April 27, 2011

Challenged 911myths.com to debunk some of my Shanksville claims

Today I sent an email to "Mike Williams" of 911myths.com, challenging him/they/whoever to debunk some of my no-plane @ Shanksville claims.

I did so because I hadn't visited that site in a while and noticed it only has one debunk of a rather weak-sauce no-plane claim, so I thought I'd challenge him on some current no-plane claims.

I pretty much just gave him an easy one to debunk.  I told him that my claim is that no plane debris was buried in that Shanksville field, certainly not most of Flight 93 and not even the one alleged buried engine, or even the two reported black boxes.

I also said that not even he can believe the unbelievable official details of the alleged crash.

So think he'll attempt to debunk at least the what should be an easy debunkable claim that nothing buried there? 

I won't hold my breath either.

April 15, 2011

DMCA complaint against Wolfgang Staehle photo

(Affected blogpost edited.)

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