December 31, 2009

Year-end review of my 9/11 research (2009)


Only ONE photo shows alleged Flight 93 debris being excavated . . . and Pat Curley is a moron

You'd think if 80% of a Boeing 757 was dug out of the ground, there would be more than only one photo to prove it. Then, ScrewLoose's Pat "P.O.S." Curly gets severely served when his juvenile attempt to ridicule me backfires and also leads me to find a new smoking gun!


The Boeing 757 Challenge!

I issued this challenge for skeptics to prove the part of the official story that says most of Flight 93 buried itself underground. Not only has no one been able to pass my challenge, most skeptics actually agree with me that most of Flight 93 didn't bury itself! However, they contend most of the plane burying is not the official story and that most of Flight 93's wreckage remained above ground, but offer no estimate of what percentage that was (of course).


Hoodwink at Shanksville: One

If a plane crashed and 95% of it was able to be recovered, you'd think there would be lots of photos showing lots of debris with the logo colors of what Airlines the plane was from. Guess how many show what Airlines the plane that allegedly crashed in Shanksville was?

Most pressing question about the Shanksville 'crash'

Skeptics are in quite a pickle by believing 95% of Flight 93 was recovered at the scene, but can't locate where the bulk of that amount of wreckage was before the cleanup started.


Officials claim Flight 93's cockpit 'broke off' into the woods; remains were found inside

Arguably the most absurd claim of the alleged Shanksville crash.


Flight 93 'literally went into the ground' - Official Claim

Ambassador at the Flight 93 memorial telling tourists that most of Flight 93 buried itself after impact, a claim even most skeptics don't believe!


Govt jump the gun too on announcing Flight 93's black boxes found?

Or did Flight 93 have four recorders?!

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