April 27, 2011

Challenged 911myths.com to debunk some of my Shanksville claims

Today I sent an email to "Mike Williams" of 911myths.com, challenging him/they/whoever to debunk some of my no-plane @ Shanksville claims.

I did so because I hadn't visited that site in a while and noticed it only has one debunk of a rather weak-sauce no-plane claim, so I thought I'd challenge him on some current no-plane claims.

I pretty much just gave him an easy one to debunk.  I told him that my claim is that no plane debris was buried in that Shanksville field, certainly not most of Flight 93 and not even the one alleged buried engine, or even the two reported black boxes.

I also said that not even he can believe the unbelievable official details of the alleged crash.

So think he'll attempt to debunk at least the what should be an easy debunkable claim that nothing buried there? 

I won't hold my breath either.


Anonymous said...

hey kill, i will even help the guy-tell him to mention the "special soft dirt" in the area-that's how the plane drove into the ground then took the mine cart to world 1-2 of super mario brothers. if you play the game on snes you will clearly see the plane-i got this info from the harley t-shirt guy-he's playing the "boyfriend" in a recent douche commercial...no, i'm sorry he's played the douche in the 9/11 movie. that's it!

The Realist Report said...

Hey Killtown, just came across your site by a commenter at my site actually. I've been looking real closely at September Clues and Phil Jayhan's work at Let's Roll 9/11 and find most of what you guys are saying convincing.

Based on my research, 9/11 was a Zionist false flag operation from start to finish. Zionist Jews that control the US government and the state of Israel are the primary suspects. And what's really interesting- the art students in the WTC right before 9/11, who were camping out and making a very peculiar book right in the WTC towers. Are you familiar with this? They were connected to the Israeli "art student" spy ring that was investigated shortly before 9/11. Just curious if you had any thoughts. I think they no doubt played a role in the take down of the towers, and possibly the video fakery of the people supposedly jumping from the towers.

I'll be stopping by more to catch up on all your work.

cc said...

Just a note to say great work. Clearly, the A&E are controlled opposition to keep the real story of 9-11 from ever coming out. They are often saying that they are the only ones who are qualified to communicate the "truths" of 9-11, because of their "expert-ness"; too bad we live in a society that has been conditioned to only respect so-called "experts". Planes cannot pierce steel (let alone pass through the whole building intact) and that seems like a reasonable statement to me, anyway. The holes that are left behind look like animated cartoons. The smoke has devil figures, which seems impossible, if we're going to be scientific. The story is filled with impossibilities. It's not as if there isn't a history of tv fakery, check out "CNN gulf war fakery" on youtube, which you might want to add to your pages, if you haven't already. Please keep posting.

WaaayNorthOf96th said...

Hi Killtown.
This is not directly relavant to the post, but I would like to drop you an e-mail to ask about contacting Pat Ondrovic, as I used to work with her.
Your current "Contact" link goes to Geocities (RIP), and I can't find another way to contact you without a public post.
Is there any way you could respond here with a link to a way to drop you a message?

Killtown said...


I added my contact addy on the sidebar.