November 15, 2007

Flight 11 for sale???


Seller now saying serial number was a mistake:

My applogy it is 22330 not 22332 !


This is the plane he is trying to sell you:

(More about this plane accident.)


Atlas Aviation (Cached)

(Snapshot taken 11/15/07.)

.............. AirDisaster.Com | Atlas Aviation
Flight 11
Aircraft: ....Boeing 767-223ER | 767-223 200ER

Serial Number: ..........22332 | 22332

Engine Maker: General Electric | General Electric

Engine Model: ........CF6-80A2 | CF6-80A2

Year of Delivery: ........1987 | 1987


skeptosis said...

that's pretty effing strange.

the same listing by atlas can be found on and (albeit without the s/n).

coincidentally, this aircraft was listed on on September 11, 2007. the cached page on google:


keep up the good work Killtown.

Unknown said...

Wayne Madsen is now on this story
you have to subscribe to see it, although I put it out as a bulletin on myspace...

Anonymous said...

The other plane doesn't match the description of the accident the seller gave though.