November 14, 2010

Guest on 'Ghosts of the Republic' radio show - Nov 14 & 21

(Archives of Nov 14 & Nov 21 shows.)
Hosts:  'GhostDawg' & 'Paranoid'
Subject: TV Fakery & No-Planes theory
Date:  Nov 14 & 21, 2010
Call-in #: (347) 327-9627
Time:  10pm EST / 7pm PST
Length:  2 hours


My website: the WTC Crash Videos

Why They Didn't Use Planes To Hit The WTC
(article explaining the logic behind using no planes)

(video showing how the plane travels through air the same amount of frames it travels through the WTC) 
The  2urists
(video about the Michael Hezarkhani video and Carmen Taylor photos allegedly taken at Battery Park in Lower Manhattan.  Be sure to check out Carmen's unusual explanation.)

Hezarkhunning - 3 more clues
(video showing 3 clues the Hezarkhani video is highly suspicious)

My various TV-Fakery & No-Planes blogposts

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