August 29, 2007

What words did the kids at Booker Elementary read to Bush on 9/11?

(Update: 09/03/07)

Apparently the kids didn't say: "hit" "steel" "plane" "must"

but: "pit" "steel" "plane" "must"

Oh well, three out of four ain't bad.

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August 27, 2007

Two Killtown pages shown on History Channel's 9/11 episode

Two of my pages were shown on the History Channel's The 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction (watch).

They did a fairly lengthy segment about my claim that Val McClatchey's infamous "End of Serenity" photo is a fraud (although they got most of it wrong and for some odd reason they didn't do to my conspiracy theory what they did to all the other conspiracy theories on their show) and featured my site (@45:31):

They also briefly showed two shots of my WTC 7 page about Silverstein's "pull it" remark (@1:05:47 & @1:09:44):

August 07, 2007

NIST: Hezarkhani footage taken at ground level

A great find by member behind:

V4 - NTSC - WTC 2 - Footage taken at ground level near the Castle Clinton National Monument. Footage taken south and east of the towers. - NIST NCSTAR 1-2 WTC Investigation (Page 153) [local]

We've been trying to find the exact spot Michael Hezarkhani took his alleged video. Peggy Carter proved he could not have taken it from a boat and BSregistration had taken footage from the ground at Battery Park which proved that the video couldn't have been taken at ground level as shown in the new video we just released today.

Will update this more later.

Filmer of accused fake WTC crash video won't disclose shot location

(BREAKING: NIST: Hezarkhani footage taken at ground level)

Many of us TV-fakery theory supporters believe that this famous 9/11 "amateur" video of the 2nd WTC crash is a complete fake. We were wondering if the alleged filmer was even real since this person was never mentioned in the news, spoke publicly about it, or even setup some website or blog about their one-in-a-billion odds shot. The only mention of this person on internet seemed to only be on conspiracy websites. Even Dylan Avery admitted he had doubts this person took it because there were no hits on the net about them.

Well this alleged filmer was recently tracked down and our main-man Jeff at called him to see exactly where this person was when they allegedly took what would be become one of the most spectacular pieces of video footage of any event because when some 9/11 researchers tried to duplicate this shot, they couldn't find the correct spot that this video had to be filmed at. So Jeff called and you won't believe the answer he got:

And if you think it couldn't get any better, got a load of who this person may be related to:

Discuss more about this here:

August 05, 2007

Killtown forbidden to be linked to at Democratic Underground

Apparently if you link to my website at Democratic Underground, your post will be deleted and you might get banned.

Hmm, I guess that almighty mods at DU didn't see this at my links page:

Disclaimer: These links are put up for research purposes and your viewing pleasure. It doesn't mean this website agrees with or endorses all of them.

DU has been rumored to be infiltrated and favors skeptics who spend all their day trying to debunk 9/11 truthers. This can be clearly seen by how these skeptics get away with insulting truthers without being banned there:

"Some may think so and some may not, but for sure [Killtown is] a site that is anti-logic, anti-critical thought, and a place where stupid is strong, and woo is forever." - LARED

"Killtown spreads anti-Semitic lies such as the debunked nonsense of the "dancing Israelis in NYC on 9/11 who were Mossad spies." If you are not able to discern anti-Semitic and bigoted sources then that doesn't say much for your critical thinking skills." - Anarcho-Socialist

"To be a smear attack, what I said would have to be false. It's not. Also if
Killclown was a DU'er I would not say what I did in order to live by DU's rules. KillClown is not a DU'er any longer for obvious reasons." - LARED

"Yes Killtown was a DU member. If my memory serves, he was spreading the "4000 Israelis warned to stay away on 9/11" story." - Anarcho-Socialist

"Killtown spreads CTs from anti-Semitic sources. He is either an anti-Semite or just too dumb to discern information from anti-Semitic sources." - Anarcho-Socialist

To the credit of DU, they are right about posting hate speech.

(Update: 08/06/07) Sarcasmo calls out moderator Lithos.

See my banned from list.

August 01, 2007

On the Mike Swenson show

10pm-12am EDT

(7pm-9pm PST)

(Probably be on at about 10:50pm )

Call-In Line: 800-451-1567

Chat board

Will be discussing the non-plane crash in Shanksville along with the "shoot down" ruse and why Shanksville is the most neglected smoking gun in the movement and also will be talking about the censorship and immature/hate-filled behavior exhibited by a lot of prominent sites in the 9/11 truth movement.