October 27, 2007

'TinaCart1' filmers caught WTC 1 collapse

The video was taken by the same "amateurs" who took the TinaCart1 WTC 2 crash video.

It was first aired on CBS at 10:19 pm (EDT) on Sept. 11th and, as far as I can tell, it was the only time it was ever aired.

Since the North Tower collapsed after the South Tower did, it's reasonable to think that the 'TinaCart1' filmers also caught the South Tower's collapse.

The real interesting thing about this video is it adds further evidence that the TinaCart1 video, Robert Clark photos, and Wolfgang Staehle CCTV still were not only all taken from the same location as we discovered last week, but that the same people took all of them.

In particular, notice how the shot of this collapse video changes from their WTC 2 crash shot, to being almost identical to Robert Clark's photo:

('TinaCart1' WTC 2 crash still.)

('TinaCart1 collapse video still. Color of still auto-adjusted with IrfanView.)

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