April 08, 2009

Guest on 'The Real Deal' with Jim Fetzer (Wed 8th)

The Real Deal

Host: Jim Fetzer

Wed. April 8, 2009

6-8 pm EST

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u2r2h said...

please make a downloadable mp3 for us. Even though you have a logic-blockage with regards to the necessity of holograms (or whatever that live-image-in-the-sky technology is actually called) I greatly value your cogitations, not to mention your incredibly good work.

Please excuse the repeated harping on holograms but -- as you know deep down -- the nose-out and eye-witnesses and SOME footage and the risk of film-of-explosion-without-plane make holograms a must.

The theory of the technology is described HERE

operative phrase:
atomic vapors and gases, plasmas and even liquids it was possible to generate holograms