November 06, 2007

Planehugger LUCUS wants to kick my ass

I was banned for no apparent reason from the chatroom (again) after I was invited back by someone at TNRLive's MySpace:

I was then forwarded the following exchange by LUCUS, the "maker" of The Ultimate Con, in the chatroom that took place some time after I got the boot:

[LUCUS] 8:11 pm: I really do not like killtown
[calvin] 8:11 pm: yeah we notice that lucus
[LUCUS] 8:11 pm: and if I ever met him in person i would have a hard time not kicking his ass


Peggy Carter said...

Wow that guy looks like a thug. INcrdable. They just can't hide it, can they?

benedictrove said...

ooh, gross.