January 28, 2010

Flight 93 crash was a massive HOAX

(This was my post that eventually got censored at TruTV)

After the alleged crash of Flight 93, hardly much of the large Boeing 757 looked to be left. Most of the plane seemed to have been obliterated.

(Photo taken within an hour after alleged crash.)

(Photo taken just a couple hours after alleged crash.)

Approx two weeks later, the FBI made an astonishing announcement to the media that refuted the assumption that most of Flight 93 obliterated. The FBI claimed that they had recovered a whopping 95% of the plane!

But do you see anywhere close to 95% of a Boeing 757 left at that field? Hardly. More like only 5% of a 757 left.

So where did most of the plane go if 95% was recovered?

Well get this. Officials claim that, because Flight 93 crashed at a 40deg angle into a patch of soft soil going so fast, most of the 757 actually burrowed underground!

(Simulation of how Flight 93 supposedly crashed and burrowed underground.)

But one only has to look at a closeup aerial photo of the shallow 10ft deep crater to know that is absurd.

To further the absurdity, the reason there is no deep 40deg angle hole in the ground that a Boeing 757 just supposedly bore down through is because after most of Flight 93 tunneled down into the ground, official said the loose soil fell back in on itself and covered the hole, thus blocking any view that most of Flight 93 was down there.

And if the official story couldn't get any more absurd, the section of Flight 93 that didn't find itself underground, but separated at impact and bounced in the woods was, get this, the cockpit.

Passenger Remains?

If a large plane crashed and most of it managed to burrow underground, the whereabouts of the passengers would be assumed to be mostly underground too since no bodies where witnessed at the scene (and amazingly, no blood!).

On 9/13, the FBI began excavating the shallow crater and announced to the media that they had found the first Black Box at 4:50 p.m. at a depth of 15ft under the crater. The media later reported that one of the plane's engine was also unearthed on 9/13.

On 9/14, the FBI announced to the media that they unearthed the plane's second Black Box at 8:25 p.m. at a depth of 25ft.

Then the FBI didn't announce anything more about what they recovered until 9/24 when they announced to the media that they finished their crash probe and had recovered a total of 95% of the plane.

Officials never told the public during their "investigation" where most of the passenger remains were found!

Incredibly, the only evidence that most of a Boeing 757 was below ground were two photos of just two plane parts, the one black box in the hole and the smashed up engine being unearthed.

So where the photos of the black boxes and one engine staged? Yes!

The photos of the black boxes show obvious signs that they were staged, most notably, doing the unprecedented thing of photographing one of the black boxes still down in the hole!

The photo of the unearthed engine is real obvious it was staged because if you are going to plant a plane engine, make sure it fits in the backhoe bucket you're going to lower it down and plant it with!

January 26, 2010

PrisonPlanet mod banned by 'Sane'

Jerry9105 said...
FYI -- I was a moderator on that site and found myself suddenly banned by in-SANE also. Reason as I understood it had to do with me expressing myself about UFO's (I believe) and such, and the next thing I knew -- BANNED. I asked for my $$ back and got it and never went back.

1/26/2010 4:39 AM

Sorry to hear you got censored by (in)Sane Jerry.

Welcome to the club.

January 16, 2010

Banned at TruTV Forum

You have been banned for the following reason:
spam advtg. his site plus most posts are to start trouble
Date the ban will be lifted: Never

Let's see here, you can post links to other people's sites for information for a debate, but posting links to your own non-commercial site for the same reason is a no no. Apparently one of those unwritten rules.

And most of my posts there were to "start trouble." That's weird, most of my posts were about 9/11 being a conspiracy that I posted in TruTV's forum section called CONSPIRACY THEORY WITH JESSE VENTURA.

And what's really funny is right before they banned me, I just reported two posts from skeptic trolls for -- guess? -- that's right, them starting trouble (as to be expected from your average JREF skeptic troll).

Getting banned there is harsh. They delete all of your posts. Just ask skeptic troll "Deelite." =)

Lucky for me though, the first person to respond in my Flight 93 crash hoax thread (currently the 3rd highest viewed thread) just happened to quote my entire original post. Whew.

(Update: 01/17/10) TruTV's censoring moderator "Coldwater" obviously didn't like this blogpost and has further censored me:

01-17-2010, 11:41 PM

All "killtown" posts and any who quoted him have been removed. If you want to continue to discuss this with him go to his site he was advertising.

Yay censorship!

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