February 10, 2006

9/11 Rescuer Saw Explosions Inside WTC 6 Lobby

In an exclusive Killtown interview, Ground Zero EMT Patricia Ondrovic talks about her harrowing day at the WTC on 9/11. Within minutes after the South Tower collapses, she witnessed the WTC 5 blowing up, cars exploding, and explosions inside the lobby of the WTC 6, all the while narrowly escaping with her own life.

Arriving at the Scene

Killtown: Were you one of the Ground Zero rescuers on 9/11?

Patricia Ondrovic: Yes.

KT: What was your position and who did you work for?

PO: I was an emergency medical technician [EMT] with the Fire Department of New York.

KT: How did your day start off on Sept. 11 and when did you get called to the scene at the WTC?

PO: It started off like any other. I had dropped a patient off at Bellevue and one of the Doc's asked if I was going to respond to the WTC. I told him it was out of my area. I asked "why, what's going on?" He told me they were getting reports that "a helicopter" had crashed into one of the towers. I responded after both planes had hit. I was on scene approx 45 min before the first tower fell.

[The 2nd crash happened at approx 9:03 a.m. and the South tower fell at approx 9:59 a.m.]

KT: Was the WTC area part of your regular route?

PO: No, I worked in the Times Square area. The WTC was far downtown from where I was.

KT: What did you immediately do once you arrived at the scene and do you remember where exactly you arrived at?

PO: I reported to a staging officer who told me to park the ambulance along Vesey Street. I ended up parking along the street in front of the 6 World Trade with several other ambulances. We were going to get any injured people who were brought out of the burning buildings to transport to the hospital. I don't remember where we entered from as I was not so familiar with the area.

(Map source)

Another Airplane Warning

KT: Did you basically stay around that area before the South Tower collapsed at 9:59 am?

PO: Yes, we were staged waiting for the triage teams to bring us patients when an officer in a white shirt and blue pants (don't know from what agency) said that there was a radio transmission that stated, "Another plane was headed towards us!" We were told to get to our vehicles and get ready to move fast, but it wasn't fast enough. All of a sudden there was a lot of activity within the several agencies there and everyone started to scramble to ready their respective vehicles.

KT: When you were told another aircraft was approaching, was this right before the South Tower collapsed?

PO: Maybe 3 to 5 minutes prior. I don't know if that estimation is correct, but I remember we all had time to take a minute and look into the skies all around to see if we could see anything.

KT: Did you see any planes in the sky?

PO: No, there was nothing in the skies at that time.

KT: Did you happen to see any helicopters, military or non-military, flying around?

PO: I didn't see any helicopters at the time either.

KT: Where did they want you to move your vehicles to, any particular spot, or just "away" from the WTC?

PO: "Just get ready to move fast" is the phrase I remember.

KT: Did they want you to move away from the area right away, or just get ready to move if another plane was coming in?

PO: I don't know, they just told us to get our equipment, put it back in the vehicles and "get ready to move...fast". At that point, they seemed to realize it just wasn't a safe place to be.

KT: In retrospect, did it seem a little too coincidental that they told all of the rescuers to get ready to move out of the area minutes before the Tower collapsed?

PO: It was a bit eerie at the time as well. In that job, when someone tells you to "just move fast" there's nothing to question, you just move. We had been on scene for a while before just setting up and waiting for patients and all of a sudden there was so much activity. It did seem odd that after being there for some time all of a sudden everyone had to get ready to get out. I personally never expected the buildings to come down.

KT: Did you receive any direct warnings or hear any rumors that any of the towers might be coming down?

PO: We were not told the building was possibly going to collapse. I did not hear any rumors about a building collapse. I never heard anyone say anything to the effect that any of the buildings in the area were not stable at the time. We were simply told to get to our vehicles and get ready to move.

KT: Was Vesey Street blocked off between Church St and West St?

PO: Yes, I think all that were there were fire, police, EMS, and OEM [Office Emergency Management].

KT: Did you ever see any videos or cameras being confiscated from anyone that day?

PO: No.

KT: Did you see any newscasters or any other media people on or near Vesey taking any footage?

PO: No, none that I could see.

Cars Blowing Up

KT: What did you do when the South Tower started coming down?

PO: I didn't know what was happening, but there was a loud "roar" -- lots of crashing sounds. I was attempting to put my stretcher back into the vehicle. The ground was shaking and I saw a sea of people, mostly the various agencies on scene, Fire, Police, EMS, all running towards me. I had no idea what they were running from, but I decided I'd be ahead of them and just started running west towards the river. As I was running, parked cars were blowing up and some were on fire, the street was cracking a bit as well. Very shortly after I started running, everything became one big black cloud. I was near the West Side Highway and I couldn't see around me anymore.

KT: Before you heard the loud rumbling which was the South Tower coming down, do you remember hearing any strange noises like gunfire or crackling sounds?

PO: No.

KT: You talked about the cars blowing up in your WTC Task Force interview, correct?

PO: Yes.

KT: Can you estimate how many vehicles blew up around you?

PO: At least three and some were on fire as I was running by. I was still on the south side of Vesey running west. The burning cars were between my ambulance and about the middle of the 6 World Trade where the lobby doors were at.

KT: Where you running on the street, or up the sidewalk?

PO: Up the sidewalk.

KT: When these vehicles blew up, was it kind of like what you would see in the movies where the vehicle pops up in the air when it explodes with a fireball coming out?

PO: I remember parts flying off -- I think I got hit with a car door. I remember they were also on fire, but I don't specifically recall the movie type fireball, but there was a loud bang as the door flew off the one car I was running past.

KT: Do you have any idea what was causing these vehicles to catch on fire and/or explode? Was the air temperature really hot as you were running by these cars?

PO: I don't know what was causing them to blow up. I didn't know at the time that I was trying to outrun a skyscraper falling on me, but after I found out what I ran from. I figured it was the impact of the building falling and residual effect. I am not an engineer, so I can only guess at a probable cause. I don't remember feeling any extreme heat.

KT: Could you tell if the vehicles blowing up on the street were only parked next to the WTC 6?

PO: I was only paying attention to my immediate surroundings, if there were any vehicles not near me blowing up, I wasn't aware of them, just the ones closest to me.

KT: What type of vehicles were they (cars, SUVs, trucks -- civilian, non-civilian) that were on fire or had blown up?

PO: They were unmarked cars, most likely privately owned. I didn't see any SUVs, trucks or any "official" vehicles on fire.

KT: Were these cars all parked next to each other?

PO: They were parallel parked. There was no discernable order to what was on fire. It was all very chaotic.

Explosions Inside WTC 6 Lobby

KT: You mentioned you were running west on Vesey Street, what happened after that?

PO: I just kept running. I was aware there were other people running as well. After passing the cars on fire, I was trying to find someplace safe. I tried to run into the lobby of 6 World Trade, but there were federal police -- maybe 4 to 6 of them -- standing in the open doorways. As I tried to run in, they wouldn't let me, waving me out, telling me "you can't come in here, keep running." As I turned to start running west again, I saw a series of flashes around the ceiling of the lobby all going off one-by-one like the X-mass lights that "chase" in pattern. I think I started running faster at that point.

KT: Did you hear any "popping" sounds when each of these flashes in the WTC 6 lobby were going off?

PO: Yes, that part was like a movie. The pops were at the same time as the flashes.

KT: Can you estimate either how many flashes you saw or how many of these "pops" you heard inside this lobby?

PO: At least 6 before I was turned away.

KT: Could you still hear any of these explosions when you turned to run back out, or was the noise outside too loud?

PO: I don't recall hearing any more when I resumed running. It was very chaotic.

KT: Now to be clear, were you inside the Lobby of the WTC 6, or were you outside the building when you witnessed these what appeared to be explosions?

PO: I was in the doorway, but not inside the lobby. I remember being able to breathe the somewhat cleaner air coming from inside the building. They stopped me as I was trying to get past the threshold.

KT: Were the explosions going off as you were entering the lobby area, or did they seem to start going off after the police tried to turn you away?

PO: It all happened at the same time. As I got to the doorway, I was told not to come in. As the officer was telling me I couldn't get in the building the flashes starting going off.

KT: Where the police just right at the lobby door, or were some also way inside the building?

PO: There were probably 4-5 officers in the doorway. I could see a few others back in the lobby area.

KT: You said you saw "federal police." What exactly do you mean and did you find it strange they were in there and that they wouldn't let you in?

PO: Well, they were in light brown uniforms and "Smokey the bear" hats. I assumed they were federal police because NYC police don't look like that and I knew there was a lot of federal offices in the WTC as well as the surrounding area, so it wasn't strange to me to see them there, but I did find it very odd that they wouldn't let me in to get cover. But like I say, in that profession, someone tells you to go an opposite way you are going, you don't ask, you just go. I remember hoping they got out as I was watching whatever the small explosions were, because they stayed in the building. They weren't locking it up after evacuating or anything like that.

KT: Did you know which government agencies were in the WTC?

PO: I knew there were a lot of federal agencies in the WTC complex, but I don't know which ones specifically.

KT: Did these policemen run out of the WTC 6 lobby after these explosions occurred, or could you tell?

PO: It didn't look like they did. It looked like they were there making sure no one ran in like I tried to do. I remember seeing them in the doorway, but don't know what happened to them after that.

KT: Did you happen to notice if they were wearing any earplugs or any other uncommon protective gear?

PO: There was nothing that I could see. They appeared to be dressed to simply do lobby detail. No flack wear, no overcoats, no helmets. To this day, I still wonder if they got out.

KT: Did you think these explosions in the lobby were maybe lights popping out as in an electrical surge, or did they seem more like explosives going off in a timed manner?

PO: I immediately got the impression they were timed explosives. I have never thought they were anything else, not then, not now.

KT: Have you ever seen a building being demolished with explosives on TV and was the flashes and pops similar to that?

PO: It did remind me of just that. I had seen something on a Las Vegas casino being demolished and that's what it reminded me of.

Aerial view of the WTC 6 after 9/11. (Photo source: noaa.gov)

KT: Can you try to describe what these "pops" you heard sounded like?

PO: They sounded like light bulbs popping, but there were no light fixtures where the explosions were coming from. The sound was not all that loud.

KT: Do you think these explosions you witnessed were loud enough to be heard on the street?

PO: Because of everything going on, I don't think these "pops" could have been heard from the street. It was definitely louder outside as a whole.

KT: At the time, who did you think planted these explosives in there?

PO: I didn't have any notions of where to put blame per se, but I remember thinking that it was possibly the same organization who tried to blow up the building back in 1993. I figured they came back to finish the job. At the time I was running, I remember thinking that "they" wired the whole area. At the time I wasn't aware that what made the towers catch fire were passenger jets crashing. I thought the buildings had bombs planted to go off that day. The idea of not only one passenger jet, but two took me a while to comprehend -- not to mention the pentagon as well.

KT: Can you estimate how long after you heard the loud rumbling, which was the South Tower coming down, to when you witnessed these explosives going off in the WTC 6?

PO: Well, remember this was all on the same street I was parked. It is very difficult for me to estimate time with so much happening at once, but I want to say maybe 2 to 3 minutes from the rumbling and the ground, and the cars, and the fires, that I tried to run into 6 WTC for cover, which is when I saw those explosions.

KT: Did anybody else besides you and the police witness these explosions in the WTC 6 lobby?

PO: I imagine there must have been others to see, I wasn't the only one running up the street. I can't imagine being the only person to try to run for cover. I didn't see any "civilians" in the lobby of the 6, just the brown uniformed officers.

Motorola Radio Troubles

KT: After you witnessed the explosions in the lobby of the WTC 6, you started running in which direction and then what happened?

PO: I kept running west on Vesey. I got hit with the cloud shortly after being turned away from 6 WTC. I was probably at the corner of Vesey/West Street at that point running. I ran towards the West Side Highway -- there is a park area there. I remember running across grass and there was now lots of grey and black smoke. I was just trying to get to the water because nothing was exploding, or on fire from what I could see. There were lots and lots of people also running that way at this point.

KT: When were you able to escape the dust cloud and what happened after that?

PO: I was now at the water's edge. There were no boats I could see, so I started to run north along the side of the West Side Highway. I was about 9 or 10 blocks north of Vesey on the West Side Highway. I found the first FDNY EMS vehicle and knew the crew as they were also from my station. I remember not being able to breathe so well -- felt like someone was standing on my chest. When I looked back, I could see people coming out of the black cloud and continuing to run and walk north on the West Side Highway as well.

KT: Did you notice any firefighters or other rescuers having technical problems with their Motorola radios or any other equipment?

PO: Oh yeah, at one point there was a loud "buzzing" sound and none of the EMS radios worked for maybe 30 seconds? We all used Motorola radios and I believe our repeaters were on top of the towers, so when the tower came down our radios failed. I tried to use my cellphone, but that too did not work.

KT: Do you know if anybody's cellphone worked and were able to get through to anybody?

PO: A few of my co workers had Nextel phones. Theirs worked, but they couldn't talk to anyone who didn't have a Nextel because all the other services were out at the time.

KT: When did you get to leave the area to go home?

PO: I left by ambulance. A FDNY EMS supervisor came up to myself and my colleagues and told us to "go back in." I still wasn't aware of what I had come out of and I told him anyone who didn't get out isn't getting out and it's not safe to go back in. He yelled at me, demanding all 3 of us "go back in." I told him I was having chest pain and trouble breathing and my colleagues took me to St. Vincent's Hospital. I was on the stretcher with an oxygen mask on looking out the back windows as we were driving off and saw the other tower collapse. It didn't occur to me at the time that the other one was already gone and that's what I came out of. I don't remember when I got home. I had to walk over the Queensboro Bridge and it was dark out. I walked home from my station at Bellevue. I lived in Astoria, Queens at the time. All I wanted to do was get home and see my cats.

Bag & Tag at Ground Zero

KT: In the days after, did you have to go back at Ground Zero?

PO: Yes, I think my first day back was maybe 3 days later.

KT: What were your duties when you had to go back?

PO: We all took turns doing morgue detail, standby for anyone who got hurt going through the rubble. I did morgue detail a few times.

KT: Is this what is referred to as "bag & tag"?

PO: Yes, when you have to log any body parts, or personal effects in morgue work. It was important to try to document any remains we found.

KT: Now despite this being probably the most chaotic incident you had to work at, did you find any strange things when you're recovering evidence there?

PO: Well, I remember cataloging findings in the morgue log -- a tooth, an arm and such. Never catalogued watches, wallets or jewelry.

KT: You never found any jewelry on any of the victim's parts?

PO: I didn't, no. But I do recall at some point either in Brooklyn or Staten Island they had a facility where debris was trucked to and the contents sifted by hand for any evidence. That was some time after 9/11, maybe a few weeks after they started that.

KT: Did you find any personal belongings on the ground or buried under any debris?

PO: I didn't.

KT: What about things like office furniture, computers, and pictures -- things that would be in a normal office building?

PO: Everything was this sort of grey/black debris. I personally never saw anything definable like a chair, desk, or phone, but I never went into what was the base of the building itself, there could have been there. I remember everything being layered in grey soot and ashes everywhere and just debris. One thing I remember distinctly was on a corner adjacent to the towers a bike messenger's bicycle still chained to the lamppost covered in soot.

KT: Have you ever worked a recover detail where you didn't find any recognizable personal belongings or objects like interior furniture, say from the aftermath of a fire?

PO: I never worked a recovery detail before that. It wasn't customary for EMS to work recovery. From time to time we would have to transport a body to the morgue after an investigation was completed if the deceased was in public view. I worked in midtown. In the 12 years I was with EMS, I never responded to anything like that.

KT: A year after the attacks, a victim's family received an ATM card that belonged to their son who was supposedly on Flight 11 that crashed into the North Tower and was supposedly found in relative pristine condition by rescue crews at Ground Zero. Did you ever come across anything even remotely close to someone's personal item like this in any condition?

PO: I never came across any personal effects. The things I did find were charred, burnt, rubble covered in soot. I guess that's the needle in the haystack [the ATM card].

KT: So is it fair to say that you think something like this plastic ATM could not only not survive at Ground Zero, but not survive so well intact?

PO: I'd say it was a miracle.

Aircraft Wreckage

KT: Did you ever see any aircraft wreckage lying around on or after 9/11 at Ground Zero.

PO: Not on 9/11, but a bit after one day I was doing standby and there was a long flatbed truck bringing out a long piece of silver and charred metal, probably the length of 2 passenger cars, that one of the police officers doing standby detail with us brought to my attention and he said it was a piece of the plane.

KT: Could you at all tell what part of the plane this piece of debris you saw on this truck came from and could you see any windows or other discernable markings?

PO: No, it had to be brought to my attention what it was. In fact, I forgot I saw that until you asked the question. It would have stuck in my memory if it was a wing, or seats or anything like that. It was a somewhat long and curved at the edges piece of what looked like fuselage. I didn't see any company markings on it either.

KT: You mentioned this piece was silver in color. Did any part of that piece of silver debris you saw have any of the "shiny silver" you would see on your average American Airlines plane?

PO: Not when I saw it. The entire piece was dull and charred silver, but it definitely looked like part of a plane.

KT: Did anybody you know of who was at the WTC on 9/11 or at Ground Zero afterwards see or find any airplane debris?

PO: Not that I'm aware of. No one mentioned anything like that to me.

WTC Task Force Interview

KT: You were interviewed by the WTC task force afterwards. Did anybody else interview you about your experience at ground zero?

PO: The WTC Task Force was the only group that ever interviewed or debriefed me. They asked me to detail the events that day as well as mark on a map where I was parked and which way I ran.

KT: Who were the people at the WTC Task Force that interviewed you?

PO: I was told one was from the F.B.I., one was from D.O.I. [Dept. of Investigations], one was P.D. I recall there were 4 to 5 people involved. They were writing as well as voice recording.

KT: Do you know why some of the lines on pages 9, 12, 13 of your Task Force interview were blacked out?

PO: No, I never received a copy of my interview and I never read it. All I did was the one interview with them.

KT: When these officials were debriefing you, was this a normal routine after an incident?

PO: I had been on other calls that I was debriefed after (not many) and usually it was an EMS supervisor with P.D. if it was a crime scene, or if I had witnessed a crime, or incident in progress.

KT: Was your interview with the WTC Task Force more of a normal debriefing, or did you feel like you were being interrogated?

PO: I felt as if they were trying to pick apart every minute detail from every possible angle.

KT: Did you find that odd, especially having to trace your movements on a map?

PO: It was a crime scene, so much was lost. I figured they still had to recover equipment and needed to document. I think I was still a bit shell shocked to really consider it. There were so many things that were odd then, nothing was normal.

KT: Did you mention the flashes and explosions going off in the lobby of the WTC 6 to them?

PO: Yes, I did. I remember describing what looked like depth charges going off in the building I tried to run into, but I don't see it in the transcript of my interview.

KT: Did they ask you any follow-up questions about these explosions?

PO: No, they asked me to describe the events as I have described them to you here. I don't recall them asking any follow up questions. They simply took notes all the way through. The only specific questions I remember being asked was in regards to mapping out where my vehicle was and which way I ran.

WTC 5 Blowing Up

KT: On the Task Force interview, you said "I was still on Vesey, cause the building that blew up on me was on Vesey." Which building were you refereeing to?

PO: I don't know, but that is all WTC property. I'm not sure if that was 6 or just a part of the WTC complex.

KT: When you said the building "blew up" on you, are you talking about the explosions you saw in the WTC 6 lobby?

PO: No, this was directly behind my vehicle as I was trying to put the stretcher back in. I don't know if that was part of 6 though. I ran from what was blowing up and that's when I tried to run into the lobby of 6. The vehicles were parked backed up to the curb, not parallel parked, so the back doors of the ambulance were facing the building [WTC 6] on the south side of Vesey.

KT: Do you feel that it was either the WTC 5 or 6 that was blowing up?

PO: Yes.

KT: Was this before the cars started catching on fire and blowing up, or about at the same time?

PO: All at the same time. Everything happened very quickly. I couldn't say which came first.

KT: You mentioned in that interview that you thought one of the lobbies of the building behind you is what blew out. Was this the lobby of WTC 5 or 6?

PO: I'm not sure, but it was probably 5 because 6 was west of me and that's the lobby I tried to run into.

KT: Can you describe more about how the building blew up on you? Did you feel the shock wave from the explosion and/or debris falling down near you?

PO: Well, one second I was trying to put my stretcher into the ambulance, the next thing I know I am thrown to the ground as the ground was shaking. Debris was flying at me from where the building I was parked in front of. There was a continual loud rumbling, there was just debris flying from every direction and then everything being covered in the black and gray smoke.

KT: Let's recap real quickly; your ambulance was parked backed up against the WTC 6, near the 6's corner by the alleyway between the WTC 5 and 6. When you were trying to put your stretcher back in, you were knocked down to the ground by an explosion that you thought came from the lobby of WTC 5. When you got back up, you started running west up the sidewalk on Vesey St towards West Side Hwy and then these cars parked along the street started blowing up as you ran by and that's when you tried to duck into the WTC 6 lobby for cover, but these policemen inside where preventing you from coming in and that's when you saw the explosions inside the lobby of WTC 6?

PO: Yes.

KT: Did anybody else you know concur with you that either the WTC 5 or 6 was blowing up at the same time you heard the rumbling of the South Tower collapsing?

PO: No, it never came up in discussion.

KT: After the attacks when things were starting to settle down for you and after the government and media was telling us what had all happened, did you ever look back and think what were all those explosions from the WTC 5 and 6 you witnessed were all about and why there was never any official mention of them?

PO: No, I didn't watch the news. I was a bit shell shocked to say the least. In fact the very first time I have revisited that day was when I found your site.


KT: You mentioned you left the WTC area before the North Tower collapsed. When did you hear about the WTC 7 collapsing, in which you were parked across the street from on 9/11?

PO: When I stumbled onto your site 3 weeks ago.

KT: Did that surprise you that you never heard about the WTC 7 collapsing afterwards?

PO: Actually, it did. It confused me somewhat because I don't remember seeing anything on the news about it, or even knowing it was in any type of unstable condition.

KT: So you weren't aware that another building had collapse (which was WTC 7) when you returned to Ground Zero for morgue detail?

PO: No I wasn't. There was so much debris and wreckage I couldn't tell what was what anymore.

KT: When you were on the scene on Vesey St that whole time, did you happen to notice any commotion, or anything strange going on near the WTC 7?

PO: No.

Colleagues Lost

KT: Were you ever invited to the 9/11 Commission hearings?

PO: No.

KT: Were you ever gagged by anybody from talking about anything related to 9/11?

PO: No, I wasn't.

KT: Are you concerned that you might loose your job by speaking out on these issues?

PO: No, not at this time.

KT: Have you suffered any health effects from working down at Ground Zero?

PO: I broke a couple of ribs, but didn't realize it till 3 days later. I had, like most of my colleagues, the "WTC cough" for several months. It was an extremely annoying dry hack that didn't produce anything, but acted more like "spasms" rather than a cough. You'd get woken up in the middle of the night with this cough that sometimes would have you near passing out and unable to catch your breath. Over time it has dissipated, thanks gods.

KT: Did you lose any colleagues at Ground Zero?

PO: I stopped counting at 60.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting interview.

Two things that I didn't quite understand:
- How were sounds only as loud as light bulbs popping also loud enough to be explosions?
- She says she ran down Vesey to the water's edge, then ran up the West Side Highway 10 blocks. Maybe she took a more circuitous route than she remembers or does not literally mean the water's edge, because the West Side Highway doesn't seem to intersect Vesey at the actual water's edge.


If you or Patricia could explain, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

They left out potentially damning information in her interview transcript that is all I needed to know. The rest of the interview is great but just think about that one fact. Anyone who questions the skeptics of 9/11...why? What is to gain from ommitting that info in your mind?

Anonymous said...

Excellent job Killtown!

One question I have is in regards to the "3 to 5" minute warning before "the south tower collapsed":

"KT: When you were told another aircraft was approaching, was this right before the South Tower collapsed?

PO: Maybe 3 to 5 minutes prior. I don't know if that estimation is correct, but I remember we all had time to take a minute and look into the skies all around to see if we could see anything."

Since the south tower collapsed 56 minutes after UA175 impacted, this time doesn't add up.

Is there something I am missing?

Anyway, great job Killtown!


Anonymous said...

The "Official" narrative of what happened on 9/11 continues to die its slow, lonesome death.

Thanks, Killtown.

Anonymous said...

While I firmly believe there is more than what the government tells us, and this is a great interview, something jumped out at me while reading. Maybe I just misunderstand the context here...
In this section:
"WTC Task Force Interview",
she states...

KT: Do you know why some of the lines on pages 9, 12, 13 of your Task Force interview were blacked out?

"PO: No, I never received a copy of my interview and I never read it. All I did was the one interview with them."

and then a few questions later...

KT: Did you mention the flashes and explosions going off in the lobby of the WTC 6 to them?

"PO: Yes, I did. I remember describing what looked like depth charges going off in the building I tried to run into, but I don't see it in the transcript of my interview.

Like I said before, maybe I'm missing the context, but did she read her interview or not?
Support the truth.

Anonymous said...

Disregard my question above relating to a plane approaching "3 to 5" minutes prior to the south tower collapse.

After rereading Ondrovic's WTC Task Force interview, I realize that the reports are of another plane approaching AFTER AA11 and UA175 impacted the towers.

I was under the impression that she was referring to UA175.


Killtown said...

"At 1:25 AM, FourthBase said...
- How were sounds only as loud as light bulbs popping also loud enough to be explosions?

1) I'm not an explosives expert, so I wouldn't know. Perhaps it was so loud outside with all the buildings blowing up that it made those lobby explosions sound not very loud.

"- She says she ran down Vesey to the water's edge, then ran up the West Side Highway 10 blocks."

2)I assumed Patricia ran to the water's edge, then back-tracked to West Side Hwy and then ran up it. Feel free to email her and ask her to clarify.

Killtown said...

" At 9:54 AM, Anonymous said...
In this section: "WTC Task Force Interview", she states...
"PO: No, I never received a copy of my interview and I never read it. All I did was the one interview with them."
and then a few questions later...
"PO: Yes, I did. I remember describing what looked like depth charges going off in the building I tried to run into, but I don't see it in the transcript of my interview.
Like I said before, maybe I'm missing the context, but did she read her interview or not?

She had never received a couple of her WTC Task Force interview or had read it until I sent her a copy and she read it over while we were doing to the interview.

Anonymous said...

Great article! Isn't it possible that one of the World Trade Centers towers coming down could have caused the explosions reported in the lobby of WTC 6? After all were talking about tremendous almost unbelievable force generatated by this one event!

Anonymous said...

Guys!!! Her original interview from 11 oct 2001 (in .pdf file) is even more fascinating!! some exepcions:

"I saw a police captain that I knew, and he came out to me. He looked absolutely
terrified, he was shaking, he was pale, he was sweating. I looked at him, I said what's
wrong? He said there's another plane headed our way, and they just blew up the

"I ran into the lobby cause I had no idea what had happened and the cops that were in there were telling everybody get out, get out, get out. Where are you gonna go? Stuffs blowing up."

"As I was running up Vesey, the first car blew up on me on the corner of Vessey and the
West Side Highway. That set my turnout coat on fire, that set my hair on fire, and that
set my feet on fire."

"I saw two other planes. One came in one way, and the other came in the other way, and there
was a plane in the middle that was way far off in the distance. Then the plane in the
middle just disappeared into a little fire ball. It looked like the size of a golf ball from
where I could see it."

"I saw my ex-partner, and I said get in this thing and drive it to Westchester.
I told him get the hell out of the city. Get everyone was can get in this, I said shit's still blowing up down there. Whatever you do, don't go in that direction, start driving north. He was like, looking at me like I was insane. Cause I don't know if anyone saw what had happened. All you could see was black smoke and that's all I can see at that point. Now
I'm in an area where all the reporters are coming up to me and asking what had
happened, and I said I don't thinking I'm allowed to talk about it. Cause I don't know
what happened, and I wasn't gonna tell anybody. You know, it was surreal, like it wasn't
really happening."

"At that point I got really upset. I said, do you realize they just blew up our triage sector?"

Where I can find more interviews in .pdf format???

Anonymous said...

I fyou want more account of eyewitnesses check this:

In that process of him trying to explain to me to pull my ambulance over, I heard a loud bang. We looked up, and we just saw the building starting to collapse. I was screaming from the top of my lungs, and I must have been about ten feet away from her and she couldn't even hear me, because the building was so loud, the explosion, that she couldn't even hear me."

Q. WHAT DID YOU HEAR? WHAT DID YOU SEE? A. It was a frigging noise at first. At first I thought it was a professional demolition, where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear Pop Pop Pop Pop."

in WTC1 when WTC2 fell
It was like an earthquake. It was like worse and worse. It got real dark. I remember diving into the core of the building by the elevators. I fucking forgot my mask, dove in, just diving. It was shaking and then the lights went out ...

Firemen evacuating WTC1, after WTC2 collapsed
Sean Brown damage, then collapse

“...the lobby was like a war zone. All the windows were blown out, and the command post wasn't there. we made it to the corner of West and Vesey when the building came down."


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any mention of AMEC on killtown:


Anonymous said...

I have just finished reading Patricia's interveiw. I felt there were many things that bothered me about the her story and the way some of the questions seemed leading.
I was there that day myself, I have been sitting here rereading Patricia's answers and reliving my own experiences that morning. There seems to be many things that just hit me as being "not right".
I remember just returning to the roof of 2 Chase Plaza to get my men off the 22nd floor set back roof. I had just came back from trying to help at Ground Zero, were a fireman told me get out of the street and away from the towers. Being in the construction trade I offered my help but the fireman just said, "No and to get out of the street." That's when I returned to 2 Chase Plaza to get the men off the roof we were working on that morning.
I had just got back on the roof and was telling the guys let's go, when one of the buiding engineer's came out on the roof. He was sent up to get us off the roof. As the engineer was telling me to evacuate the crew from the roof, we heard the sound of steel ripping and a tremendous roaring sound. We were three blocks from Ground Zero but the sound was tremendous. It was almost instantly increased when the tower hit the streets below. The engineer and I knew what had just happened without being able to see the towers from where we where standing on the roof. But we saw the greyish soot and ash cloud in the streets. I looked over the parapet wall to the streets below and the tremendous greyish cloud was already traveling up toward us on the 22nd floor roof. This cloud moved that quick! We all started running to the roof door which was only 50 to 60 feet from us and "just' barely made it inside the door before this cloud.

This is Patricia's reply to the question;
KT: What did you do when the South Tower started coming down?

"PO: I didn't know what was happening, but there was a loud "roar" -- lots of crashing sounds. I was attempting to put my stretcher back into the vehicle. The ground was shaking and I saw a sea of people, mostly the various agencies on scene, Fire, Police, EMS, all running towards me. I had no idea what they were running from, but I decided I'd be ahead of them and just started running west towards the river. As I was running, parked cars were blowing up and some were on fire, the street was cracking a bit as well. Very shortly after I started running, everything became one big black cloud. I was near the West Side Highway and I couldn't see around me anymore".

Only later on in the interveiw does Patricia tell us about being knocked to the ground.
"PO: Well, one second I was trying to put my stretcher into the ambulance, the next thing I know I am thrown to the ground as the ground was shaking. Debris was flying at me from where the building I was parked in front of. There was a continual loud rumbling, there was just debris flying from every direction and then everything being covered in the black and gray smoke."

The two statements by Patricia strike me as very strange. First she states;
"I had no idea what they were running from, but I decided I'd be ahead of them and just started running west towards the river." Than late in the interveiw, "...the next thing I know I am thrown to the ground as the ground was shaking." If you read the thousands of personal stories of people who were caught in that grayish ash and soot cloud, this statements by Patricia are definitely out of line!

Patricia goes on to state she hear the "roar" and everyone running, she runs pass cars on fire and exploding, runs to the doors of WTC 6 and is turned away, see explosions going on near the ceilling of the lobby, and then continues running to down Vessey Street. Now keep in mind, everyone who was there will tell you once they hear the 'roar" of the tower coming down
and with all the documented video that the towers fell a almost free fall speed of about 8 to 10 seconds, you didn't have much time to react.

I think the first thing that you wouldn't be confused about is being thrown to the ground or a car door hitting you! Here's a statement from another person who was right there running on Vesey Street that morning.

Greg Brady -- E.M.T. (E.M.S.) [Battalion 6]
We were standing underneath and Captain Stone was speaking again. We heard -- I heard 3 loud explosions. I look up and the north tower is coming down now, 1 World Trade Center.
We were standing in a circle in the middle of West Street. They were talking about what was going on. At that time, when I heard the 3 loud explosions, I started running west on Vesey Street towards the water. At that time, I couldn't run fast enough. The debris caught up with me, knocked my helmet off.

There are hundreds of stories of people being caught in the collapse cloud of soot and ash. some of them tell you in those first few seconds you couldn't see and thing, not in their hand in front of their faces.

There are so many things in Patricia's interveiw that just doesn't sound right to "me". I'm sorry, I want the truth also and without question believe our government was complicate dealing with the events of 911. But we should look closely at what we are presenting as "evidence". There are just so many things wrong with Patricia's statements that I believe it would have been best not to have built this up over the last few weeks as evidence that will blow the whole 911 cover up out of the water! Sorry, I feel this interveiw is a negative to the hopes of knowing the truth. These are just my feelings and I don't mean to insult this very brave woman. In times when we're faced with such a terrible tragedy our recollections maybe be what they really were.
I feel the interveiwer was to "hungry" in his search for the truth!
Louis Briendel

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. There are definitely some explosive statements here folks. Verification can be done. All that one has to do is ask and examine/re-esamine.

Anonymous said...

Well....I spent a couple of weeks waiting for the "explosive" news. It's finally here. I read it.

My reaction?

Uhh...it mildly interesting, sort of. I guess....in a way. A witness tells a story of unexplained explosions. Huh. Okay.

I don't know why I'm left feeling disapointed. I guess I was hoping for something concrete. Maybe the mainstream media have a harder time ignoring.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...


Great job. Very interesting and insightful. Tell Patricia, thank you for her service and dedication on what had to be a terrifying day.
Also thank her for her courage to tell her story.

Anonymous said...

interview is a personal account with 4 yrs inbetween the actual event. Ever try to remember something from last week? was this the "explosive" info we've been waiting for??? it wasn't anything that we haven't heard before... great interview with lots of questions trying to prove your point, but i'll do some fact checking on this and get back to all of you with the answers to your ?'s....

Anonymous said...

HI, thanks so much! worth the wait...anyway in the task force interview what does patricia mean by the two planes and one disappears in a fireball,any idea? I was confused by that to say the least, thanks you.

Donald E. Stahl said...


Congratulations on the interview, best wishes to Ms. Ondrovic.

Anonymous said...

Eh kill,

maybe you should check this out. her original interview with the NYCFD. Looks like they didn't like some of the comments concerning the towers falling and...we'll we don't know because they edited the interview.



Anonymous said...

I just posted this on Loose Change 2 forum and felt it should be posted here also.
I have been following the 911 events from the very day it happened. In the last month or so I was very encouraged with the 911 Truth movement, especially in light of Loose Change 2 and Prof. Jones research. I find myself checking a few sites many times a day. I read all the responds posted to the sites in their forums and blogs. I really thought the number of responds would have been at least many times greater. It appears most of the responds are from the same members over and over. I hoped that Loose Change 2 would have created a flood of new voices and opinions, but seems it hasn't to the point I hoped for. Everyone on the internet seems to be talking about the Loose Change 2 video, people are expressing "outrage" and "disgust" concerning the lies of 911. Why isn't these 911 Truth sites not getting thousands of thousands of hits. Even this forum has such a limited number of people responding, I just can't understand it! Even 911 Blogger.com seems to have the same people posting over and over, don't get me wrong it's great, but for change to take place we need more than 10 or 20 people a day posting or a few hundred checking out the site a day. I watched the Prof Jones video the other day and was so impressed with his presentation on FEB. 1, at BYU, I really believed thousands would have joined in to voice their feelings as I have. I have read everything I could find about Scholars for 911 Truth and all of Prof Jones articles concerning 911. He's research is so powerful, just like Dylan Avery's Loose Change 2, what more does it take to awaken the American public? Why aren't more people demanding a new independent investigation, has the vast majority of the country really "FORGOTTEN" already. I'm an unemployed union construction worker (thanks to so many "ILLEGAL" immigrates in New York not even being certified to do my trade)) , limited education, never voted and have never in my life thought of politics. Why is it that Loose Change 2 and Prof Jones video gets me totally insane about our government's obvious cover up of 911? I 'm totally confused, where are all those tens of millions of American flag wavers after 911 now! I believe this might be the only time in history where we can finally really change how our government functions. They murdered thousands of people and the evidence it right in front of our faces and only a few people wish to see it and worse wish to speak about it!
I really look up to all of those who are fighting so hard to bring "TRUTH" of 911 to the world. Thank You so much for all your efforts, but I'm starting to believe maybe even the "TRUTH" is enough, if this country doesn't act upon it!
Scaffold Rider - Louie

Anonymous said...

Thank you Killtown for your website about 9/11. It has been very helpful to me. And for your interview with the EMT. Your efforts are inspiring me to want to do some detailed research. Not sure yet what my focus will be, possibly the passengers on all the flights. It's only been a few months since my eyes were opened to the possibility of an inside job. Now that I know what I know I feel compelled to help get the info out there. Thank you again for all you've done.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Killtown and Patricia, the interview was interesting. I add this to the growing pile of eyewitness accounts of expolsions occuring at the WTC complex. As well it sits alongside the actual mainstream media newscasts from the day with lots of reports explosions. This sits next to another growing pile of testimonies from engineers and architects calling the official explanation ludicrious. This sits next to another growing pile of people who are getting informed from all the available information surrounding 911 and now do not believe the official story (for evry ten people who have actively researched 911, 8 out of 10 come away not believing the official story and are interested in having aan investigation. There are so many unanswered question about this tragic day that it is mind blowing that there was no investigation. (for those believing the 911 Commision Report was an investigation just read the opening line of the initial proceedings when the Chairmen of the Commision states that this "is not an investigation". Aside from all of this, the one detail that I just cannot let slip by is that Larry Silversteing has admitted to demolishing WTC 7. There is no abstract interpertation to confuse everybody: He said he did it!


Anonymous said...

Good interview.

Well, if you check out Jack White's interesting 911
photo studies

He catches the WTC6 explosion. On CNN footage:

Like WTC7's completely bogus collapse, many people
aren't aware of the blast in WTC 6.

Still quite a few people are totally duped by 911, and
quite a few others probably refuse to think about
it because of the implications. There's no way WTC7
was brought down by anything but a controlled demolition.

The way the building fell speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

With regards to the 911studies images that it claims are from WTC 6 are bogus.

I'm not say they did not pop wtc6 at the same time, but those images are from the cloud following the collapse of the south tower. What a joke, he actually marks the south tower as though it is still there. Can be confirmed via 911 Eyewitness footage... 911studies is not a good research website.


PS. 911blogger, great site well done

Anonymous said...

I was expecting some real break. This is just another example of someone who believes they heard/saw explosions on 911. I appreciate your work Killtown and thank you but may I suggest that in the future you don't hype your announcements. This information did not warrent all the suspense and sensationalism that you drummed up. I think more people were disapointed then were not. Again thanks for your research and attempting to open Americans eyes to the possiblity that Official explanations of 911 may not be the whole truth. Peace.

Anonymous said...


Chill mon. Roll a bit fatty and relax. It doesn't look like anyone is attacking anyone here (except appoloonian). Most of those who have commented have thanked Kill for his work despite their minor criticisms. These are all opinions. Settle down dude - and what's with the caps?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


>With regards to the 911studies images that it claims are
>from WTC 6 are bogus.

I wouldn't go so far as to say bogus... perhaps
misinterpreted. It's from CNN footage.

>I'm not say they did not pop wtc6 at the same time, but
>those images are from the cloud following the collapse of
>the south tower. What a joke, he actually marks the
> south tower as though it is still there. Can be confirmed
> via 911 Eyewitness footage... 911studies is not a good
> research website.

Hmmm. well if you're referring to image:
It's hard to see how the south tower impact would
have caused this apparent ground level explosion,
before WTC 1,2 collapsed. There's also the ariel
photo of the eviscerated core of WTC6 in the photo

Anyway, I don't want to get too hung up on this.
This interview is just another piece of evidence
adding to the overwhelming pile of evidence refuting
the 'official' version of 911

Anonymous said...


Just to clarify, what I am saying regarding the http://www.911studies.com/911photostudies116.htm page, is:

The 9:04 timestamp is wrong. That picture is from just after the South tower had collapsed (an hour later - check 911eyewitness footage) when then pyroclastic cloud was growing. The website misleads in insinuating that that picture is when the plane hit it. If you look closely the south tower is not even there !!!

I am pretty sure that WTC6 was deliberately damaged by the perps and it probably happened around the time when the towers were pulled (as per EMT witness report).

I find that page misleading as it trys to suggest that the south tower is there and it is not.

All the best


Anonymous said...



Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2006 6:35 pm Post subject: VIDEO OF PROF. STEVEN JONES 9/11 LECTURE IN UTAH



HOW MUCH MORE PROOF DO YOU LOT NEED??????????????????????

batcave911 said...

Great work Kill !


NEW at 911review.org

for those who havent seen
Scholars for 9/11 Truth (S9/11T)
is a non-partisan association of faculty, students, and scholars, in fields as diverse as history,
science, military affairs, psychology, and philosophy,
dedicated to exposing falsehoods and to revealing truths behind 9/11.
Scholars for 9/11 Truth (S9/11T)

by JohnDoe2)
How many Mohammed Atta's were there ?

Elite Watch elitewatch.911review.org
This is an attempt to compile a list of members of large companies?, think tanks?, lobby groups and other organisations which promote right wing,
`military-industrial complex? ideologies. Whilst not all of the organisations that will be covered fall neatly into this category,
it is useful to gauge who is doing our thinking for us, and what affiliations they have.

Brads batcave 9/11
9/11 review

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just.... wow. It's incredible. WIth that many comments, the story was well worth the wait. A few comments though:

1.) You can't throw out a blanket statement such as,"The Jews were responsible..." etc.... There are bad apples in every group, but that doesn't make the entire group bad.

2.) Spellcheck? Not to worry. When I reproduce the story on my own website soon, I'll correct the grammar/spelling myself. There. Rest easy now....

Anonymous said...

Drunk Dick Cheney, a 2-time-convicted drunk driver, shot RepubliCon lawyer in head AND heart, dodged deputies for 14 hours to avoid arrest, fled to White House bunker and facing possible masnlaughter charges, where he previously masterminded the 9/11 terror attacks against USA. Cheney hunts naked women and little girls then rapes them, according to court testimony by Cathy O'Brien, and judges claim pedophilia is legal for "(t)reasons of national security". 9/11 victims sued Bush Gang under RICO Act for perping the 9/11 Massacres. ARREST THE BUSH GANG NOW! NO NEED FOR IMPEACHMENT! PROBABLE CAUSE EXISTS FOR EVERY COP AND EVERY PERSON TO ARREST TREASONOUS BUSH GANG ON SIGHT! PirateNews.org - September911Surprise.com

Anonymous said...


Good job on the interview. Something to ponder about what really went on that day.

I must admit I am new to the 9-11 truth movement and in the past two days have not only watched Loose Change 2 but also done some serious reading on many websites attempting to investigate what really happened. I must admit that the last 48 hours of my reading and watching have been an emotional and concerned personal roller coaster ride into exploring what really is happening to this country. I applaud yours and others efforts to uncover the truth and will continue to explore everything that is out there in regards to this subject.

On a side note about the frivolous off-topic racist commentary posted in what should be a serious discussion of WTC 6 accounts in the article...

Although I agree with your policy of not censoring your blog, perhaps it would be possible to allow those of us who do not wish to read paragraph after paragraph of nonsense from the wacked out jew-hater to filter it out of my viewing of the blog in some fashion. I would really like to have the option to flip the switch and not have to scroll through pages and pages of drivel like this and focus on the legitate commentary of other readers. Is that technically possible?

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

If I found a genie's lamp I would use all of the wishes to request that every conspiracy theorist get a life and regain some semblance of rational thought. To suggest that the delusions and pathological fictional ramblings of a "witness" are evidence of anything is unbelievably insulting to anyone with a modicum of common sense. No one else has ever "seen" planes off in the distance exploding into fireballs and the entire interview is damned by such exaggerated ramblings by someone obviously in need of attention, preferably by a trained mental health professional.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff--well worth the wait.

It's sad to see so many people who haven't seen the Big Picture trying to tear apart individual pieces of the puzzle as "not enough evidence":

"To suggest that the delusions and pathological fictional ramblings of a "witness" are evidence of anything is unbelievably insulting to anyone with a modicum of common sense."

There's so much more to this than "fictional ramblings" of witnesses, leaving aside why on earth someone would talk like this about an EMT with the NYFD and a veritable hero from 9/11. Talking like this about the whole "9/11 Truth Movement" based on so little information just exposes some people's willful ignorance; there's so much information at their very fingertips to confirm how outrageously off the official explanations are, and yet they decide not to side with knowledge. Open a book, listen to a lecture, brush up on your physics or just use your damn head.

I thought sense was supposed to be common?

Keep up the good work, guys.

(Doing the do--doesn't hate the Jew.)

Anonymous said...


Paul Isaac Jr does not post on his own: he has somebody else do it for him. The public library in Brooklyn is indeed where the posts in Dylan's blog have come from in the past. However, upon investigation, Dylan Avery discovered that it was not Paul Isaac Jr who posted in Dylan's blog. It was somebody else entirely. Avery gave a description. The person working at the library gave a description, and they did not match. This individual has disrupted things here even more than other anons who said the article was "retarded." Please be warned that Paul Isaac Jr can not be trusted. Steer clear of him!


Scroll all the way down until you see the title "Ahem." Dylan responds to the accusations, and guess what? Paul adds a "mature" response.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought of this explanation for the cops at the WTC 6: Maybe they were not cops at all. Maybe they were angels sent to save this young lady from dying at Ground Zero. Other than that, what else makes sense? They just stood there and died, while everyone was running away?

Brian said...

There is a video showing something that has never happened before in history -- three steel frame
buildings imploding in one
day with no official admitting
that it was a controled demolition.
Those buildings were WTC towers
1 and 2 and WTC7 which was not hit by an airplane but was on fire.


Then scroll down and click the "Play" button on the player.

Add up all the facts ( including
the scenario at the pentagon with no airplane wreckage being found )
and come to you own conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Gotta be ready for those bio-terrorists. We wouldn't want something bad to happen, especially nothing that might necessitate drastic measures to ensure continuity of government now, would we?

(seriously, really worried about your constitution)

Anonymous said...

I have seen Loose Change the first one a few months ago and I just saw Loose Change 2nd edition and I will be showing others this DVD. Everyone needs to see this to open their minds that this is a possibility of what happened on 9-11. It's scary stuff and we the people need to take back the US. People are being brainwashed it seems by Bush, we need to know the truth.

And about Apollonian, do what I did, just skip his comments, don't read them just skip past them. Hopefully he'll go away if no one responds to him.

Anonymous said...

G`day - interesting thoughts on all here about WTC 6 . Not heard anything about that untill today. Seems like a new part of the puzzle - that`s exactly what it is - a puzzle - lots of tiny little things to make the big picture. I have just watched 911Eyewitness with the Mr.Siegel video from Hobokken - i hope i spelt all correct -0 if i haven`t i am sure someone will tell me. I thought there was only 2 choppers in the area that day - both news network choppers. In the video i just saw there seems to be a number og helicopters either doing multilple passes over the WTC while on fire. Also at the bas of the towers to the left there is a large dustcloud just coming up over the lower buildings. Also just before the first collapse of one of the WTC towers 2 helicopters dark in apperance ( not news ones) go over the top in the cover of the smoke - then one has bright flashes coming from it then exits stage left as the tower starts its collapse.
Great info from killtown - keep up the good work.
Here in Australia all my mates think i am a little looney about htis stuff - but if you don`t ask questions you`d never learn anything - except what u are fed.
I can`t resist - hey apple rooter or whatever you call yourself -LOL LOL LOL
cheers with beers

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are a lot of strategic redactions in the transcript, though she says at the end of this interview that she hasn't been told not to discuss anything. Excellent interview, and some fascinating details: what's up with the exploding plane?

About the 9-11 Eyewitness video, I highly recommend it as good primary footage (with audio that clearly reveals explosions before the collapses start) as well as some nice simple physics demonstrations using the video that proves explosive demolition.

The flashes coming from below the helicopter as it flies through the smoke are very intense and certainly not normal aircraft strobes, and seem to be from something dangling below the craft. And it's just as it flies clear of the tower that the collapse begins, almost exactly as it passes over the outer wall.

I've got some clips from it up on this page (part way down):

And there's a pretty good Google video version here:

Anonymous said...

Patricia Ondrovic was working September 11th, 2001. For a better account of the events you should read Sara Valverde's statement. She is a great person and employee of the FDNY EMS. Also Gregg Brady is a credible source. I know this because I have worked with them all!
Battalion 8 EMT

Anonymous said...

hey how did WTC1 & WTC2 fall even though firefighters made it to the crash site on one of the towers and said 'THERE IS NO STRUCTURAL DAMAGE AND IT IS SURVIVABLE" and how did WTC7 fall without anything hitting it. SO anyways Thanks for all your help Patricia you got a great interview. Thanks to this site for all the helpfull information. THE WTC, THE CRASH IN PENNSYLVAINA, and THE PENTEGON WAS ALL DONE BY Controlled DEMO I HAVE DONE ENOUGH Reaserch and this is what i think so if you think the same way and got more info please email me with or without attachments at


I would like to hear your story about it so send me email with pics, videos, watever can help me to know THAT IT WAS CONTROLLED DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

regarding Patricia O's story:

Maybe I'm missing something, which disturbs me cause she is a co-worker of mine, but her hair caught fire? she lost 70 colleagues?

Last time I checked, there were 2 FDNY EMS personnnel Killed, 341 FF, and 2? NYPD Officers, not to mention the PAPD Officers and members of Voluntary EMS system 7 EMT's & medics.

While one can understand recollections of such an overwhelming experience being somewhat foggy,
there are so many things that don't add up, and no matter what the cause of the buildings coming down, her description and account seem to have a significant amount of revisionist history. I only hope that this is not deliberate.

u2r2h said...

Amazing interview.

We need more.

What do you think of of the
The Sam Danner / Flight 77 Controversy??


For those who are unsure about WHITIES killing their own and blaming it on arabs, then killing 650,000 Iraqis:


is proof enough. Any support for US military from now on is being complicit in a crime and must be punished.

u2r2h said...

http://janedoe0911.tripod.com/BilliardBalls.html ....

for your convenience.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Killtown, I'm surprised that you don't say a word about these strange planes which disappeared in fireballs, planes that she saw after the first collapse. Can you explain me why you didn't ask her any questions on this topic ? Thanks.

Killtown said...

I did, but she asked for me not to include that part in this interview. She explained to me why and I understood why she was hesitant about that part and I obliged to her wishes.

Anonymous said...

Her statement to the news team is slightly different.


Da Weaz said...

just passing along a little video that tries to advance the ball a little further. Post or pass around where appropriate:


Anonymous said...

Whack jobs!

WTC Task Force Recovery Team member

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...





Copie said...

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These people will gain great strength and comfort when they receive one of these tasteful Blessing from God complete with your personal best wishes.

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Unknown said...

Am I missing something about this comment...???

KT: Do you know why some of the lines on pages 9, 12, 13 of your Task Force interview were blacked out?

PO: No, I never received a copy of my interview and I never read it. All I did was the one interview with them.


KT: Did you mention the flashes and explosions going off in the lobby of the WTC 6 to them?

PO: Yes, I did. I remember describing what looked like depth charges going off in the building I tried to run into, but I don't see it in the transcript of my interview.

Unknown said...

Anonymous...after posting my last comment, I continued to read all the post and came across yours, stating the same question....