October 19, 2007

YouTube account of new WTC crash video release terminated

I went to check on the new "Shizzzham" WTC 2 crash video and it said:

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

This is very odd. What terms did they new crash video violate???

Then I checked on something that is super odd. The "Shizzzham" YouTube account got axed:

This account is suspended.

Suspended??? This account had only three videos uploaded to it; the new crash video and two videos of some infant.

If you were keeping up on the comments left about this new crash video at "Shizzzham's" YouTube account, you would have seen that most of the people who left comments thought the video was fake.

"Shizzzham" had even left some comments trying to counter that it was fake:

- I was going through all my old files I've archived to CD, this came up. There was no YouTube back then, he knew I was from NYC and gave it to me. Why is this a hard to believe? I left that company in 2002...still in Tokyo though.

- Yeah, he was on my team for a very short time, young Japanese kid. I can definitely find it out if I dig a little. You want me to?

- Dude, I swear on everything that is holy, there is nothing doctored here. I will email you the original copy and you can have it analyzed if you wish. As long as you promise to be honest.

And now his YouTube account has been axed for no apparent reason. Hmm. Was it "officially" taken down because I showed that the bystanders in this new crash video looked like nothing had just happened?

(Update) Apparently this person uploaded a whole bunch of "The Family Guy" clips to his account after I pointed out how strange it was for this new crash video being released on an account that only had two videos uploaded to it before this crash video that were uploaded on the same day a week before and a year after the account was made. Did this person upload all this Family Guy clips to make his YouTube account look less suspicious, or was it was the purpose of "account suicide" as my good friend theorized.

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911 subscriber said...

...hm, even more bizarre is that Webfairy's much more popular mirror is still up [almost 2,000 views] ;

thx for saving shizzam's comments