside job pamphlet

A truther had gone to see Gen. Wesley Clark speak at his current book tour. During the booking signing part, this truther handed Gen. Clark an 9/11 inside job pamphlet to keep. Clark was nice enough to not only accept it, but he also autographed the backside of an extra one for the truther to keep:

And which 9/11 inside job pamphlet did Clark autograph?

October 01, 2007

Banned at PrisonPlanet forum

(Update: See who was the censoring culprit below.)

I Well it only took a matter of hours for me to get banned at PrisonPlanet's "anti-police state" forum.

I had saw some people over there mention how they liked my Shanksville research, so I figured I'd post my latest Hoodwinked at Shanksville video over there since I've never posted over there before.

I also saw some hot debates going on about the no-plane theory at the WTC, so I decided to post my Why They Didn't Use Planes To Hit The WTC article in the same section there because people who poo-poo NPT always ask "why not just crash a plane in the towers", think NPT is illogical, and since that forum had censored a pro-September Clues thread.

About an hour or so later I checked back on it and it was not there. I checked all the other sections thinking they might of moved it, but did not see it.

It became obvious that someone at that "bastion of truth and open-mindedness" forum had deleted my thread. So I decided to post it again in a "more appropriate" section:

I also added a little note at the bottom of my post addressed to the forum:

Then about an hour or so after posting that, I went back to check on it was greeted with:

They also deleted my thread again which I thought was pretty funny since I posted it in their section title this:

Faux Controversies/Immaterial Comments/OffTopic/Everything Else
Issues that are mostly outside the realm of this board, or topics that may attempt to hijack discussions on this Forum

They also deleted a reply of mine to this well known hater truthling who was slandering one of the few 9/11 truth forums that won't censor you for your theories: 911movement.org.

(Update) I just saw that I had received an email from the censoring culprit:

To: killtown@yahoo.com
Subject: New Personal Message: (No subject)
From: "PrisonPlanet Forum"
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007

You have just been sent a personal message by Sane on PrisonPlanet Forum.

The message they sent you was:

If you keep pushing COINTELPRO projects, you will be banned

Apparently this moderator "Sane" is becoming pretty infamous over there. I received this message from a PrisonPlanet forum member:

The mods her suck bro. Especially Sane. He pretty much deletes any post he does not agree with. The information on this sight is so filtered and bias it's ridiculous. Wile I dont agree with your post, I see what you mean about the mods.

Guess PrisonPlanet is right when they say there's a WAR on for your mind!

The latest tally of "truth" sites that censor.