December 05, 2007

Apollo the ignorant "clown"

(Updated below. 12/06/07.)

Some person calling themselves "Apollo" has accused and attacked me for supposedly preventing them from being able to post at where I'm an Admin at:

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Killtown the Cowardly Clown

I registered at Killtown's forum a couple weeks back. This screen shot proves I can log in:

But I can't post. Anywhere. Ever. I emailed him. No response.

There you have it: killtown the cowardly clown afraid that real 911Truthers might ruin his limited disinfo hangout speaking uncomfortable truths.

He's right but that's not the point. The point is he makes a hobby of challenging people who've banned him to debate him at his board. He's clowned around for the last time, now we KNOW there's no point in trying to go to his forum. He doesn't want debate... he just wants to play the victim, again and again.

Pathetic, even for a friend of Haupt's.

This person looks to be Col. Jenny Sparks (a.k.a Jo Cressy) based on her very aggressive nature/authoritarian style (she refers to herself as "The Authority" after all and that phrase is mentioned in "Apollo's" email below), immaturity, the similar style of lame cartoon superhero pics she uses for her avatar, bitching about Nico Haupt all the time, and disabling comments on their blogs because she is too scared to hear criticism about her blogposts.

Sparks, I mean "Apollo," says that they emailed me about not being able to post at the forum and that I never responded. Here was their email to me:

From: "Apollo Authority"
Subject: We can't post in your 911 Movement forum
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007


(FYI consider a different handle if you want people to believe No-planers are as harmless as you insist)

Ive been nominated by the team to send you this email:

None of us can post at your 911Movement forum. As, we suspect, you know.

Maybe you're afraid you can't handle a superhero invasion. In your shoes I would be. After all of Nico's gay bashing. We might bash back...

So, whatever. Just stop whining that The Authority won't engage you.

Now excuse us, a world needs saving...


And guess what, here is my "no response" back to them:

Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007
From: "Killtown"
Subject: Re: We can't post in your 911 Movement forum
To: "Apollo Authority"

Um, I don't know who you are and before you start accusing us of refusing to allow "you guys" to post, maybe you should say you tried to register, was unable to post, then kindly ask me why you weren't able to post.

Now let's start over. Were you able to register? If so, [were] you able to log into the forum? If so, were you able to post anywhere? If not, what was your username so I can try to find why you were unable to post.


The funny thing is that I received no response back from her.

When I saw this immature attack against me by the Sparks brigade (it's most likely all Sparks), I saw this person's user name at "my" forum (it's not "my" forum, I'm just one of three Admins there), so I checked to see if they were registered properly to see is there was some reason they couldn't post.

There was a very good reason they couldn't start a thread and let this be a lesson to everyone why you should never attack people and call them such immature things as a "clown" until you know all the facts.

If you know anything about running a forum, you're probably very familiar with forum spambots. Slick, the owner of the domain name and head webmaster, created a script to prevent these spambots. Before a member can start a thread, they have to reply to just one post in any current thread:

Can't Start A New Thread?

Slick Posted: Oct 13 2007

Some changes were made which has caused all members to have to make one reply to any thread before they can start a new one. This is just a one time thing, so once you reply once, everything should go back to normal.

If you want, you can use this thread for that purpose.

So who's the "clown" now Sparks, er "Apollo"?


(Update) The "Sun King" strikes back:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007
A Homophobic Attack from Killtown on Crack

Still calling me a "girl", Killtown continues his disinfo clown act in his latest so called blog. He's upset I didn't see an email of his. He has a point. But I'd given up checking that account for anything about his forum. After 2 weeks you find better things to do.

I sent this:


RE: We can't post in your 911 Movement forum‏
From: Apollo Authority (sXXXXXX@XXXXX)
Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2007 2:16:55 AM
To: Killtown (

I'll start over as soon as you retract accusing me of being a girl on your blog. I'll even post a correction on my blog. Looks like I missed this email . But you don't get shit if you keep calling me a woman.

If you're not a moron you already know "The Authority" is code for the KW Krew. And I'm Australian, not a Brit raised Yankee. None of this changes the fact I couldn't post for near on two weeks after registering. The rest of us couldn't even register. Can't remember that ever happening anywhere...expect during the UK Action. See why we're suspicious?


I'm about to tell the team not to bother with "killtown" any more. Anyone who writes this

"I don't know who you are".

to someone who was banned from a site they visit regularly can't be too smart. Or is on some serious drugs like Haupt. Explains how he goes from "I don't know you" to "I know you're a girl". LSD. THC. Killtown on crack.

I'll ask the Doctor for details.

This is just so amusing. Apollo "I'm not Sparks you homophobic disinfo clown" The Sun King says I'm "upset" that I didn't see his/her email (roll eyes). Funny he/she/it says after 2 weeks they found "better things to do," yet they found time to attack me because they are too ignorant to have realized that you need to reply once at our forum before being able to start a thread.

Their email is interesting in kind of a feeling sorry for someone who has Tourettes syndrome kind of way (and partly because I never received it in my inbox). "Apollo" is upset because they have all the earmarkings of being Jenny Sparks. If I thought someone was Jenny, why wouldn't I refer to them as a girl?

If "Apollo" is not Col. Jenny Sparks, then it's obviously one of her cult members in their little protected hater group over at, who banned me just cause I mentioned that I was a no-planer (the people they despise because our theory is "rubbish").

Say "Apollo," who are you over at truthaction? Are you brave enough to tell us?

Of course they have to reduce themselves again by calling me a "moron" because supposedly their nickname "The Authority" was coined for some no-issue I don't care about and not because they come across as authoritarian (guess that's just a coincidence, huh?).

Notice Sparks, er "Apollo" is still bitching about not being able to post at, even though I already told her it was because she was too ignorant to understand our thread starting process.

She continues to gripe about the "rest of her team" (probably meaning the rest of her multiple personalities) were unable to register at the our forum. Funny, she was able to register. Why couldn't the rest of her multiple personalities?

"The team." Say Apollo, who else makes up your "team"?

I'm guess she's going to tell "her team" not to bother with me anymore because she's tired of getting her big fat foot stuck in all her multiple personality's mouths after all of her pathetic little attack attempts. Embarrassment is a hard thing to handle.

Her final attempt to smear me by suggesting I'm a druggie for, I think, accusing me of banning her (which I didn't of course) and her continued obsession to bash Nico Haupt, who has been doing a great job in exposing her hatred IMO, is very amusing, especially since she ends by saying she'll ask a doctor for details. I wonder if it will be the same doctor she sees for her multiple personality disorder?

Btw, what actions of mine constituted them being referred as a "homophobic attack"? Sparks loves to accuse people of homophobic attacks. So as for me thinking Apollo is Sparks, what's that saying about a duck again?


Apollo said...

You have no idea who I am, but you're going to call me a girl. Just more homophobic crap that stopped impressing me in high school. It helped being a linebacker.

Question killtown,

Are you stupid? Were you paying attention during the UK campaign? "The Authority" is just a code for the group who exposed the KW hoax. Doh.

And your yellow blog is ugly, btw. Take tip from this one for style.

skeptosis said...

two quick points from a 3rd party's perspective:

1. the 'reply once before posting' rule (an understandable precaution) was a simple one, easy to follow. acronyms like 'RTFM' come to mind..

2. a google search for two key terms ("KW hoax" +"the authority") yields exactly one result.


roscooler said...


since you can't do comments on your blog i'll ask here.

what does killtown suggesting you are female and homophobia have to do with each other?

though thinks thou protest to much?
and second why do we care about what you did in high school football?
i'm sure there are plenty of gay high school linebackers.

your welcome and gooday

Invidious said...

Why do people in the 9/11 Truth Movement have to have these constant dicksize wars? (And in this context it doesn't matter what gender you are, male or female...)

We are all going to have different perspectives, and whether we are conspiracy theorists or transpiracy researchers we're going to all have our own theories about what went down that day. (Transpiracy research is like applied conspiracy theory, the "graduate-school" course; it focuses on proven fact and not just speculation.)

Whenever I see stuff like this I get sad. It's a shame, since we need to all be united in a front against the madness of what the neocons turned our country into.

I like this blog a lot but why do you post this stuff? You're just giving this person the attention he or she wanted.

Anonymous said...

"If "Apollo" is not Col. Jenny Sparks, then it's obviously one of her cult members in their little protected hater group over at,"

you might be right. apollo likes to talk football and claims to be gay. found this blog


matches "apollos" interests sports, 911, comics. 2006 archives are revealing.

sounds like a jock who stayed in the closet at school. now he's a cool kid bullying us. jerkwad hater alright.