September 23, 2011

Guest on 'The Detectors' hosted by Dean Hartwell

Was on for an hour talking about Shanksville on DAnne Burley's blogtalkradio show, The Detectors.  Hosted by Dean Hartwell.


slaqqer said...

As always KT...Bravo!! Encore! Encore! and all that.

You have to listen to the entire .mp3 for full enjoyment.


slaqqer said...

Also, have you ploinked down your $1.99(USD I think) per Sunday since www.psy-opera-com went all "Pay $1.99(USD I think) now to watch this?"

I haven't mostly because I hopebelievewantdesire that truth has no price tag. Truth(fact) should be (and is) free. Chomp on that. :-)

Also I lack that type of credit card that would allow my viewing right now. There is no gift cards available at my local Wally-Mart. Runescape and Club Penguin and other such Starbucksian and Wireless telecos nonsense paint that sad picture for us, No?

-monkey mcslaqqer