August 05, 2007

Killtown forbidden to be linked to at Democratic Underground

Apparently if you link to my website at Democratic Underground, your post will be deleted and you might get banned.

Hmm, I guess that almighty mods at DU didn't see this at my links page:

Disclaimer: These links are put up for research purposes and your viewing pleasure. It doesn't mean this website agrees with or endorses all of them.

DU has been rumored to be infiltrated and favors skeptics who spend all their day trying to debunk 9/11 truthers. This can be clearly seen by how these skeptics get away with insulting truthers without being banned there:

"Some may think so and some may not, but for sure [Killtown is] a site that is anti-logic, anti-critical thought, and a place where stupid is strong, and woo is forever." - LARED

"Killtown spreads anti-Semitic lies such as the debunked nonsense of the "dancing Israelis in NYC on 9/11 who were Mossad spies." If you are not able to discern anti-Semitic and bigoted sources then that doesn't say much for your critical thinking skills." - Anarcho-Socialist

"To be a smear attack, what I said would have to be false. It's not. Also if
Killclown was a DU'er I would not say what I did in order to live by DU's rules. KillClown is not a DU'er any longer for obvious reasons." - LARED

"Yes Killtown was a DU member. If my memory serves, he was spreading the "4000 Israelis warned to stay away on 9/11" story." - Anarcho-Socialist

"Killtown spreads CTs from anti-Semitic sources. He is either an anti-Semite or just too dumb to discern information from anti-Semitic sources." - Anarcho-Socialist

To the credit of DU, they are right about posting hate speech.

(Update: 08/06/07) Sarcasmo calls out moderator Lithos.

See my banned from list.


spooked said...

No surprise really, DU is notorious for censoring anyone who gives the faintest whiff of saying negatives things about Israel and/or Jewish people.

The bigger problem is DU is literally crawling with ops ready to quash anything about the 9/11 hoax literally on a moment's notice. Their disgusting behaviour is why I can't stand to go there myself anymore, even though my account is still active.

Lu Cifer, @Lu666Cifer said...

Not only is it damn near IMPOSSIBLE to navigate DU, the moderators have a steel rod up their ass that has a steel rod up its ass too! It's clearly obvious DU is infiltrated by anti-9/11-Truthers...who are most likely working for the DOD or some Con "think tank". It's also due to this anti-9/11-Truth attitude at DU that is why *I* got banned! I only used to go there cuz it for a while was ok, but that quickly went south.

"Do not post messages that give publicity to websites that have little purpose other than to smear, disrupt, or complain about Democratic Underground. Currently there are only three websites that fall into this category. Their addresses are not listed here because we do not wish to give them publicity. They are easily identified by their bizarre obsession with Democratic Underground."

Well damn! Now I'm only that much more curious as to what the other TWO sites are, and thus that much more motivated to FIND THEM AND PROMOTE THE HELL OUT OF THEM AS WELL!

Anonymous said...

I sure would like to know those websites, so I could add my voice.
I got banned after a couple of posts, then banned again when I signed up with a diff e-mail.
They won't even say why.
Since then I have heard from individuals that they have a rep for doing that. Skinner is a control freak no doubt.