December 18, 2010

Why no piles of plane debris, just piles of dirt?

The official story says most of Flight 93 buried underground, reaching a depth of about 45 feet where the Boeing 757 supposedly accordioned against a layer of bedrock.

On 9/13, officials started excavating the alleged hole the plane supposedly made and, on the same day, supposedly unearthed one of the plane's engines and one of the plane's black boxes at a depth of 15 feet.

On 9/16,* only three days later, they reportedly finished extracting all of the plane that buried, a total of about 80% of the Boeing 757, that's 30+ cars-worth of debris!

Logically, there should have been numerous piles of plane debris collected outside of the hole after extraction either waiting to be processed, or after being processed and awaiting off-site removal.

However, as you can see in the excavation photos below, there were no piles of plane debris collected, only numerous piles of extracted dirt:

And if you look at all the piles of dirt collected outside the hole, they look to be the exact amount to completely fill back up the excavated hole, meaning nothing came out of the ground, except dirt, and that means the official story that most of the plane buried is a lie, the official story that 95% of the Boeing 757 was recovered is a lie, thereby the official story that Flight 93 crashed there is a lie.

November 14, 2010

Guest on 'Ghosts of the Republic' radio show - Nov 14 & 21

(Archives of Nov 14 & Nov 21 shows.)
Hosts:  'GhostDawg' & 'Paranoid'
Subject: TV Fakery & No-Planes theory
Date:  Nov 14 & 21, 2010
Call-in #: (347) 327-9627
Time:  10pm EST / 7pm PST
Length:  2 hours


My website: the WTC Crash Videos

Why They Didn't Use Planes To Hit The WTC
(article explaining the logic behind using no planes)

(video showing how the plane travels through air the same amount of frames it travels through the WTC) 
The  2urists
(video about the Michael Hezarkhani video and Carmen Taylor photos allegedly taken at Battery Park in Lower Manhattan.  Be sure to check out Carmen's unusual explanation.)

Hezarkhunning - 3 more clues
(video showing 3 clues the Hezarkhani video is highly suspicious)

My various TV-Fakery & No-Planes blogposts

October 11, 2010

Guest on 'The Real Deal' with Jim Fetzer (Mon 11th & Wed 13th)

(Update:  archives for 11th & 13th shows)

Host: Jim Fetzer

Discussion:  Shanksville

Mon. October 11, 2010 / 6-8 pm EST
Wed. October 13, 2010 / 6-7 pm EST

August 11, 2010

Guest on 'Ghosts of the Republic' radio show - Sept 8
Special Host:  Dominick DiMaggio (aka 'Terrorcell')
Co-hosts: 'GhostDawg' & 'Paranoid'
Subject:  Shanksville / Flight 93
Date:  Sept 8, 2010
Call-in #: (347) 327-9627
Time:  11pm EST / 8pm PST
Length:  2 hours



Website: Did Flight 93 Crash in Shanksville?

Dom's: Flight 93 Final Report 

Aerial of the scene
(Rollock scrap yard, Crater, Susan McElwain, Val McClatchey, & Indian Lake)

July 24, 2010

How'd all that debris land on top of the Shanksville crater?


If most of Flight 93 burrowed deep in the ground after it supposedly crashed, how did all that debris land on the surface of the crater if the reason there's no visible hole left in the ground by the alleged burrowing Boeing 757 is because the loose soil supposedly fell back in on itself and covered up the hole? -- how convenient!

- Lisa Beamer: "The plane had pierced the earth like a spoon in a cup of coffee: the spoon forced the coffee back, and then the coffee immediately closed around the spoon as though nothing had troubled the surface. Anything that remained of Flight 93 was buried deep in the ground."

- Veteran FBI agent Michael Soohy: "It's almost like a dart hitting a pile of flour. ... The plane went in, and the stuff back-filled right over it."

- "The rest of the 757 continued its downward passage, the sandy loam closing behind it like the door of a tomb." - The Age

Did some of the cockpit section that allegedly snapped off and hurled into the woods shattered into small pieces and got launched straight up into the air and then landed straight back down on the crater after the dirt finished filling back in the long deep hole that was supposedly just made by most of Flight 93 burrowing deep down through it? -- I'm reaching for an explanation!

Also, look at the photos of the crater again:

1) Does the crater even look like it was a deep hole that got filled back in and sealed from the alleged loose dirt? (Remember, they supposedly had to dig 15 feet to start finding the alleged buried plane!)

2) If the 757 crashed at a 40 deg angle, it should have created a 40 deg hole. Even if the loose dirt could even possibly filled back in a deep hole that was just created by a burrowing Boeing 757 (if that's even remotely possible also), does this "filled back in hole" look like it was a 40 deg hole, or 90 deg hole?

July 08, 2010

New Flight 77 page: Emergency Drills & Responses

I split my Flight 77's Official Claim page because it was too long and added Emergency Drills & Responses to also help highlight all the suspicious and coincidental drills and emergency responses related to the Pentagon incident.   

July 05, 2010

If Flight 93 crashed at 40deg and most burrowed down 45ft...

then why did the FBI excavate straight down as if something had crashed at a 90deg angle?

("An aerial photo shows the crash site of United Flight 93 near Shanksville, Pa., taken by the FBI Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2001")

I have an answer: because no plane crashed there.

June 15, 2010

IMPOSSIBLE: Only ONE debris shows UA livery and it's the largest photo'd

The FBI claims they recovered 95% of Flight 93.

Amazingly, out of all this alleged debris recovered, only one of the pieces of plane debris photographed at the scene shows United Airlines logo colors.

But not only that, this piece shown with the UA livery is the largest piece of plane debris photographed!

What's the odds on that one?!

You'd think that if the largest piece of plane debris photo'd showed the plane's logo colors and if almost the entire plane was recovered, odds are that there would be lots of smaller pieces of debris with the plane's livery photographed. 

The only logical and rational explanation for this is the crash was staged and the perps only brought in one piece of plane wreckage with the livery of the plane they say crashed.

(Also note that the photo of this only piece of debris with UA livery is a close-up, which makes it unable to determine where exactly this piece was photographed. There's no real proof it was even taken at the scene.)

May 31, 2010

We caused our Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday to commemorate U.S. soldiers who died from military combat.  

I think the average America would add "while protecting our nation" when thinking of the meaning of this holiday, so they believe our Memorial Day was, in a sense, "caused" by foreign forces trying to destroy America.

However, if you look back at the history of all U.S. military operations where U.S. soldiers died from, I'd argue most of these operations were unnecessary, illegal, and spawned from false-flag events.  (Shouldn't be surprising since the U.S. has been the most imperialist country in the world for quite a while now.)

So the sad reality is most of our fallen soldiers that we are commemorating today died not as a result from protecting the USA from foreign forces, but died because of our own corrupt politician's personal and economic agendas.

May 25, 2010

Claim of only 8% of Flight 93 passenger remains found supports conspiracy

The official claim:

95% of 757 recovered


only 8% of passenger remains recovered


miraculously enough to identify 100% of the 44 passengers

but mindbogglingly

the Coroner reports never seeing a single drop of blood, fresh or dried.

then factor in

out of the carnage that caused a 757 to shatter into mostly small plate-sized pieces and causing 44 passengers to be reduced to hamburger meat resulting in only 8% total left, this pristine red bandanna, that was supposedly around the head of one of the hijackers on board, was allegedly found amongst the carnage without a snagged thread 

These odds are so great and so unbelievable that it supports a conspiracy.

May 01, 2010

New 9/11 forum

Former 911m member 'DoYouEverWonder' has set up a new 9/11 forum a couple of months ago.  Allows discussion of anything, but no personal attacks.  Looks like I found a new home.  Come join us!


April 13, 2010

Memorial Ambassador: 'Over 90% of Flight 93 found, basically all from in the ground'

Flight 93 Memorial Ambassador: ...before impact, [Flight 93] turned on its back and then it just telescoped into the ground. It hit at 580mph, which is cruising speed.

Gideon: How much of the plane was recovered?

Ambassador: Over 90%.

Gideon: Where was it -- was it all found in the crater?

Ambassador: Basically all in the crater.
There were few small pieces [above ground], but basically everything was recovered from in the ground.

This is for those who still don't believe the official story states that of the FBI's claim that 95% of Flight 93 was recovered, most of that wreckage was supposed recovered underground.

This confirms another Ambassador's quote that gave the specific figure that about 80% of the plane was underground.

Of course this part of the Shanksville official story is totally absurd (like most parts of the Shanksville story) because there is hardly any proof that  30+ cars-worth of debris was dug out of the ground (only the staged engine photo is their evidence!).

And don't forget the two most absurd parts of this absurd tale that most of plane managed to bury itself. First is that after most of Flight 93 allegedly buried itself after crashing, the earth fell back in on itself which covered up the hole that would have been left by the Boeing 757 tunneling through the ground and this "remarkably" left a shallow crater in the ground as if a bomb hit there! Second is the only part of the plane that didn't allegedly get buried after crashing at the reported blistering 580mph is the part of the plane that you would think was the most likely to get buried, the cockpit (if that's even possible to become buried!)

Above video was taken by Gideon in 2006.

March 14, 2010

Skeptic's dilemma regarding alleged Flight 93 wreckage

The FBI claims that they recovered almost all of Flight 93.

SHANKSVILLE, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- The FBI announced Monday that its investigation of the site where a hijacked jet slammed into a field here is complete and that 95 percent of the plane was recovered.

Photos of the scene taken before the clean-up started show relatively little debris lying around.

The official story states that most of Flight 93 had buried and this would logically explain why not much 757 debris was observed above ground.

However, skeptics have put themselves in quite a dilemma.

First off, skeptics seem split in regards to how much of Flight 93 was buried underground, or not. Some believe most was buried, while others don't. This is an obvious problem for skeptics because they can't have it both ways.

For the skeptics who don't believe most of the 757 was buried, they've never been able to show where most of the claimed 95% of wreckage was above ground before cleanup.

(An FBI aerial photograph taken Sept. 12, 2001, shows the crash site of hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pa.)

For the skeptics who do believe that most of the plane had buried as the media and others reported, they've never been able to prove that most of a large 757 was dug out of the ground.

They've also never been able to rationally explain why it took almost a year before the media started reporting that most of Flight 93 had buried, an unprecedented feat for a large airplane that should have made front page news soon after investigators realized that most of Flight 93 had supposedly buried, especially when it would have been logically assumed that if most of the plane had buried, then most of the passenger remains would most likely be buried along with it too, especially since no bodies or blood was observed above ground.

So skeptics, you can see your dilemma.

First, you need to come to some consensus as to how much of UA93 was allegedly buried.

If your consensus is most of the plane had buried -- an extraordinary feat for a 757 to do -- then you have to show extraordinary evidence to prove most of the 757 had buried -- so far you haven't.

If your consensus is most of the plane did not bury, then you have to show where all that above ground wreckage was that comes close to adding up to an astounding claimed 95% recovered of a 757.

You also have to rationally explain why your consensus is radically different than the media reporting most had buried.

March 11, 2010

Blog updates

I've added some new features to this blog.

On the right sidebar, you'll notice:
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I'm also going to try to allow anonymous commenting again, subject to approval like the rest of the comments.  Only troll and spam comments will be rejected, not dissenting opinions.

Please post any suggestions for this blog.

Update:  I gave my homepage a minor facelift too.  

February 18, 2010

Austin 'suicide' plane crash next to CIA building, bombs suspected, HAZMAT truck across street

(Updated: 03/09/10)

"It's not him. The letter itself sounds like it's coming from a different person."

"Several witnesses are reporting they first thought it was a bomb."

"Andrew Jacobson was on the second floor when he heard a "big whoomp" and then a second explosion. He also thought a bomb exploded."

"A veteran commercial airline pilot on CNN said that he was surprised at the size of the explosion given the size of the plane. Some are inferring that some kind of explosives were also involved..."

I don't know about you, but to me, the IRS building above looks like bombs caused the massive destruction and fire to it, not just this puny Piper plane hitting the first floor of this 7-story government building going really fast (deja vu!).

Notice the extensive damage and fire to the building, even wrapping all the way around the left side.
What happened to the building's fire extinguishing system???

How could such a small plane do all this damage by itself?!
Notice: all the windows blown out as if bombs exploded inside
the upper-right windows aren't blown out, even though closer to impact spot as opposed to the blown-out upper windows on left side of building
-- and it didn't collapse from fire!

Remember the suspicious Charles J. Bishop plane crash, where a Cessna hit the office building that housed Sen. Graham's (D-FL) office? It hardly caused any outside building damage and didn't even explode inside!

Far cry from what the Piper plane supposedly did in Austin.

The Piper plane seems to have hit the Echelon building between the 1st floor and retaining wall below it.
It didn't even penetrate all the way into the building as you can see large parts of it still sticking out proving it didn't shattered into confetti as you would expect if it hit super hard and blew up so much to cause all that mass damage to the building, or if it was packed with explosives as some newsers speculated because they were astonished this puny plane could do so much damage.
"...witnesses describe an enormous explosion. The plane is reported to be a Piper Cherokee 140, and cable newsers are speculating that it's unlikely that such a plane could produce an explosion of that size without the aid of additional fuel or explosives onboard."
Notice that the plane's engine block landed way back on the street and nothing seemingly else from the plane. Weird.

So is this Austin "suicide" plane crash a PSYOP?
According to PrisonPlanet it is as they claim a "trusted source" told them that an informant in the Dallas FBI office said the FBI knew the attack was going to happen today and they were immediately on the scene filming the crash and witnesses.
And any coincidence this suspicious crash happened in Austin, TX, home to Alex Jones?!

It also doesn't help curb suspicions when this crash happens next to the offices of the FBI and, of course, the CIA:
The building complex houses IRS, CIA and FBI offices

The structure, called the Echelon building, is located in the 9400 block of Research Boulevard in Austin, Texas, and houses offices for the Internal Revenue Service, including its civil enforcement and criminal investigation divisions, reports the Austin Statesmen. Offices for the CIA and FBI are also locted in the building complex, but were not hit in the crash.

And if it was a PSYOP with bombs causing most of the damage to the IRS building, then it makes sense that they had a HAZMAT firetruck waiting across the street:
Reporter: "Is there anything else you would like to say after seeing this this morning?

Megan Riley: "I guess -- the one thing I'd like to say -- I know the Fire Dept got here real fast, because they actually had an engine sitting over there that just happened to be doing something with HAZMAT, so they were over here like right away.

Reporter: Wow!

You said it reporter, wow.

The firefighters and media even comment how "lucky" it was they were right across the street doing hazmat drills.

First responders say luck was on their side
This is a story about being at the right place at the right time, with a little bit of bravery mixed in.
Those guys are about 15 firefighters from the West Lake, Oak Hill, Pflugerville, and Lake Travis fire departments. Thursday morning they were running hazmat drills in a parking lot across Highway 183, when they saw the plane.
"The chances could be one in a million," Lake Travis Fire Chief Robert Abbott said of the timing.
Because it was hazmat training, Lake Travis Engine 604 was the only fire truck on scene. But that didn't stop it from being the little engine that could, firefighters said.

One in a million? More like one in one.

This Austin plane crash is not being blamed on a lone-nut Muslim this time, but on a middle-aged white guy, Joseph Andrew Stack, who is being portrayed as part of one of the biggest emerging domestic threats, the right-wingish anti-govt, anti-tax teabagger crowd (which is reminiscent of when the government blamed the suspicous OKC bombing on the biggest emerging threat during the Clinton-era, the right-wing militias).

One problem though, Stack was not even a teabagger and if you read why he supposedly committed this attack, he doesn't even come across as a right-winger since he reportedly was extremely critical of "big brother," corporations, the Catholic church, and George W. Bush and ends with a saying that's communist-friendly and anti-capitalism.

The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.
The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

If Stack is some kind of patsy, then you'd expect his friends to be, you guessed it, "shocked" because they described him as an "easy going guy", never heard him talk about politics, about taxes, or about the government, a loving father who traveled to Norway every year to visit a daughter and grandchildren, the last guy you'd expect. That doesn't seem to fit the profile of "suicide pilot" to me.

Acquaintances Saw No Anger in Pilot in I.R.S. Building Crash
Published: February 19, 2010 one could have seemed more normal than A. Joseph Stack III...
I never saw Joe angry about anything,” said Billy Eli, a honkytonk bandleader who played with Mr. Stack for about three years in the mid-2000s. “He was just a middle-of-the-road kind of dude.”
...a portrait of Mr. Stack emerged as a companionable family man unrecognizable from the diatribe posted online in his name.
“A bit engineer-ish, but easygoing, even-tempered.”
When taxes came up in conversation, his tone seemed no more strident than the usual April 15th blues.
“... He didn’t have any ego."

Perhaps then we should wonder if the real reason his house burnt down before the crash was not because he was that disgruntled, but to burn away evidence the government doesn't want anybody to find out about him.

It's also interesting to note that the Hazmat witness Megan commented that the plane that hit the IRS building was close enough to see who was flying it, but she didn't see anyone in it. This is interesting because we never saw photos of Stack's body being hauled from the scene even though the plane he was supposedly piloted still remained in large pieces after the crash.

So if this was a PSYOP, why today? I don't know, but there sure was a lot of interesting stuff that either happened, or was reported about today:

But maybe the biggest story that the powers-that-be wanted to squash today is one that involved an organization that is just as synonymous with conspiracies as the CIA is:

Dubai police call on Interpol to help arrest Mossad head
Thursday 18 February 2010
Emirate '99% sure' Israeli spies were behind Mabhouh death
Israeli ambassador told to explain use of fake British passports
Interpol releases 'wanted' notices for Dubai murder suspects
Thursday 18 February 2010
Official "wanted" notices were released today for a suspected team of Israeli secret agents accused of participating in the assassination of a Palestinian militant.
The faces of an 11-strong alleged hit squad appeared on the Interpol website this morning, 48 hours after authorities in the United Arab Emirates issued arrest warrants for the killing last month of the Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

And what's a PSYOP without some spooky numerology connecting it to 9/11:

"A spokesman for the Austin fire department said the plane hit the building at 0956 local time"

9:56 --> 9:(5+6) = 9:11 --> 9/11

I also can't help but notice a lot of similarities to the false-flag Pentagon attack:
  • Both were 'suicide plane crashes'
  • Both were federal buildings
  • Both buildings are 7 stories tall
  • Both 'crashes' happened into side of building
  • Both epicenters were at the 1st floor
  • Both created huge explosions like a bomb attack
  • Both had firetrucks nearby
  • Both low in casualties respective of employee totals
  • Both places hit involved govt financial records

(Note that from the evidence I've seen about this Austin incident, I believe at this point that a real plane crashed there as officially claimed unlike the Pentagon and at the other two spots on 9/11. If this Austin crash was a PSYOP, then it would be logical to think the plane was remotely guided in. Hitting the side of a 7-story building with a speeding plane knowing your about to die seems a little too "lucky" in my opinion, but feel free to take my $10,000 challenge if you think you could do it with no problem.)

(Update 02/20/10)
Comment from Stack's daughter from Norway seems to suggest her father was set up:
Stack's daughter from his first marriage, Samantha Dawn Bell, said the Web manifesto didn't sound like the father she knew.
"It's not him. The letter itself sounds like it's coming from a different person," she said in an interview from her home in Norway.
The AP is suggesting the lowers floors were specifically targeted:

Stack, 53, apparently targeted the lower floors of the building that houses IRS offices after lashing out at the agency in a ranting manifesto posted on a Web site shortly before Thursday's attack. In the note, Stack claimed the government and the its tax code robbed him of his savings and ruined his career.
To me, this suggests remote control because I find it hard to believe Stack would be able to hit a specific floor on a specific side of a specific short 7-story building of that Echelon complex with pin-point accuracy knowing he's about to die.

(Update 02/24/10)
Interesting comment at a music forum that looks sincere and quite the smoking gun if true:

Re: airplane crash into office building in Austin, Texas

I was told that almost everybody on the first floor had the day off by a co-worker that attends classes in that building. It could have been much worse.
(hat tip to LT)

(Update: 02/26/10)
The Real Motive?

Texas attack revives debate over private jets
02/25/2010 -

In late 2008, the Transportation Security Administration made a stunning and little-noticed projection: If a private jet flew into an urban office building, 3,000 people could be killed. That's a higher death total than in the Sept. 11 attacks.

The TSA used the estimate to justify a plan to impose security rules on 15,000 private jets, including requirements that jet operators check passengers against watch lists and keep weapons off their planes.

The proposal was labeled as potentially crippling to jet owners. More than 7,000 protest letters from private pilots, businesses and aviation groups forced the TSA to rewrite its plan. A new proposal is likely late this year, and security rules could take effect in 2011 — a decade after the 9/11 attacks.

TSA planning to inspect shops that repair jets
11/17/2009 -

Thousands of airplane maintenance shops in the U.S. and abroad would get increased scrutiny to make sure they are not easy prey for terrorists looking to sabotage U.S. jets during routine repairs, a government proposal says.

A TSA regulation proposed Monday would for the first time enable the agency to inspect airplane repair shops.

See also:

February 12, 2010

Shanksville forest damage conflicts with official story

Here's an aerial photo taken on 9/12 that shows the aftermath of something exploding in the forest and causing major damage to a section of trees, including breaking off the tops of some, and also fire damage:

Let's piece together the official story to see what supposedly caused the damaged to the forest:

"[Wally Miller] explained how the cockpit broke off at impact, bouncing into a wooded area of about 60 acres. The resulting fireball scorched about eight acres of trees, he said.
The remainder of the plane burrowed deep into the ground, creating a long, narrow crater."
UA93 Memorial Ambassador:
"Parts of the cockpit broke off and went back into the woods, but the rest of it went straight down and the ground came in around it, so the actual hole wasn't very large. When the FBI went in for parts, body parts and what not, 35 to 40 feet down in the ground."
"According to investigators, the cockpit of the aircraft separated from the plane upon impact and flew into the trees, where it disintegrated."
"A reporter for a Harrisburg public radio station, Lambert said Flight 93's impact hurled the plane's cockpit and first-class section onto the wooded land that has been in his family since 1930."

So Flight 93's cockpit section broke off from hitting the ground and was hurled into the woods where it exploded and disintegrated, causing severe damaged to the section of the forest adjacent to where UA93 supposedly crashed.

My question is,  

what's stored in a 757's cockpit to make it EXPLODE?

As mentioned in the official stories above, the remainder of the plane burrowed deep into the ground (see more reports saying most of UA93 buried here).

One of the landowners even says:

This means only the 757's cockpit could have caused the forest damage, but I'm unaware of anything stored in the cockpit to make it explode like a bomb and cause fire damage.

So by that, the official story conflicts with the forest damage.

(I know the story about the cockpit breaking off while the rest of the plane burrowing underground is absurd in itself -- both that most of a 757 could burrow and if most could, that the cockpit and not the tailsection would be the section that managed *not* to burrow also -- and deserves its own thread, but I'm just using the official story to question the damaged forest.)

February 04, 2010

NRO's 9/11 'mock' plane crash set for 9:32am, drill included a smoke generator!

(9/11 researcher Matt Everett (aka 'Shoestring') wrote a great article near last Sept 11th anniversary that revealed some new details about the CIA & NRO's extremely suspicious and coincidental plane crash 'drill' planned for 9/11 that a lot of people might of missed.)

If it couldn't get any more coincidental than US spy agencies planning to have a mock plane crash into a govt building on -- of all days -- 9/11, their mock plane crash was to happen at 9:32am*, just 5min before the official time that the Pentagon would be hit (9:37am).

(*Note that the times between 0931:57 and 0932:32 were mis-typed. The time stated for the mock crash should be 0932:25, or 9:32am. See end of this blogpost for further explanation.)

But the huge coincidences about this "drill" keep coming.

Remember when after the Pentagon was hit, the main producer of smoke outside the building was caused by a diesel generator that just "happened" to be at the right place at the right time to catch fire. The foam trucks had to focus their firefighting efforts more on the burning generator than the point of impact from the alleged Boeing 757 crash.

(Click here for animated gif.)

Well guess what the CIA and NRO planned to have for their plane crash "exercise"?

That's right, a generator to emit smoke.

There's another huge coincidence about the scheduled mock plane crash of 9:32am. One of the two clocks that had fallen inside the Pentagon from the explosion had stopped at the same time.

Clock reads 9:32 am

(Did you notice that the exact times were only 6 seconds apart! -- 0932:25 vs. 0932:31)

Researcher Barbara Honneger thinks these same times of 9:32am are no coincidence and makes a good case that the Pentagon attack actually happened at 9:32am, not 9:37 as officials claim.

The full list of coincidences between the CIA/NRO's "drill" and the real Pentagon attack:
  • Both took place on 9/11
  • Both of their buildings struck by airplanes (officially)
  • Both planes took off from Dulles Airport
  • Both crashes happened at practically the same time (or exactly the same time)
  • Both will have generators emitting smoke at near/same time.
  • Both will have casualites and badly burned employees needing evacuation from their buildings
  • Both will have fire trucks and EMT vehicle attending
  • All parties (CIA, NRO, Pentagon, Dulles) are in the same metropolitan area

What are the odds that the everything planned in the NRO's plane-crash-into-building "drill" would take place in real life at the Pentagon on the very same day just 5min later (officially), or maybe even the same exact time (unofficially)?

Then factor in the odds that the same thing would happen again just a couple of years later in London on 7/7.

Don't forget that not only did one of the bombs go off in Tavistock Square of all places, but Rudy Giuliani and Benjamin Netanyahu were both in London nearby when the attacks occured.

There comes a point when coincidences cease being coincidences.

See also:

*After the military time of 0931:57, the next time has an additional digit added to it (09310:01). It's obvious a typo that was supposed to be 0932:01. The last two times of 0931:28 and 0932:32 were when the mock tower was trying to call the mock plane and it went down and I doubt a control tower would wait a whole 1 min 4 sec after its first attempt to contact a downed plane. Also see the list "Exercise Inputs." Numerous phone calls were to be made at 0932 (9:32am) to report fires throughout the NRO's building because the mock plane just crashed into it. So the mock crash time was actually scheduled for 0932:25, or 9:32am, 5 min before the official Pentagon attack time of 9:37am.

February 02, 2010

Analysis by 'rSpieker' annihilates 'End of Serenity' photo

I finally put up a great analysis by 9/11 researcher rSpieker which, as he poignantly puts it, spells the definite "End of Serenity" of a certain picture.

January 28, 2010

Flight 93 crash was a massive HOAX

(This was my post that eventually got censored at TruTV)

After the alleged crash of Flight 93, hardly much of the large Boeing 757 looked to be left. Most of the plane seemed to have been obliterated.

(Photo taken within an hour after alleged crash.)

(Photo taken just a couple hours after alleged crash.)

Approx two weeks later, the FBI made an astonishing announcement to the media that refuted the assumption that most of Flight 93 obliterated. The FBI claimed that they had recovered a whopping 95% of the plane!

But do you see anywhere close to 95% of a Boeing 757 left at that field? Hardly. More like only 5% of a 757 left.

So where did most of the plane go if 95% was recovered?

Well get this. Officials claim that, because Flight 93 crashed at a 40deg angle into a patch of soft soil going so fast, most of the 757 actually burrowed underground!

(Simulation of how Flight 93 supposedly crashed and burrowed underground.)

But one only has to look at a closeup aerial photo of the shallow 10ft deep crater to know that is absurd.

To further the absurdity, the reason there is no deep 40deg angle hole in the ground that a Boeing 757 just supposedly bore down through is because after most of Flight 93 tunneled down into the ground, official said the loose soil fell back in on itself and covered the hole, thus blocking any view that most of Flight 93 was down there.

And if the official story couldn't get any more absurd, the section of Flight 93 that didn't find itself underground, but separated at impact and bounced in the woods was, get this, the cockpit.

Passenger Remains?

If a large plane crashed and most of it managed to burrow underground, the whereabouts of the passengers would be assumed to be mostly underground too since no bodies where witnessed at the scene (and amazingly, no blood!).

On 9/13, the FBI began excavating the shallow crater and announced to the media that they had found the first Black Box at 4:50 p.m. at a depth of 15ft under the crater. The media later reported that one of the plane's engine was also unearthed on 9/13.

On 9/14, the FBI announced to the media that they unearthed the plane's second Black Box at 8:25 p.m. at a depth of 25ft.

Then the FBI didn't announce anything more about what they recovered until 9/24 when they announced to the media that they finished their crash probe and had recovered a total of 95% of the plane.

Officials never told the public during their "investigation" where most of the passenger remains were found!

Incredibly, the only evidence that most of a Boeing 757 was below ground were two photos of just two plane parts, the one black box in the hole and the smashed up engine being unearthed.

So where the photos of the black boxes and one engine staged? Yes!

The photos of the black boxes show obvious signs that they were staged, most notably, doing the unprecedented thing of photographing one of the black boxes still down in the hole!

The photo of the unearthed engine is real obvious it was staged because if you are going to plant a plane engine, make sure it fits in the backhoe bucket you're going to lower it down and plant it with!

January 26, 2010

PrisonPlanet mod banned by 'Sane'

Jerry9105 said...
FYI -- I was a moderator on that site and found myself suddenly banned by in-SANE also. Reason as I understood it had to do with me expressing myself about UFO's (I believe) and such, and the next thing I knew -- BANNED. I asked for my $$ back and got it and never went back.

1/26/2010 4:39 AM

Sorry to hear you got censored by (in)Sane Jerry.

Welcome to the club.

January 16, 2010

Banned at TruTV Forum

You have been banned for the following reason:
spam advtg. his site plus most posts are to start trouble
Date the ban will be lifted: Never

Let's see here, you can post links to other people's sites for information for a debate, but posting links to your own non-commercial site for the same reason is a no no. Apparently one of those unwritten rules.

And most of my posts there were to "start trouble." That's weird, most of my posts were about 9/11 being a conspiracy that I posted in TruTV's forum section called CONSPIRACY THEORY WITH JESSE VENTURA.

And what's really funny is right before they banned me, I just reported two posts from skeptic trolls for -- guess? -- that's right, them starting trouble (as to be expected from your average JREF skeptic troll).

Getting banned there is harsh. They delete all of your posts. Just ask skeptic troll "Deelite." =)

Lucky for me though, the first person to respond in my Flight 93 crash hoax thread (currently the 3rd highest viewed thread) just happened to quote my entire original post. Whew.

(Update: 01/17/10) TruTV's censoring moderator "Coldwater" obviously didn't like this blogpost and has further censored me:

01-17-2010, 11:41 PM

All "killtown" posts and any who quoted him have been removed. If you want to continue to discuss this with him go to his site he was advertising.

Yay censorship!

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