December 05, 2009

Govt jump the gun too on announcing Flight 93's black boxes found?

I was scrolling through my Flight 93 news archive and came across this:

Flight 93
Jetliner Was Diverted Toward Washington Before Crash in Pa.

By Charles Lane and Philip Pan
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Authorities late today recovered the plane's flight-data and cockpit-voice recorders, government sources said. These should permit authorities to reconstruct what went on in the cockpit during the flight.

Whoa, hold on there. Both found on the 12th?

I thought the government said they found the Flight Data Recorder on 9/13 at 4:50 pm, 15ft below ground, and found the Cockpit Voice Recorder on 9/14 at 8:25 pm, 25ft below ground?!

Is this another slip of the government announcing their official script too early like with the collapses of the North Tower and WTC 7?

Unfortunately the body of the original WP article no longer shows and no archive of it shows up at wayback. However, it's supposedly archived at HighBeam if you have an account there. It looks like I'm the only one who archived most of the article (and I had even bolded the smoking gun part, but didn't realize it until now!).

See also where I show how obvious the Black Boxes were staged.

Accompanying video for this blogpost.


FatesWebb said...

Well, i think you did a pretty good job of proving this to be BS, way back when you posted hoodwinked...

spooked said...

this is funny also, becoz I have the NYTimes hard copy from 9/13, and they say they are not sure if the black boxes can even be recovered from the site.

Killtown said...

Spooked, can you post that article?

Anonymous said...

"The government" (whoever that is) did 9/11 because, this one time, one newspaper said something before other newspapers said it. Gotcha.

Killtown said...

CRNU, if you think I think 9/11 was an inside job just because of this one article, then you are pretty f'n stupid.

But since we are talking about this article, was the WaPo reporting on 9/12 that both recorders were found on 9/12 just another in a long line of coincidences surrounding 9/11?