September 23, 2011

Guest on 'The Detectors' hosted by Dean Hartwell

Was on for an hour talking about Shanksville on DAnne Burley's blogtalkradio show, The Detectors.  Hosted by Dean Hartwell.

September 17, 2011

How was there even an explosion at Shanksville? (officially speaking)

Before you start spouting ridicule at this notion, remember we are supposed to be basing things off the official story.

There was supposedly a large explosion when UA93 supposedly crashed in the grassy Shanksville field. It supposedly burned a section of the forest next to the crater and formed a huge mushroom cloud that was allegedly photographed by Val McClatchey in a single photo before "dropping her camera" and this large grey "plane crash" smoke cloud (grey?!) was recently "confirmed" by the newly released Dave Berkebile smoke cloud video that the media supposedly "wasn't interested in" right after 9/11.

But if you look at the official story of how UA93 supposedly crashed, I'm wondering how was there even an explosion at all?!?

Remember, we are being told that this is how the Boeing 757 supposedly crashed:

Wally Miller: "The explanation was... The right wing hit the ground right there were the impact area is and as that happened, it took the front end...[does cartwheel hand gesture].

The front 1/3 of the plane, including the cockpit, slammed into the ground off of the wing and the front 1/3 broke off and flew up into the trees and there was a fireball behind it and the remaining 2/3'rds went down in the ground."

One of the landowners working with the FBI during the excavation described that the 757 went in the ground so fast that it didn't have a chance to burn:

The location was eventually determined because of some disturbed ground in front of a grove of charred evergreens, explains Jamie. The ground had swallowed up much of the wreckage.

Because of their familiarity with the property, the Svonavecs were asked to work with the F.B.I. on recovery efforts. “We hired some extra people and worked one long shift, seven days a week,” says Jim, a former federal mining inspector.

Using a Kobelco excavator, the process was slow and meticulous because “every bucket of material that was excavated went through screens,” explains Sally. Screening helped locate many body fragments and debris from the plane.

The plane “went in the ground so fast it didn’t have a chance to burn,” says Jim.

And you can see that there is hardly any fire damage to the grassy field surrounding the crater:

The only real fire damage seen is to the small section of forest next to the crater that the broken off cockpit section of UA93 supposedly flung into:

But as I've asked before, what's contained in the cockpit section of a 757 that could even cause an explosion?

So help me out here, based on the official story, how could there have been any explosion, no less a large one that supposedly produced a super huge grey mushroom cloud (grey?!) as seen the the McClatchey photo and Berkebile video?

September 11, 2011

New Shanksville smoking gun -- Coming Soon!

I'll be releasing a new Shanksville smoking gun very soon.

If you can't wait, you can get a sneak peak here.

September 10, 2011

Ghosts of the Republic 9/11 Special

GhosDawg, Paranoid, Domenick and Killtown discuss the political, economical and all other ramifications from that fateful day that occurred a decade ago. We talk about where we are now and the questions that still remain unanswered. One of the best episodes thus far and a great resource for the 9-11 investigator. NOT TO BE MISSED.

August 13, 2011

Great mismatch of IDs 'found' at Shanksville scene

Percentage of IDs* supposedly recovered from the alleged Flight 93 crash in Shanksville:

75% of the 4 alleged hijackers
only 12.5% of the 40 passengers

(*I define "IDs" as anything allegedly found at the scene with the alleged passengers name, or photo on it.)

IDs of alleged Hijackers "found" at the scene:

1. Saeed al-Ghamdi - passport (PA00108)
2. Ahmed Al-Nami - driver's license (PA00110); Saudi Arabian Youth Hostel Association ID (PA00102)
3. Ziad Jarrah - passport (PA00105.08); also business card of Ziad's uncle, Assem Jarrah
4. Ahmed al-Haznawi - (no IDs reportedly found)

(Note:  There were supposedly two passport-sized photos found at the scene (PA00103.2 & PA00103.3). To me, they sorta look like Al-Nami. If one of them is al-Haznawi, then 100% of the hijackers IDs were "found.")

IDs of alleged passengers "found" at the scene:

1. Lorraine Bay (flight attendant) - in-flight manual
2. Andrew Garcia - wallet
3. Richard Guadagno** - credentials and badge from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
4. CeeCee Lyles - drivers license & personal effects (P200069)
5. John Talignani - drivers license (P200068)

**Interesting comment about Richard Guadagno's "found" personal effects:

"It was practically intact," Richard's sister, Lori, said of the credentials, which were returned in their wallet. "It just looked like it wasn't damaged or hadn't gone through much of anything at all, which is so bizarre and ironic."

Yeah, nothing odd about that.

April 27, 2011

Challenged to debunk some of my Shanksville claims

Today I sent an email to "Mike Williams" of, challenging him/they/whoever to debunk some of my no-plane @ Shanksville claims.

I did so because I hadn't visited that site in a while and noticed it only has one debunk of a rather weak-sauce no-plane claim, so I thought I'd challenge him on some current no-plane claims.

I pretty much just gave him an easy one to debunk.  I told him that my claim is that no plane debris was buried in that Shanksville field, certainly not most of Flight 93 and not even the one alleged buried engine, or even the two reported black boxes.

I also said that not even he can believe the unbelievable official details of the alleged crash.

So think he'll attempt to debunk at least the what should be an easy debunkable claim that nothing buried there? 

I won't hold my breath either.

April 15, 2011

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March 15, 2011

My challenge to Matt Taibbi

RollingStones columnist, Matt Taibbi, thinks 9/11 truthers are sad and feels sorry for us

I asked him in the comments section if he knew what the official Flight 93 crash story was and also left him a challenge to prove that 30+ cars-worth of plane debris did indeed come out of the Shanksville ground.

Sadly, I have a feeling he won't be able to, yet will still go on believing in the official 9/11 fairy tale.

I feel sorry for Matt.

(Update 3/17/11)  Taibbi responded on the 15th to one truther's comment about Jane Standley's premature announcement of the collapsed WTC 7 and lists what he thinks would have been the reasoning if it was a conspiracy.  Weak.

February 18, 2011

Guess how many cars-worth of debris was 'buried' in Shanksville?

I did a comparison to demonstrate how much 80% of a Boeing 757 roughly is, the official claim of how much of Flight 93 supposedly buried, so people could better understand just how much plane debris would have come out of the ground.

'02 Compact Sedan
I compared 80% of the empty weight of the type of Boeing 757 Flight 93 was with the average weight of a popular sized automobile, a compact sedan, from a year closest to 9/11 that I could find.

Calculating it up, the government is trying to tell us that the amount of plane debris that was supposedly underneath this shallow crater was...

Yeah, right.

February 12, 2011

Excellent scale-up of 'End of Serenity' smoke plume, proving it's not from a '757 crash'

Excellent piece of research done back in Feb '07 by nick7261 comparing the smoke plume in the Val McClatchey photo with the explosion coming out of the WTC 2.

Remember, Flight 175 supposedly had 65% more fuel left than Flight 93 supposedly did upon impact and most of Flight 93 supposedly had buried deep into the ground, so fast that it didn’t have a chance to burn!