December 31, 2009

Year-end review of my 9/11 research (2009)


Only ONE photo shows alleged Flight 93 debris being excavated . . . and Pat Curley is a moron

You'd think if 80% of a Boeing 757 was dug out of the ground, there would be more than only one photo to prove it. Then, ScrewLoose's Pat "P.O.S." Curly gets severely served when his juvenile attempt to ridicule me backfires and also leads me to find a new smoking gun!


The Boeing 757 Challenge!

I issued this challenge for skeptics to prove the part of the official story that says most of Flight 93 buried itself underground. Not only has no one been able to pass my challenge, most skeptics actually agree with me that most of Flight 93 didn't bury itself! However, they contend most of the plane burying is not the official story and that most of Flight 93's wreckage remained above ground, but offer no estimate of what percentage that was (of course).


Hoodwink at Shanksville: One

If a plane crashed and 95% of it was able to be recovered, you'd think there would be lots of photos showing lots of debris with the logo colors of what Airlines the plane was from. Guess how many show what Airlines the plane that allegedly crashed in Shanksville was?

Most pressing question about the Shanksville 'crash'

Skeptics are in quite a pickle by believing 95% of Flight 93 was recovered at the scene, but can't locate where the bulk of that amount of wreckage was before the cleanup started.


Officials claim Flight 93's cockpit 'broke off' into the woods; remains were found inside

Arguably the most absurd claim of the alleged Shanksville crash.


Flight 93 'literally went into the ground' - Official Claim

Ambassador at the Flight 93 memorial telling tourists that most of Flight 93 buried itself after impact, a claim even most skeptics don't believe!


Govt jump the gun too on announcing Flight 93's black boxes found?

Or did Flight 93 have four recorders?!

December 30, 2009

Where were those 'puddles of jet fuel' at Shanksville?

Skeptics love to site claims of puddles of fuel at the Shanksville scene as evidence that Flight 93 crashed there.

- 7) Hundreds of first responders (mostly volunteer firefighters) and crime scene investigators were quickly on the scene. They saw... jet fuel

- Upon arrival, firefighters found small pieces of the plane, spot fires, and a large quantity of fuel scattered across a wide debris field

- The smell of jet fuel was overpowering

- He can remember his first time there, 10.45am, Tuesday, September 11 ­ the stench of jet fuel, still puddled on the ground

Can you find where these fuel puddles were supposedly located?

I couldn't.

December 05, 2009

Govt jump the gun too on announcing Flight 93's black boxes found?

I was scrolling through my Flight 93 news archive and came across this:

Flight 93
Jetliner Was Diverted Toward Washington Before Crash in Pa.

By Charles Lane and Philip Pan
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Authorities late today recovered the plane's flight-data and cockpit-voice recorders, government sources said. These should permit authorities to reconstruct what went on in the cockpit during the flight.

Whoa, hold on there. Both found on the 12th?

I thought the government said they found the Flight Data Recorder on 9/13 at 4:50 pm, 15ft below ground, and found the Cockpit Voice Recorder on 9/14 at 8:25 pm, 25ft below ground?!

Is this another slip of the government announcing their official script too early like with the collapses of the North Tower and WTC 7?

Unfortunately the body of the original WP article no longer shows and no archive of it shows up at wayback. However, it's supposedly archived at HighBeam if you have an account there. It looks like I'm the only one who archived most of the article (and I had even bolded the smoking gun part, but didn't realize it until now!).

See also where I show how obvious the Black Boxes were staged.

Accompanying video for this blogpost.

October 27, 2009

New Flight 93 webpage: The Flight Recorders

I added a new webpage about Flight 93's alleged flight recorders.

I've embedded both my videos about the black boxes there too; Back in Black boxes and More evidence 'Flight 93 recorder' photo was staged.

October 26, 2009

New homepage upon GeoCities closing

Yahoo! is closing GeoCities today, so my original homepage at will be no more.

My new homepage will be at Feel free to link to this blog too.

October 20, 2009

Flight 93 'literally went into the ground' - Official Claim

A Flight 93 Memorial Ambassador* telling visitors that the official claim is that most of the plane burrowed underground:

"Because where the plane hit the ground, it literally went into the ground! They had to excavate and try and recover what they could and this top picture shows the excavation that they did. They excavated down about 40 to 45 feet and the last pieces were recovered at about 30 to 35 feet."

Remember officials said they had to dig 15ft under the shallow crater before they started to find wreckage of the Flight 93 where they allegedly found the first black box at 15ft and eventually recovered a whopping 80% of the 63ton plane underground. The Ambassador above says officials found the last pieces at 35ft, so officials want us to believe that 80% of a 757 was compacted in only a 20ft space underground! Of course, no one as of yet has been able to prove a plane was actually under that shallow crater.

*The volunteer Ambassadors at the Memorial are trained to recite the official Flight 93 story:

"Today Ambassadors are at the temporary memorial every day of the year and have welcomed over one million visitors from all over the world. They have participated in rigorous educational training to become familiar with details of Flight 93 and the passengers and crewmembers to inform visitors about what happened here on 9/11."

October 19, 2009

Simon Shack has a new forum

Simon just started a new forum -- with a witty name -- in light of being down right now.

October 11, 2009

Forum is temporarily down

Been down since last night. I'm trying to contact the other Admins to see what the problem is.

A forum member couldn't help notice today's coincidental date that the forum is down: 10/11/9

The forum is under temporary maintenance while we restructure things. Sorry for the inconvenience. Stay tuned for updates.

Just waiting to hear back from InvisionFree. As they state on their site, it may take a while to complete.

UPDATE 10/17:
Was hoping to hear back from InvisionFree before the weekend, so let's hope for early next week.

UPDATE 11/26:
Forum was closed because owner 'Slick' was blackmailed.

September 01, 2009

Officials claim Flight 93's cockpit 'broke off' into the woods; remains were found inside

[Updated: 08/13/10]

Even more absurd and laughable than the unbelievable official claim that 80% of Flight 93 had supposedly buried itself underground (which is still unproven btw) is the claim of what part of the thereby 20% of Flight 93 officials say didn't get buried:

Coroner remembers Sept. 11
"It was a day the world will never forget, and as the events of Sept. 11, 2001, began to unfold, the last thing Somerset County Coroner Wallace "Wally" Miller ever expected was to be thrust into the middle of the fray.
Miller recalled his arrival at the crash site about 20 minutes after the plane plummeted to the earth and described how the aircraft came down at a 45-degree angle. He explained how the cockpit broke off at impact, bouncing into a wooded area of about 60 acres. The resulting fireball scorched about eight acres of trees, he said.
The remainder of the plane burrowed deep into the ground, creating a long, narrow crater." - (05/30/02)

Yep that's right, they are saying Flight 93's cockpit broke off and flew into the woods after it allegedly slammed into the ground at a blistering 580mph, the same ground that was supposedly so "soft" that the rest of the plane was able to easily burrow so far down into it that they had to dig 15ft below the shallow crater just to find it all.

And just look at the way Miller shows how he was told Flight 93 crashed to cause its cockpit to break off into the woods as he demonstrates it with his hands to researcher Domenick DiMaggio (aka "Terrorcell") during their interview back in Sept. '08:

"The explanation was, when the plane came in, it was coming low. It banked at a 90deg angle -- allegedly from the people, from the struggle in the cockpit.

The right wing hit the ground right there were the impact area is and as that happened, it took the front end...[does cartwheel hand gesture].

The front 1/3 of the plane, including the cockpit, slammed into the ground off of the wing and the front 1/3 broke off and flew up into the trees and there was a fireball behind it and the remaining 2/3'rds went down in the ground." - Wally Miller (Sept. 2008)

Began to cartwheel?

At 580mph??

With a force so strong that the rest of the plane behind it was able to bury itself so deep???

Now it's obvious by Mr. Miller saying "the explanation was" that he was told about this incredible cockpit-broke-off-into-the-woods story by the FBI, who were in charge of the scene. But it's puzzling why officials would describe to Miller a flight path that contradicts the flight path that would come from the alleged flight data recorder that shows the nose of the plane hitting the ground before the right wing!

And Miller was not the only local who was told of this unbelievable claim. Tim Lambert, one of the land owners of the area affected, was apparently told too and verifies that the cockpit-broke-off story came from the official investigators in charge of the scene:

Pennsylvania's Ground Zero
Written by Tim Lambert

"According to investigators, the cockpit of the aircraft separated from the plane upon impact and flew into the trees, where it disintegrated. The biggest portion of the aircraft that was recovered, a piece of the fuselage, was found after officials drained a pond some 2,500 yards away from the crater. The infamous three-page letter in Arabic encouraging the hijackers was also found nearby, along with credit cards and the plane's black boxes." - (Nov 2001)


Flight 93 memorial gets a lift

Tim Lambert, the owner of six acres of land at the crash site off Route 30 near Shanksville, officially donated the property for a memorial.

A reporter for a Harrisburg public radio station,
Lambert said Flight 93's impact hurled the plane's cockpit and first-class section onto the wooded land that has been in his family since 1930." - (12/06/02)

Funny the FBI told this claim to the locals involved and didn't directly report it to the media right away. The first news article that included this claim as part of the official story wasn't until a year later and it was by a foreign news service!

"To the casual eye, it looked like solid, consolidated ground but in reality the reclaimed expanse was loose and uncompacted. When flight 93 hit the ground, the cockpit and first-class cabin broke off, scattered into millions of fragments that spread and flew like shrapnel into and through the trees 20 metres away." - (09/09/02)

And if you thought this claim about the cockpit couldn't get any wackier, check this out:

In the Senate of the United States
Monday, September 9, 2002
Hon. Dianne Feinstein of California

Madam President, I come to the floor today to honor the heroism of Alan Beaven--a Californian aboard flight 93 who helped prevent the terrorists from crashing another airplane into its intended target on September 11, 2001.
Even though Alan's seat was in the back of the airplane, his remains were found in the cockpit at the crash site in Pennsylvania. The Beaven family has also heard Alan on the cockpit voice recorder, so it is clear that Alan, standing 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing over 200 pounds, fought with the hijackers.

August 9, 2002.
Hon. Dianne Feinstein,
U.S. Senator,
Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC.

Dear Senator Feinstein: My father, Alan Beaven, was among those 33 passengers of United Airlines flight 93. Their hurried steps toward the cockpit were the first in an international campaign against the threat of fanatical hostility. For this they should be celebrated.
Secondly, my father's remains were recovered in the front of the aircraft. Authorities confirmed that D.N.A. testing placed him in the cockpit at the time of impact. Again, given his seating placement, this evidence undoubtedly proves his centrality in the effort to regain custody of United's flight 93.
Chris Beaven
August 1, 2002.
Hon. Dianne Feinstein,
U.S. Senate, Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC.

Dear Senator Feinstein: On April 18, 2002, in Princeton, NJ, I heard the voice of my husband, Alan Beaven, on the cockpit voice recorder of United Airlines flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville, PA, on September 11, 2001.
As you know, Alan's physical remains were found in the cockpit area of the plane. Alan was a 6 foot 3 inch, 205 lb powerful man.
Mrs. Kimberly Beaven.
Hon. Barbara Boxer
of california

Alan Beaven was one of many heroes on flight 93 who, aware of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, chose to fight back against the hijacking terrorists. His voice was recognized by his family on the cockpit voice recorder, and his remains were found in the wreckage of the cockpit.

Uh, this sounds like they are saying the cockpit was actually still somewhat intact after the alleged crash if passenger remains* were found inside! So two questions, are the officials who told Mr. Beaven's family members, who in turn seems to have told Senators Feinstein and Boxer, this saying this intact cockpit was above ground, or below ground, and are there any photos of this alleged still-intact cockpit allegedly with passenger remains found still inside because I GOT TO SEE THAT TO BELIEVE THIS WHOPPER OF A CLAIM?!!

(*Remember that officials are claiming they found only 8% of the 44 passenger's total body mass at the scene.)

I first mentioned this unbelievable cockpit claim back in Nov. 2006 and again last March in my Boeing 757 Challenge, but it is still not very well known within the truth movement, so thought I'd give it the recognition it deserves. Hat tips to Terrorcell, sunshine05, and DoYouEverWonder for their interview and article finds.

August 11, 2009

Banned at

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Well this was a surprise . . . sorta. (I guess I shouldn't be surprised about getting banned out of the blue considering how moderators love to censor me).

I saw some skeptics trashing me over there and decided to log in and that's when I saw that they banned me (funny the skeptics never get banned for their personal attacks!).

As you can read, no reason was specified. I did try to create a thread a couple of weeks ago about The Boeing 757 Challenge regarding the non-plane crash at Shanksville, but it had to be "pre-approved" and obviously never got approved.

Hard to believe that would be a reason to ban me there for life.

See my banned from list.

July 21, 2009

Archive of reports that most of Flight 93 had buried

From News Reports:

2 planes had no part in crash of Flight 93
September 16, 2001
"The voice recorder would have picked up the last 30 minutes of conversation in the cockpit, unless the hijackers turned it off or it was too severely damaged in the crash. It was found around 8:25 p.m. Thursday, 25 feet below the ground in the crater gouged out by the doomed jet. It appeared to be in good condition.
Debris from the crash has been found up to 8 miles from the crash site, but searchers are concentrating on the crater where most of the remains are located." -

Local WTC Survivor Describes Escape
September 18, 2001
"One week after United Flight 93 crashed in Somerset County, workers continued to search through the debris in hope of finding answers to why the plane, allegedly on target for Washington, D.C., fell to earth in Pennsylvania.
Workers have now gone 30 feet into the crater created by Flight 93 and are finding larger pieces of debris. Originally, all that could be seen were tiny pieces of evidence that the plane went down Sept. 11 in the rural community near Shanksville, Pa.
Last week, the largest items found were no bigger than a briefcase." -

Support of strangers in Somerset County a boost to survivors of Flight 93 victims
September 19, 2001
"The area surrounding the impact was barely recognizable as a crash site in the first day or two after the attack. Yesterday, the impact crater was flanked by mounds of excavated dirt and heavy equipment.
The excavated area within the wedge-shaped crater is now some 30 feet deep, and Crowley said investigators did not plan to go much deeper. 
Recovery experts believe that the remaining 20 percent may yield an increasing concentration of evidence, human remains and effects.
As investigators have delved deeper below the impact point the material unearthed has become increasingly larger and more recognizable than the extremely fragmented debris found nearer the surface.
Crowley would not be more specific about the size or nature of any newly found items , but said, "As they go deeper, they're finding material that's more significant, I'll leave it at that." -

Stoic father visits Somerset crash site of Flight 93 to say thanks

September 20, 2001
"Recovery work, which officials estimate could last another two to four weeks, is yielding larger parts of the jetliner as teams sift deeper into the crater left by its impact." -

Coroner's quiet unflappability helps him take charge of Somerset tragedy
October 15, 2001
"Even in the middle of it all, where trees were scorched and the Boeing 757's fuselage disintegrated in a crater that collapsed on itself to leave a gouge maybe 14 feet across, the destruction was so complete that it was hard to imagine what happened." -

We know it crashed, but not why
November 18, 2001
"THE DEBRIS FIELD. The reclaimed mine where the plane crashed is composed of very soft soil, and searchers say much of the wreckage was found buried 20-25 feet below the large crater." -

Coroner remembers Sept. 11
May 30, 2002
"Miller recalled his arrival at the crash site about 20 minutes after the plane plummeted to the earth and described how the aircraft came down at a 45-degree angle. He explained how the cockpit broke off at impact, bouncing into a wooded area of about 60 acres. The resulting fireball scorched about eight acres of trees, he said.
The remainder of the plane burrowed deep into the ground, creating a long, narrow crater." -

Senate Debates Attack on Iraq; Did Russian Mob Attempt to Fix Olympics?
Aired July 31, 2002
BLITZER: Jere Longman covered the aftermath of the Flight 93, the crash on the ground in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. And his book, "Among The Heroes," is the product of hundreds of interviews. He joins us now from New York.
JERE LONGMAN, AUTHOR, "AMONG THE HEROES": The final struggle began about 9:58, five minutes before the plane crashed, according to the family members who heard the tape and saw a transcript and were allowed to take notes. [snip] And then, there was a final rushing sound at about 10 minutes after three -- excuse me, three minutes after 10. The plane crashed. It turned upside down going 575 miles-an-hour and burrowed 35 feet into the ground." -

On Hallowed Ground
September 9 2002
"In its final moments, it spun 180 degrees, hitting the ground upside down and at a 45-degree angle.
When flight 93 hit the ground, the cockpit and first-class cabin broke off, scattered into millions of fragments that spread and flew like shrapnel into and through the trees 20 metres away.
The rest of the 757 continued its downward passage, the sandy loam closing behind it like the door of a tomb. Eventually these pieces and its human cargo... came to rest against solid rock, 23 metres below the surface." - 

The day that changed America
Wednesday, September 11, 2002
"The plane pitched, then rolled, belly up. It hit nose-first, like a lawn dart. It disintegrated, digging more than 30 feet into the earth, which was spongy from the old mine work." -

Families of Flight 93 victims gather at Shanksville crash site
September 11, 2002
"Yesterday, he was shown where the Newark-to-San-Francisco-bound Boeing 757 corkscrewed into the ground at more than 507 mph." -

Town embraces role it never sought
September 11, 2002
"The strip mine is composed of very soft black soil, and searchers said much of the wreckage was found buried 20 to 25 feet below the large crater." -

Terrorism awakened a sleepy Shanksville
All contents copyright 2002
"After buzzing Somerset County, Flight 93 burrowed into a secluded field that was a reclaimed strip mine, two miles from the district’s only school and its 500 pre-kindergarten to senior high school students." -

Day of remembrance
Published: 09/12/02
"At 10:06 a.m., the final services began on a field near Shanksville, Pa., where United Flight 93 burrowed into the ground when passengers thwarted terrorists' plans to crash the plane into the Capitol or the White House." -

Small town shoulders a nation's grief
published September 10, 2003
"The site had been mined for coal, then refilled with dirt. It was still soft when Flight 93 crashed, and firefighters said the Boeing 757 tunneled right in. They had to dig 15 feet to find it." -

At Flight 93 crash site, family members return; lack of hoopla welcome
Friday, September 12, 2003
"Bagpipe music drifted over a hill and into this tranquil valley as nearly 40 family members returned to weep, pray and leave flowers on the ground that swallowed their loved ones on Sept. 11, 2001." -

Sacred Ground in Pennsylvania
Sept 2006
"But it took a while to identify the exact location of impact because there was no plane visible. Sally remembers Jamie phoning them from the site and saying, “There is no plane there, believe me.”
The location was eventually determined because of some disturbed ground in front of a grove of charred evergreens, explains Jamie. The ground had swallowed up much of the wreckage.
The plane "went in the ground so fast it didn’t have a chance to burn," says Jim [Svonavec].
The flight data recorder was located on September 13, some 15 feet underground. The following day, the cockpit voice recorder was unearthed at a depth of 25 feet." -

Memories of Flight 93 crash still fresh at 5-year anniversary
Sunday, September 03, 2006
"State police Maj. Frank Monaco remembers the crash site as a "smoking hole in the ground."
"It didn't look like a plane crash," says Maj. Monaco, 56, from New Kensington.
The plane had burrowed into the soft, reclaimed earth of the former strip mine and crumpled like an accordion, he says."
Veteran FBI agent Michael Soohy had been to airplane crash scenes before, and he thought he knew what to expect: chaos, bodies, a hulking wreck of a jet.
"I don't think anyone expected to see what they didn't see," said the 50-year-old who grew up near Johnstown. "It's almost like a dart hitting a pile of flour. ... The plane went in, and the stuff back-filled right over it." -

Flight 93 caretakers
September 11, 2008
"Waiting to hear stories about the brave passengers and crew of doomed Flight93, waiting to pay their respects, waiting to sit on benches and gaze across a field decorated with white Queen Anne's lace to the spot where a streaking jet was swallowed up by the earth." -

Pennsylvania Firefighters Share Bond With Flight 93 Families
Posted: 09-11-2008
"Dave Andolina, who drove the Central City fire engine to the crash, said it was a hopeless feeling when he arrived. "There was nothing. There were a few spot fires. There were no big pieces, nothing."
Shanksville Chief Terry Shaffer said the earth literally opened, swallowed the aircraft and closed up. He said the ground at the site was soft because it had been a strip mine." -

Ex-FBI Employee Claims She Saw Angels at Flight 93
July 3, 2012
"Lillie Leonardi served as a liaison between law enforcement and the families of the passengers and crew members killed in the United Airlines Flight 93 crash. She arrived on the scene about three hours after the crash.
...she argues her life has been changed more by what she didn't see that day. "The biggest thing for me is that that there were no bodies," she said.
She said she also remembers a smoldering crater littered with debris too small to associate with the jetliner or 40 passengers and crew on board.
"I'm used to crime scenes but this one blew me out of the water. It just looked like the ground had swallowed up" the plane, Leonardi said." -

From books about the official story: 

"I didn't see a single piece of airplane anywhere... Little could be found. Because of the reclaimed strip mine, the ground was softer than other surrounding areas. The plane had pierced the earth like a spoon in a cup of coffee: the spoon forced the coffee back, and then the coffee immediately closed around the spoon as though nothing had troubled the surface. Anything that remained of Flight 93 was buried deep in the ground."
(Lisa Beamer, Let's Roll!: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage, July 2002, p. 231) [reprint]

"Bill Baker, the 911 Addressing Specialist for Somerset County's Emergency Management Agency: "When they said it was a 757, I looked out across the debris field. I said, 'There is no way there is a 757 scattered here.' At that time, we didn't know that it was in the hole."
(Kashurba, Courage After the Crash: Flight 93 Aftermath, Aug 2002, p. 42-43) [reprint]

"The fuselage accordioned on itself more than thirty feet into the porous, backfilled ground. It was as if a marble had been dropped into water."
(Longman, Among the Heroes, July 2003, p. 215)

From interviews of local officials:

Barry Lichty, Mayor of Indian Lake: "92%-93% of the remains of the aircraft and the people are still in that hole."

Wally Miller (2008): "The explanation was, when the plane came in, it was coming low. It banked at a 90deg angle -- allegedly from the people, from the struggle in the cockpit.
The right wing hit the ground right there were the impact area is and as that happened, it took the front end...[does cartwheel hand gesture].
The front 1/3 of the plane, including the cockpit, slammed into the ground off of the wing and the front 1/3 broke off and flew up into the trees and there was a fireball behind it and the remaining 2/3'rds went down in the ground."

From TV documentary channels 

102 Minutes That Changed America
Release date September 11, 2008
"There was not much left at the crash site. The impact of the fireball from the jet-fuel loaded 757 scorched hundreds of acres of earth around the site and set the surrounding trees ablaze for hours. The fuselage had burrowed so far into the earth that the "black box" was found at a depth of 25 feet below ground." -

Flight 93 Memorial Ambassadors:

Female Ambassador: "...before impact, [Flight 93] turned on its back and then it just telescoped into the ground. It hit at 580mph, which is cruising speed.
Gideon: How much of the plane was recovered?
Ambassador: Over 90%.
Gideon: Where was it -- was it all found in the crater?
Ambassador: Basically all in the crater.
There were few small pieces [above ground], but basically everything was recovered from in the ground."

Female Ambassador:  "80% of the plane was in the crater"

Roxxane, Ambassador: "The plane came in upside down, went into the ground at a 45 degree angle.  They were going 580mph when they hit."

Male Ambassador:  "Because where the plane hit the ground, it literally went into the ground. They had to excavate and try and recover what they could and this top picture shows the excavation that they did. They excavated down about 40 to 45 feet and the last pieces were recovered at about 30 to 35 feet."

Male Ambassador: "The plane came in at about a 40 degree angle, going 560 mph, hit that soft ground, slammed into that rocky wall and completely disintegrated. Parts of the cockpit broke off and went back into the woods, but the rest of it went straight down and the ground came in around it, so the actual hole wasn't very large. When the FBI went in for parts, body parts and what not, 35 to 40 feet down in the ground."

From official sources:

- Response and Recovery - Shanksville, Pennsylvania
Buried in the Ground
"The plane was utterly destroyed because the hijackers drove it into an abandoned strip mine at more than 580 miles an hour at a sharp angle. Much of the plane and its contents were found beneath the soft dirt.
Eventually the excavated crater measured 100 feet across and 35 feet deep." -

- Flight 93 National Memorial Final General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement
"Reports of investigators and emergency response personnel indicate that during the crash, the plane impacted the relatively soft strip-mine backfill, plowed to a depth of 30 ft, then collided with the remaining strip excavation rock highwall, causing the plane to explode." - Chapter III – Affected Environment; pg. 24 - (PDF)

April 08, 2009

Guest on 'The Real Deal' with Jim Fetzer (Wed 8th)

The Real Deal

Host: Jim Fetzer

Wed. April 8, 2009

6-8 pm EST

Call in:


April 05, 2009

Most pressing question about the Shanksville 'crash'

Where was the bulk of the plane wreckage before the cleanup started?

(Above aerial photos taken hours after alleged crash. Source, hi-res, local)

Remember that the FBI are telling us that they recovered an astonishing "95%" of Flight 93 after is supposedly crashed in the above field.

FBI finished with Pennsylvania crash site probe

"The FBI announced Monday that its investigation of the site where a hijacked jet slammed into a field here is complete and that 95 percent of the plane was recovered.
Evidence-gathering was halted Saturday afternoon and the pieces of United Airlines Flight 93 that had been recovered were turned over Sunday to the airline, with the exception of the flight data recorder and the voice recorder, which are being held and analyzed by the FBI, according to FBI agent Bill Crowley." - CNN (09/24/01)

Also remember that the county coroner Wally Miller commented how "eerie" it was that he never saw a drop of blood at the scene.

"It was the most eerie thing," Miller recalled... I've seen a lot of highway fatalities where there's fragmentation," Miller said. "The interesting thing about this particular case is that I haven't, to this day, 11 months later, seen any single drop of blood. Not a drop." - The Age (09/09/02)

(Update 04/06/09: The 'Moussaoui' website has taken down all its 9/11 photos. Source links have been fixed.)

See also:

March 24, 2009

The 'Solid Stainless Steel Plane' Theory

This is my new theory as to why the 2nd plane that is seen entirely penetrating through the South WTC Tower in the videos without crumpling, exploding, or any of the wings and tail section pieces being sheered off, and penetrates with no resistance as if it were passing through a cloud:

It was a Solid Stainless Steel plane!


D.Duck has a competing theory, the Concrete Plane theory:

How about CPT (concrete plane theory).

The plane was a concrete plane, you can clearly see it with your own eyes that it turns to dust when it hits the south wall.


February 21, 2009

Only ONE photo shows alleged Flight 93 debris being excavated . . . and Pat Curley is a moron

On the Jim Fetzer show I did on Feb 11th, Jim and I were discussing how ridiculous it was that a 757 crashed in that empty field in Shanksville. I was mentioning how absurd it was that even though we were told that about 80% of Flight 93 was said to be recovered out of the hole it supposedly made after burrowing underground (even though there wasn't any actual hole visible, but just a crater), only one photo was released to the public that supposedly showed plane debris being excavated out of the ground; a photo of a small rusty-looking engine piece next to a backhoe bucket:

I showed in one of my Hoodwinked at Shanksville episodes that the engine in this photo was not dug out of the ground, but was merely placed in the excavated hole by the very backhoe bucket seen next to it in the photo.

ScrewLooseChange blogger, Pat Curley, apparently caught the show and tries to debunk my claim that only one photo shows any evidence of plane debris being excavated out of ground in Shanksville. He starts out with his well-known infantile name-calling in the blog title to try to character-assassinate me, then posts two photos of alleged recovered Flight 93 debris and asks why I neglected to talk about them.

Killclown on Fetzer

I happened to listen to these two jokers while on a ride this afternoon. I have not listened to the entire segment, but it's laughable how they stick with bogus claims that have been disproven repeatedly. At one point, Killtown talks about how they only pulled one piece of the plane out of the hole in Shanksville, something that looked like a motor.

But of course he neglects to talk about this piece...

Why is that, Killclown?

Well Pat Curley, (or should I call you childish names like "Pat Clown"?), the reason I neglected to talk about those two photo was because I was talking about photos that show plane debris being excavated out of the ground that would offer some evidence to support the official claim that 30+ cars-worth of debris was pulled out of that ground, not photos showing pieces of dirt-free plane debris just lying on top the ground moron.

Calling me childish names and trying to ridicule me for this claim, yet you got it totally wrong. How embarrassing for you. Maybe your Mom and Dad should have raised you to be more mature so they wouldn't have to suffer the indignity to see how their grown child behaves.

Now since you mentioned the other two photos, let's do discuss them:

Exh. GX-P200061 (intr'd: 04/11/2006) Photograph of an airplane part found at the scene in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, where Flight 93 crashed. - [hi-res]

Exh. GX-P200062 (intr'd: 04/11/2006) Photograph of an airplane part found at the scene in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, where Flight 93 crashed. - [hi-res]

1. Other than a non-governmental website saying so, what hard evidence is there exactly that these two pieces of plane debris are from Flight 93, or that these two photos were even taken at the Shanksville scene?

All I see are a couple of photos that by themselves don't tell me where they were taken (unlike the photo of the engine scrap where you can see it's taken at the Shanksville scene) and of the pieces of debris themselves, how can you be sure those pieces didn't come from some other plane that crashed, or even from ones that were dismantled?

2. Since we were told Flight 93 crashed into a loose and uncompacted field at a whopping 580mph, how did those two big fuselage pieces manage to escape from burrowing underground when most of the plane, including both its black boxes located way back in the tail section were supposedly recovered 15ft and 25ft under?

3. About the window debris, all of its insulation (including its windows) have been totally stripped away from it and from the bent corners that expose its outside surface, its paint looks to be stripped away from it too.

How do you think it managed to get all of its insulation and paint totally stripped off of it, yet it seems to have landed in the forest(?) while most of the rest of the plane supposedly burrowed underground in the field and that other debris piece you showed seems to have all of its paint on its outside surface intact??? Since the window piece's paint scheme is missing on its exposed outside surfaces, how do you even know it comes from a United Airlines plane?

4. Why does the inside of the window piece look dark and rusty, yet the inside of the other piece you show is practically white?

Inside of window piece (left) looks darker and rusty.
Inside of painted piece (right) look practically white.

Is it also a coincidence that this widow piece looks a bit rusted like the engine scrap piece above that I showed how it was planted?!

5. Can you show me on a map where those two pieces were found?

6. If a government did fake a plane crash, do you think you would be able to spot that it's fake?

See if you can answer these questions without childish name calling, snide remarks, or drifting off topic. Remember, your actions reflect on how well your Mom and Dad raised you.

January 12, 2009

Guest on Revere Radio's 'The Final Round' with 'SoulReal' -- (Friday 16th)

(Update: Full archive. Partial archive below:)

The above is a partial archive of most of the relevant parts of the show regarding the discussion about the No-Planes @ WTC theory. The full archive is over 2 hours. I'll post the link when the host uploads the show to his website.


The Final Round
Host: Karl (a.k.a. "SoulReal")
Friday Jan 16, 2009
10-12 pm EST / 7 - 9 pm PST

Call in:
1 - 877 - REVERE - 0

January 05, 2009

'Low Rider' gets 'Fairy Tail' axed at YouTube

A copyright owner has claimed content in one of your videos

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dear WelcomeToKilltown,
Video Disabled
A copyright owner has claimed it owns some or all of the audio content in your video Hoodwinked at Shanksville: Fairy Tail. The audio content identified in your video is Low Rider by War. We regret to inform you that your video has been blocked from playback due to a music rights issue.
Replace Your Audio with AudioSwap
Don't worry, we have plenty of music available for your use. Please visit our AudioSwap library to learn how you can easily replace the audio in your video with any track from our growing library of fully licensed songs.
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If you think there's been a mistake, or you have other questions, please visit the Copyright Notice page in your account.
The YouTube Content Identification Team

Don't worry though, you can watch Hoodwinked at Shanksville: Fairy Tail (which has never been debunked) with it's original soundtrack still: