February 18, 2011

Guess how many cars-worth of debris was 'buried' in Shanksville?

I did a comparison to demonstrate how much 80% of a Boeing 757 roughly is, the official claim of how much of Flight 93 supposedly buried, so people could better understand just how much plane debris would have come out of the ground.

'02 Compact Sedan
I compared 80% of the empty weight of the type of Boeing 757 Flight 93 was with the average weight of a popular sized automobile, a compact sedan, from a year closest to 9/11 that I could find.

Calculating it up, the government is trying to tell us that the amount of plane debris that was supposedly underneath this shallow crater was...

Yeah, right.


Unknown said...

that is again another point clearly outlined - thanks KT

Unknown said...

kt - this blog needs a search box - seriously, anyone using this research will benefit

Killtown said...

Thanks monument. There's already a search box at the top left of the page, but I added another one at your request to the right sidebar. Cheers!

K.L. Ashley said...


Slide 1, 6, and 15 real planes. No cookie-cutter pattern in slide 15 from 747 impact. Not out of stainless steel which would bounce off like a Bud Lite off an anvil anyway.