December 19, 2007

[Correction] NBC4 live feed not at TinaCart1 building

(Update: 12/23/07)

Upon further analysis, it appears the NBC4 live feed (see 2nd half) that aired on 9/11 minute(s) before the 2nd hit did not originate from the TinaCart1 building, the place were three "amateur" shots of the WTC crashes emerged.

The shot appears to have originated higher and to the right of the TinaCart1 building at 475 Kent Ave, Brooklyn. My best guess as of now is that the NBC4 shot may have originated on top of the Gretsch building.

This shot has a lot of mystery to it that may yet still yield a smoking gun. As far as I can tell, this shot only aired once and it was airing live right before the 2nd WTC crash which means it should have captured the 2nd hit. Were was this shot located? Was it from a network camera, or a non-network camera atop some building that the network tapped into?


Another interesting thing about this NBC4 clip, is who is being interviewed during this "live" shot that appears to have only been aired once on TV. The person being interview is some older-sounding man with a weird NY accent named "Tony Arrigo" who claims to have witnessed the first crash.

Arrigo's alleged location: 31 E 12th St, NYC

This "Tony" sounds just a tad suspicious because he sounds a little too over-emotional on the phone compared almost all other WTC witnesses being phone interviewed live and, coincidentally, describes the first plane as a Boeing 737 which is the same exact plane described by another rare and suspicious 1st plane eyewitness, CNN VP Sean Murtagh (also @4:38).


(Update 11/08/08: Questions about Gary Welz moved here.)

December 05, 2007

Apollo the ignorant "clown"

(Updated below. 12/06/07.)

Some person calling themselves "Apollo" has accused and attacked me for supposedly preventing them from being able to post at where I'm an Admin at:

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Killtown the Cowardly Clown

I registered at Killtown's forum a couple weeks back. This screen shot proves I can log in:

But I can't post. Anywhere. Ever. I emailed him. No response.

There you have it: killtown the cowardly clown afraid that real 911Truthers might ruin his limited disinfo hangout speaking uncomfortable truths.

He's right but that's not the point. The point is he makes a hobby of challenging people who've banned him to debate him at his board. He's clowned around for the last time, now we KNOW there's no point in trying to go to his forum. He doesn't want debate... he just wants to play the victim, again and again.

Pathetic, even for a friend of Haupt's.

This person looks to be Col. Jenny Sparks (a.k.a Jo Cressy) based on her very aggressive nature/authoritarian style (she refers to herself as "The Authority" after all and that phrase is mentioned in "Apollo's" email below), immaturity, the similar style of lame cartoon superhero pics she uses for her avatar, bitching about Nico Haupt all the time, and disabling comments on their blogs because she is too scared to hear criticism about her blogposts.

Sparks, I mean "Apollo," says that they emailed me about not being able to post at the forum and that I never responded. Here was their email to me:

From: "Apollo Authority"
Subject: We can't post in your 911 Movement forum
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007


(FYI consider a different handle if you want people to believe No-planers are as harmless as you insist)

Ive been nominated by the team to send you this email:

None of us can post at your 911Movement forum. As, we suspect, you know.

Maybe you're afraid you can't handle a superhero invasion. In your shoes I would be. After all of Nico's gay bashing. We might bash back...

So, whatever. Just stop whining that The Authority won't engage you.

Now excuse us, a world needs saving...


And guess what, here is my "no response" back to them:

Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007
From: "Killtown"
Subject: Re: We can't post in your 911 Movement forum
To: "Apollo Authority"

Um, I don't know who you are and before you start accusing us of refusing to allow "you guys" to post, maybe you should say you tried to register, was unable to post, then kindly ask me why you weren't able to post.

Now let's start over. Were you able to register? If so, [were] you able to log into the forum? If so, were you able to post anywhere? If not, what was your username so I can try to find why you were unable to post.


The funny thing is that I received no response back from her.

When I saw this immature attack against me by the Sparks brigade (it's most likely all Sparks), I saw this person's user name at "my" forum (it's not "my" forum, I'm just one of three Admins there), so I checked to see if they were registered properly to see is there was some reason they couldn't post.

There was a very good reason they couldn't start a thread and let this be a lesson to everyone why you should never attack people and call them such immature things as a "clown" until you know all the facts.

If you know anything about running a forum, you're probably very familiar with forum spambots. Slick, the owner of the domain name and head webmaster, created a script to prevent these spambots. Before a member can start a thread, they have to reply to just one post in any current thread:

Can't Start A New Thread?

Slick Posted: Oct 13 2007

Some changes were made which has caused all members to have to make one reply to any thread before they can start a new one. This is just a one time thing, so once you reply once, everything should go back to normal.

If you want, you can use this thread for that purpose.

So who's the "clown" now Sparks, er "Apollo"?


(Update) The "Sun King" strikes back:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007
A Homophobic Attack from Killtown on Crack

Still calling me a "girl", Killtown continues his disinfo clown act in his latest so called blog. He's upset I didn't see an email of his. He has a point. But I'd given up checking that account for anything about his forum. After 2 weeks you find better things to do.

I sent this:


RE: We can't post in your 911 Movement forum‏
From: Apollo Authority (sXXXXXX@XXXXX)
Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2007 2:16:55 AM
To: Killtown (

I'll start over as soon as you retract accusing me of being a girl on your blog. I'll even post a correction on my blog. Looks like I missed this email . But you don't get shit if you keep calling me a woman.

If you're not a moron you already know "The Authority" is code for the KW Krew. And I'm Australian, not a Brit raised Yankee. None of this changes the fact I couldn't post for near on two weeks after registering. The rest of us couldn't even register. Can't remember that ever happening anywhere...expect during the UK Action. See why we're suspicious?


I'm about to tell the team not to bother with "killtown" any more. Anyone who writes this

"I don't know who you are".

to someone who was banned from a site they visit regularly can't be too smart. Or is on some serious drugs like Haupt. Explains how he goes from "I don't know you" to "I know you're a girl". LSD. THC. Killtown on crack.

I'll ask the Doctor for details.

This is just so amusing. Apollo "I'm not Sparks you homophobic disinfo clown" The Sun King says I'm "upset" that I didn't see his/her email (roll eyes). Funny he/she/it says after 2 weeks they found "better things to do," yet they found time to attack me because they are too ignorant to have realized that you need to reply once at our forum before being able to start a thread.

Their email is interesting in kind of a feeling sorry for someone who has Tourettes syndrome kind of way (and partly because I never received it in my inbox). "Apollo" is upset because they have all the earmarkings of being Jenny Sparks. If I thought someone was Jenny, why wouldn't I refer to them as a girl?

If "Apollo" is not Col. Jenny Sparks, then it's obviously one of her cult members in their little protected hater group over at, who banned me just cause I mentioned that I was a no-planer (the people they despise because our theory is "rubbish").

Say "Apollo," who are you over at truthaction? Are you brave enough to tell us?

Of course they have to reduce themselves again by calling me a "moron" because supposedly their nickname "The Authority" was coined for some no-issue I don't care about and not because they come across as authoritarian (guess that's just a coincidence, huh?).

Notice Sparks, er "Apollo" is still bitching about not being able to post at, even though I already told her it was because she was too ignorant to understand our thread starting process.

She continues to gripe about the "rest of her team" (probably meaning the rest of her multiple personalities) were unable to register at the our forum. Funny, she was able to register. Why couldn't the rest of her multiple personalities?

"The team." Say Apollo, who else makes up your "team"?

I'm guess she's going to tell "her team" not to bother with me anymore because she's tired of getting her big fat foot stuck in all her multiple personality's mouths after all of her pathetic little attack attempts. Embarrassment is a hard thing to handle.

Her final attempt to smear me by suggesting I'm a druggie for, I think, accusing me of banning her (which I didn't of course) and her continued obsession to bash Nico Haupt, who has been doing a great job in exposing her hatred IMO, is very amusing, especially since she ends by saying she'll ask a doctor for details. I wonder if it will be the same doctor she sees for her multiple personality disorder?

Btw, what actions of mine constituted them being referred as a "homophobic attack"? Sparks loves to accuse people of homophobic attacks. So as for me thinking Apollo is Sparks, what's that saying about a duck again?

November 19, 2007

Flight 93's passenger boarding method in conflict

It's been reported that the passengers on Flight 93 had boarded the plane via the boarding ramp/jetway at Newark Airport:

Flight 93: Forty lives, one destiny
The Flight 93 passengers had walked down the concourse of Terminal A, where they breezed past the security gate, then walked the 100 yards to a long circular hallway from which the boarding ramps jutted out like spokes.
At Gate 17, they strode another 70 feet down the jetway, made a left turn, and were inside the Boeing 757. - (10/28/01)

An American flag flies over Gate 17 of Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport. On September 11, 2001, United Airlines Flight 93 pushed back from the gate at 8:01 am, headed for San Francisco.

The article reports twice that the passengers used the boarding ramp:

One passenger was late. Mark Bingham had overslept and his friend, Matthew Hall, drove madly from Manhattan to Newark. They screeched to a halt outside Terminal A at 7:40. Bingham leapt from the car, lugging the old, blue-and-gold canvas bag he'd used as a rugby player at the University of California at Berkeley a decade earlier.
United attendants reopened the door to the boarding ramp and let him on the plane.

However, it's been discovered that an eyewitness tells a different story:

Triton's Clayton White on other side of recruiting
"You might say Clayton White's life has come full circle since February 1996.
White’s career didn’t end there, however. He eventually made the NFL’s New York Giants as a free agent and spent three seasons in the league, the last one in 2002 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
But the most lasting memory of White’s time in New York had nothing to do with football.
"We had played a Monday night game in Denver, and flew back home the next morning," White said. "We landed in Newark, N.J., about 6:45 in the morning. We usually get off the plane on the tarmac and board a bus to get to our cars. "I noticed another plane sitting next to ours because the people were walking to the plane across the tarmac instead of through the jetway. "Two weeks later, as we’re taking another plane to a game, one of the stewardesses informed us the plane that had been boarding next to us was Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11. That was a very eerie feeling." - Fayetteville Observer (01/31/06)

Note that White's plane landed at 6:45am. The Post-Gazette article says that Flight 93 was scheduled to take-off at 8:01am, but was delayed and backed off the gate at 8:01am. The flight crew reportedly boarded 35 minutes prior which would have made it around 7:25am:

Late. They were late. United Airlines Flight 93 had been scheduled to take off at 8:01 a.m. Now it was sitting on the tarmac, waiting for clearance to depart for San Francisco.

The crew boarded its flight 35 minutes ahead of the scheduled departure.

This is also at the same airport where a fire happened the day before which temporarily closed down the airport.

This all reminds me of what they had planned in Operation Northwoods:

An aircraft at Eglin AFB would be painted and numbered as an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to a CIA proprietary organization in the Miami area. At a designated time the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft and would be loaded with the selected passengers, all boarded under carefully prepared aliases. The actual registered aircraft would be converted to a drone.

See also:

November 15, 2007

Flight 11 for sale???


Seller now saying serial number was a mistake:

My applogy it is 22330 not 22332 !


This is the plane he is trying to sell you:

(More about this plane accident.)


Atlas Aviation (Cached)

(Snapshot taken 11/15/07.)

.............. AirDisaster.Com | Atlas Aviation
Flight 11
Aircraft: ....Boeing 767-223ER | 767-223 200ER

Serial Number: ..........22332 | 22332

Engine Maker: General Electric | General Electric

Engine Model: ........CF6-80A2 | CF6-80A2

Year of Delivery: ........1987 | 1987

November 11, 2007

Homeland Security: Killtown is a 'Terrorist'


Use of the Internet by Terrorists


Witnesses testified about terrorist groups using the Internet to recruit and radicalize their followers. Topics included illustrations of propaganda used on Internet sites, instructions for making bombs, the role of al-Qaeda, appealing to young people, counterterrorism through positive sites, and other solutions.


Homeland Security - Intelligence, Information Sharing, and Terrorism Risk Assessment

Hatip to stopsnitchin.

November 07, 2007

Q&A with 'September Clues' maker at

"SocialService" will be taking Q&A about his hit TV-Fakery series 'September Clues' at

November 06, 2007

Planehugger LUCUS wants to kick my ass

I was banned for no apparent reason from the chatroom (again) after I was invited back by someone at TNRLive's MySpace:

I was then forwarded the following exchange by LUCUS, the "maker" of The Ultimate Con, in the chatroom that took place some time after I got the boot:

[LUCUS] 8:11 pm: I really do not like killtown
[calvin] 8:11 pm: yeah we notice that lucus
[LUCUS] 8:11 pm: and if I ever met him in person i would have a hard time not kicking his ass

November 05, 2007

Hate email from 'SimiusDei'

I don't usually post people's emails to me, but couldn't resist with this one. I emphasized my favorite parts:


Damn, you have made quite the little name for yourself since your whiny bitch days at Unfortunately, it's of a pretty pathetic sort.

What exactly do you hope to accomplish with your ignorant tactics? It's bad enough that you are trying to push a theory that has absolutely ZERO supportive evidence, but you go out so far out of your way in promoting your fairy tale that you spend countless hours out of your day verbally attacking any and everyone who happens to doubt your bullshit for a second. What hole was left in your early life that you seem to feel the need to fill it by digitally trying to one up everyone else in the ability to be a complete and total dick?

You say repeatedly, on your little blog, say that you wish to honor those lost on 9/11. HA! You do nothing but disgrace them with your actions and your venomous insults that you direct at everyone that is unfortunate enough to come in contact with you, You, along with Phil Jayhan and a few others, are nothing but a snotty little piece of shit with a digital ego far too large for you to control. You thrust yourself in the midst of a movement that was far better off without you and have succeeded in making a name for yourself, not through intelligence or contribution, but through your undeniable ability to show, time and time again, just what kind of fucking idiot you can really be. In all of the time that you have been a small part of the 9/11 truth community, you have contributed absolutely NOTHING. You, also like Phil Jayhan, hijacked a theory put forth by someone else and passed it off as your own. Unfortunately, you picked a theory that is undeniably false and has long since passed the level of lunacy.

You do absolutely NOTHING for the truth community BUT give it a bad name. In fact, you are SO good at giving it a bad name, I have to wonder if that's not your goal.

Keep watching that clock. Phil Jayhan's 15 minutes ended a short while ago and the second hand of yours is rapidly approaching the 3. You have no one to blame but yourself.

Jasn (aka: SimiusDei@abovetopsecret)

I wonder who he thinks I verbally attack for disagreeing with any of my theories?

November 02, 2007

Death threat by a planehugger

(Update: 11/04/07)

Haven't received one of these in a while:

Your claims are simply stoopit Killtown, you are not a member of the truth movement, you are either a liar and a disinfo agent or a very bad researcher.

It is already difficult for us to tell people that bombs were in the buildings, now you want to suggest even more difficult to show, something that will make us all look crazier then we already are: there were no planes. When will you upgrade to the theory that there was no buildings either?

Keep posting anonymously dude, because if I find out where you are I will show you a hologram of a sick disinfo agent hanging off his shower curtain. And that is not a treat, that is a promise. People who speak the truth do not need to speak anonymously.

PepeLapiu a.k.a.
Guy Cotnoir
32 Citadel Meadows Gardens
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Maybe I should tell Alex Floum about this.


And the death threats by PepeLapiu continue:

Killtown is not a truther, Killtown is a liar and a disinfo agent. He should be strung up on the White House lawn right next to Bush and Cheney. I asked me questions politely several times and he kept ignoring them on several forums, not only the one forum. Only now that I get aggressive he claims he won't answer my questions because I am too aggressive, well that's a cop out because he has been ignoring my questions just as you have since the beginning.

Am I being aggressive? -Damn f@cking straight I am!!
We were attacked on 9/11, we have had half of our money stolen from us in the form of taxes to finance 9/11, we are living under a total police state and moving toward even worst. I am aggressive as I not only have the right to get aggressive, that is my duty.

Hopefully you will one day stop peddling your ridiculous no-planer crap and get angry with me so we can both walk up to Washington or Ottawa and hang the f@ckers with a pitch fork stuck up their asses.

Killtown is an idiot, Killtown has no desire to speak the truth, Killtown speaks very little about the demolition of WTC and the videos of WTC-7. Killtown would rather peddle his crap instead of talking about the obvious. Killtown doesn't want to unite the truth movement, Killtown wants everyone to argue about stoopit ridiculous crap like no-planes and holograms and the likes.

Killtown should swing from a rope on the White House lawn - between Bush and Tom Flocco that is.


And another:

You're right .... I'm sorry that the little f@cker is allowed to live and allowed to spread his bullshiit

Honestly I didn't loose my cool. I still feel that Killtown and cie. belong on the front lawn of the White House swinging at the end of a rope.

But they already know that it's meaningless. I am still waiting for the SWAT team to come break my door and arrest me for threatening the life of Killtown .... and not to mention the prez from whom Killtown gets paid.

October 28, 2007

October 27, 2007

'TinaCart1' filmers caught WTC 1 collapse

The video was taken by the same "amateurs" who took the TinaCart1 WTC 2 crash video.

It was first aired on CBS at 10:19 pm (EDT) on Sept. 11th and, as far as I can tell, it was the only time it was ever aired.

Since the North Tower collapsed after the South Tower did, it's reasonable to think that the 'TinaCart1' filmers also caught the South Tower's collapse.

The real interesting thing about this video is it adds further evidence that the TinaCart1 video, Robert Clark photos, and Wolfgang Staehle CCTV still were not only all taken from the same location as we discovered last week, but that the same people took all of them.

In particular, notice how the shot of this collapse video changes from their WTC 2 crash shot, to being almost identical to Robert Clark's photo:

('TinaCart1' WTC 2 crash still.)

('TinaCart1 collapse video still. Color of still auto-adjusted with IrfanView.)

See also:

October 22, 2007

Banned at "truth"

So if you are a no-planer, don't admit that at "truth" or they will ban you:

I asked "imgstacke" the censorer why he banned me and here is his reason:

On a side-note, imgstacke is one of those "truthers" who likes to yell "Shill!" a lot, so I asked him to give me a list of who the shills are and evidence that they are shills. Here's his response:

Then some admin there (most likely imgstacke) deleted my only thread which I guess was so against what this "activist" site is about:

And the list of censoring sites keeps growing.

Three WTC crash shots taken from same location

The unknown "amateur" Tina Cart 1 video, Robert Clark photo, and Wolfgang Staehle CCTV still looks like they were all taken from the same location:

The location they all seem to be taken from is this building at 475 Kent Ave in Brooklyn, which is the address of Robert Clark:

(Source: Google Earth)

About Robert Clark's alleged photos:

"Robert Clark is a freelance photographer based in New York City and works with the worlds leading magazines and major publishing houses, as well as on cutting edge advertising campaigns.
Clark witnessed the attack on the World Trade Center from his rooftop in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. His photos captured the second plane hitting the tower and his four picture series was published in magazines around the world. His coverage on September 11th was recognized at the World Press Awards in Amsterdam. He received a National Magazine Award for Best Essay in his National Geographic cover article, Was Darwin Wrong?" -
(Photo source.)

About Wolfgang Staehle's CCTV stills:

Wolfgang Staehle ( interview, the webcam recording the Twin Towers' end

Your installation in the Postmasters Gallery was an unintentional live witness of the WTC attack. After the shock days, do you see a philosophical or casual reason of this unique coincidence?
No, I don't see any reason for this coincidence. And I am really not that happy that the work is now frequently discussed in the context of this calamity. The intent of the work is quite different, quite the opposite of this sensational media frenzy. But I also realize that there's no escaping this changed context...

Can you remember of any significant picture that wasn't televised? Anyway could any picture be able to better express the sense of what happened?
The major piece in the show at Postmasters was a dual projection of lower Manhattan. I have this view archived for the whole day of September 11, 2001. From 0 hours to 0 hours. A picture every 5 seconds. And I am not giving it to the media.

[Gif deleted due to copyright violation]

If Staehle's CCTV recorded the whole day of 9/11 from "0 hours to 0 hours" as he claims above, that would mean the odds are his CCTV would have caught the 2nd WTC crash too. So why is he "not giving it to the media"?

October 21, 2007

Robert Clark and Wolfgang Staehle WTC crash photos the same?

(Update) Another video was found to have been taken from the same location.

See new blog post about these three shots all taken at the same location.

October 19, 2007

YouTube account of new WTC crash video release terminated

I went to check on the new "Shizzzham" WTC 2 crash video and it said:

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

This is very odd. What terms did they new crash video violate???

Then I checked on something that is super odd. The "Shizzzham" YouTube account got axed:

This account is suspended.

Suspended??? This account had only three videos uploaded to it; the new crash video and two videos of some infant.

If you were keeping up on the comments left about this new crash video at "Shizzzham's" YouTube account, you would have seen that most of the people who left comments thought the video was fake.

"Shizzzham" had even left some comments trying to counter that it was fake:

- I was going through all my old files I've archived to CD, this came up. There was no YouTube back then, he knew I was from NYC and gave it to me. Why is this a hard to believe? I left that company in 2002...still in Tokyo though.

- Yeah, he was on my team for a very short time, young Japanese kid. I can definitely find it out if I dig a little. You want me to?

- Dude, I swear on everything that is holy, there is nothing doctored here. I will email you the original copy and you can have it analyzed if you wish. As long as you promise to be honest.

And now his YouTube account has been axed for no apparent reason. Hmm. Was it "officially" taken down because I showed that the bystanders in this new crash video looked like nothing had just happened?

(Update) Apparently this person uploaded a whole bunch of "The Family Guy" clips to his account after I pointed out how strange it was for this new crash video being released on an account that only had two videos uploaded to it before this crash video that were uploaded on the same day a week before and a year after the account was made. Did this person upload all this Family Guy clips to make his YouTube account look less suspicious, or was it was the purpose of "account suicide" as my good friend theorized.

See also:

October 15, 2007

New 'amateur' 2nd hit video shows crowd oblivious to crash

And they just keep coming!

A very interesting new WTC 2 plane crash video was released yesterday. It's especially interesting because it is a rare frontal hit shot like the infamous Michael Hezarkhani video and shows a lot of, if not all of, the same characteristics the Hezarkhani shot such as the "pod" and the scary faces in the smoke:

The first odd thing about it right off the bat is that on the YouTube account is was released on, the video is on its left side:

This Youtube account, that is nick-named "shizzzham" (which I named this new video), has only three videos currently uploaded on it. The first two videos are just close-ups of an infant that looks like, or is trying to make it look like, "shizzzham's" child. These two videos are both exactly 45 seconds long and were uploaded on the same day, one week prior to the new crash video. However, this account was created over a year ago:

Joined: July 22, 2006
Age: 37
Country: Japan

This YouTube account reminds me quite a bit as another YouTube account with a "family feel" that released an "amateur" 2nd hit video out of no where years after that attacks.

The comment "shizzzham" wrote for this new crash video is quite interesting:

A new hire from our company captured this while in NY for training. He was on the way to the office and saw one tower on fire and then started filming. In full view you can see the second plane smashing into the second tower. Amazing footage. I wish I remembered the man's name to give him the credit.

Um, how in the world did this "shizzzham" manage get this never seen been, 6 years after the fact, incredible, amazing, one-in-a-billion chance dramatic shot of one of the worst "terrorist" attacks in the history of the world from someone he can't even remember the name of??? And who in the hell is this "new hire" who never shows this video to the world, yet gives it to some guy he doesn't even know at his new company? No, nothing odd there.

Here are some observations when analyzing this new video:

- The voices heard in the video do sound to be Japanese which this "shizzzham" says he's from, however the infant in the other two videos at this account doesn't really look Japanese and the infant's name is "Lucio."

- The video quality is poor (so what's new?!).

- The camera is mainly focused on the South Tower and not the North one which is on fire. I was going to mention this is odd, but perhaps maybe it isn't since most of the alleged filmers of these 2nd hit videos seem to know when and where to pan/zoom right before this second plane comes in the scene as if they rehearsed the shot over and over!

- The plane that comes in totally skips across the screen, which again seems to be a common theme in many of the 2nd hit videos.

- The Rector St building is visible. ; )

- Last, but definitely not least, this video is also one of the rare videos that actually captures bystanders in it. What's really interesting about the crowd of people shown is that they certainly do not seem to be reacting as if a huge plane just barreled loudly over their heads and crashed into not only a huge skyscraper behind them, but the one next to its mate that was already on fire!

Hat tip to

October 11, 2007

Gen. Wesley Clark given 9/11 inside job pamphlet

A truther had gone to see Gen. Wesley Clark speak at his current book tour. During the booking signing part, this truther handed Gen. Clark an 9/11 inside job pamphlet to keep. Clark was nice enough to not only accept it, but he also autographed the backside of an extra one for the truther to keep:

And which 9/11 inside job pamphlet did Clark autograph?

October 01, 2007

Banned at PrisonPlanet forum

(Update: See who was the censoring culprit below.)

I Well it only took a matter of hours for me to get banned at PrisonPlanet's "anti-police state" forum.

I had saw some people over there mention how they liked my Shanksville research, so I figured I'd post my latest Hoodwinked at Shanksville video over there since I've never posted over there before.

I also saw some hot debates going on about the no-plane theory at the WTC, so I decided to post my Why They Didn't Use Planes To Hit The WTC article in the same section there because people who poo-poo NPT always ask "why not just crash a plane in the towers", think NPT is illogical, and since that forum had censored a pro-September Clues thread.

About an hour or so later I checked back on it and it was not there. I checked all the other sections thinking they might of moved it, but did not see it.

It became obvious that someone at that "bastion of truth and open-mindedness" forum had deleted my thread. So I decided to post it again in a "more appropriate" section:

I also added a little note at the bottom of my post addressed to the forum:

Then about an hour or so after posting that, I went back to check on it was greeted with:

They also deleted my thread again which I thought was pretty funny since I posted it in their section title this:

Faux Controversies/Immaterial Comments/OffTopic/Everything Else
Issues that are mostly outside the realm of this board, or topics that may attempt to hijack discussions on this Forum

They also deleted a reply of mine to this well known hater truthling who was slandering one of the few 9/11 truth forums that won't censor you for your theories:

(Update) I just saw that I had received an email from the censoring culprit:

Subject: New Personal Message: (No subject)
From: "PrisonPlanet Forum"
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007

You have just been sent a personal message by Sane on PrisonPlanet Forum.

The message they sent you was:

If you keep pushing COINTELPRO projects, you will be banned

Apparently this moderator "Sane" is becoming pretty infamous over there. I received this message from a PrisonPlanet forum member:

The mods her suck bro. Especially Sane. He pretty much deletes any post he does not agree with. The information on this sight is so filtered and bias it's ridiculous. Wile I dont agree with your post, I see what you mean about the mods.

Guess PrisonPlanet is right when they say there's a WAR on for your mind!

The latest tally of "truth" sites that censor.

September 12, 2007

Guardian UK features my 250+ 9/11 'Smoking Guns' list

The Guardian Unlimited wrote a great article about 9/11 possibly being an inside job and featured my 250+ 9/11 'Smoking Guns' list:

9/11 - the big cover-up?

Even the chair of the 9/11 Commission now admits that the official evidence they were given was 'far from the truth'.

September 12, 2007

Six years after 9/11, the American public have still not been provided with a full and truthful account of the single greatest terror attack in US history.

What they got was a turkey. The 9/11 Commission was hamstrung by official obstruction. It never managed to ascertain the whole truth of what happened on September 11 2001.

The chair and vice chair of the 9/11 Commission, respectively Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, assert in their book, Without Precedent, that they were "set up to fail" and were starved of funds to do a proper investigation. They also confirm that they were denied access to the truth and misled by senior officials in the Pentagon and the federal aviation authority;
and that this obstruction and deception led them to contemplate slapping officials with criminal charges.


There are dozens of 9/11 "truth" websites and campaign groups. I cannot vouch for the veracity or credibility of any of them. But what I can say is that as well as making plenty of seemingly outrageous claims; a few of them raise legitimate questions that demand answers.

Four of these well known "tell the truth" 9/11 websites are:

1) Scholars for 9/11 Truth, which includes academics and intellectuals from many disciplines.

2) 250+ 9/11 'Smoking Guns' a website that cites over 250 pieces of evidence that allegedly contradict, or were omitted from, the 9/11 Commission report.

3) The 911 Truth Campaign that, as well as offering its own evidence and theories, includes links to more than 20 similar websites.

4) Patriots Question 9/11, perhaps the most plausible array of distinguished US citizens who question the official account of 9/11, including General Wesley Clark, former Nato commander in Europe, and seven members and staffers of the official 9/11 Commission, including the chair and vice chair.

August 29, 2007

What words did the kids at Booker Elementary read to Bush on 9/11?

(Update: 09/03/07)

Apparently the kids didn't say: "hit" "steel" "plane" "must"

but: "pit" "steel" "plane" "must"

Oh well, three out of four ain't bad.

See also:

August 27, 2007

Two Killtown pages shown on History Channel's 9/11 episode

Two of my pages were shown on the History Channel's The 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction (watch).

They did a fairly lengthy segment about my claim that Val McClatchey's infamous "End of Serenity" photo is a fraud (although they got most of it wrong and for some odd reason they didn't do to my conspiracy theory what they did to all the other conspiracy theories on their show) and featured my site (@45:31):

They also briefly showed two shots of my WTC 7 page about Silverstein's "pull it" remark (@1:05:47 & @1:09:44):

August 07, 2007

NIST: Hezarkhani footage taken at ground level

A great find by member behind:

V4 - NTSC - WTC 2 - Footage taken at ground level near the Castle Clinton National Monument. Footage taken south and east of the towers. - NIST NCSTAR 1-2 WTC Investigation (Page 153) [local]

We've been trying to find the exact spot Michael Hezarkhani took his alleged video. Peggy Carter proved he could not have taken it from a boat and BSregistration had taken footage from the ground at Battery Park which proved that the video couldn't have been taken at ground level as shown in the new video we just released today.

Will update this more later.

Filmer of accused fake WTC crash video won't disclose shot location

(BREAKING: NIST: Hezarkhani footage taken at ground level)

Many of us TV-fakery theory supporters believe that this famous 9/11 "amateur" video of the 2nd WTC crash is a complete fake. We were wondering if the alleged filmer was even real since this person was never mentioned in the news, spoke publicly about it, or even setup some website or blog about their one-in-a-billion odds shot. The only mention of this person on internet seemed to only be on conspiracy websites. Even Dylan Avery admitted he had doubts this person took it because there were no hits on the net about them.

Well this alleged filmer was recently tracked down and our main-man Jeff at called him to see exactly where this person was when they allegedly took what would be become one of the most spectacular pieces of video footage of any event because when some 9/11 researchers tried to duplicate this shot, they couldn't find the correct spot that this video had to be filmed at. So Jeff called and you won't believe the answer he got:

And if you think it couldn't get any better, got a load of who this person may be related to:

Discuss more about this here:

August 05, 2007

Killtown forbidden to be linked to at Democratic Underground

Apparently if you link to my website at Democratic Underground, your post will be deleted and you might get banned.

Hmm, I guess that almighty mods at DU didn't see this at my links page:

Disclaimer: These links are put up for research purposes and your viewing pleasure. It doesn't mean this website agrees with or endorses all of them.

DU has been rumored to be infiltrated and favors skeptics who spend all their day trying to debunk 9/11 truthers. This can be clearly seen by how these skeptics get away with insulting truthers without being banned there:

"Some may think so and some may not, but for sure [Killtown is] a site that is anti-logic, anti-critical thought, and a place where stupid is strong, and woo is forever." - LARED

"Killtown spreads anti-Semitic lies such as the debunked nonsense of the "dancing Israelis in NYC on 9/11 who were Mossad spies." If you are not able to discern anti-Semitic and bigoted sources then that doesn't say much for your critical thinking skills." - Anarcho-Socialist

"To be a smear attack, what I said would have to be false. It's not. Also if
Killclown was a DU'er I would not say what I did in order to live by DU's rules. KillClown is not a DU'er any longer for obvious reasons." - LARED

"Yes Killtown was a DU member. If my memory serves, he was spreading the "4000 Israelis warned to stay away on 9/11" story." - Anarcho-Socialist

"Killtown spreads CTs from anti-Semitic sources. He is either an anti-Semite or just too dumb to discern information from anti-Semitic sources." - Anarcho-Socialist

To the credit of DU, they are right about posting hate speech.

(Update: 08/06/07) Sarcasmo calls out moderator Lithos.

See my banned from list.