March 24, 2009

The 'Solid Stainless Steel Plane' Theory

This is my new theory as to why the 2nd plane that is seen entirely penetrating through the South WTC Tower in the videos without crumpling, exploding, or any of the wings and tail section pieces being sheered off, and penetrates with no resistance as if it were passing through a cloud:

It was a Solid Stainless Steel plane!


D.Duck has a competing theory, the Concrete Plane theory:

How about CPT (concrete plane theory).

The plane was a concrete plane, you can clearly see it with your own eyes that it turns to dust when it hits the south wall.



Anonymous said...

Great humor KT! :)

Best regards, MartinL

RKrause said...

Nice theory :) But all humour aside, I personally still think Soviet cruise missiles were used at the WTC and Pentagon. This would explain their airspeed at such low altitude and their ability to penetrate such reinforced structures.