March 11, 2010

Blog updates

I've added some new features to this blog.

On the right sidebar, you'll notice:
  • Recent Posts
  • Recent Comments
  • Labels (tags)
I'm also going to try to allow anonymous commenting again, subject to approval like the rest of the comments.  Only troll and spam comments will be rejected, not dissenting opinions.

Please post any suggestions for this blog.

Update:  I gave my homepage a minor facelift too.  


Anonymous said...

In memory of all the victims of 9/11?

I have just learned that the victims are faked too.

Killtown said...

So you want me to change my memoriam tribute because you think all the victims are fake?

Anonymous said...

anonymous: i think it is only the passengers on the planes that are fake and you lies.

killtown, you hear anything from 911movement admin? I was kognitive on there and read your posts on what happened.

Complete sabotage... I laughed when you posted the google search 'no plane' sabotage, hahah. That is when you know you are no to it.

Killtown said...


I only heard from Slick twice after he shut it all down, the day after on skype IM and one email response where he again explains that he was blackmailed.

We'll probably never hear from Slick again because he's afraid Genghis and Cressy will out his wife's real name if he publicly posts again and he's also afraid to face all the enemies he created when he abruptly shut down the forum and ruined hundreds of people's research.

I don't understand your last part.

Anonymous said...

I saw that someone had polluted the google search results for "no plane" with porn and other non sense.

I thought you posted the pictures. Maybe it was someone else.

911movement had so many shills. I left when the guy with 500 posts kept saying there was a concrete core. It was beyond ridiculous.

Killtown said...

Nope, I never did or promoted anything "porn" related.

Every forum is thought to have shills. 911m had a no censoring of theories policy (the only truth forum that did), so as long as people behaved, they could discuss any theory they wished and others were free to challenge it as long as they behaved too.

The concrete core theory is being pushed by "christophera" who thinks I'm a shill and I wonder about him too.

Unknown said...

Hey, just popped in to say hi. It sucks what happened to the old forum. I wanted to let you know that I've started my own forum. - no subject is off limits, only bad behavior. Hope you and anyone else from the old forum stop by and check it out.