January 26, 2010

PrisonPlanet mod banned by 'Sane'

Jerry9105 said...
FYI -- I was a moderator on that site and found myself suddenly banned by in-SANE also. Reason as I understood it had to do with me expressing myself about UFO's (I believe) and such, and the next thing I knew -- BANNED. I asked for my $$ back and got it and never went back.

1/26/2010 4:39 AM

Sorry to hear you got censored by (in)Sane Jerry.

Welcome to the club.

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Anonymous said...

Hello old friend killtown. I wish sane would just unban me. He should know by now I am not some contelpro or shill for uncle sam.

I wish somebody would give sanes email so I can contact him and tell him to please unban me (would say please 2 times help?) and tell him that I care about this countries sovereignty more then anything.