September 15, 2008

"OMG!" - Hezarkhani audio fakery


spooked said...

Nice work. That first airing of the video is pretty funny, with that rewind bit.

I guess they could claim in those two "final" versions that the audio was just shortened to save time on the clip, but it seems silly that they would need to save five seconds.

spooked said...

A couple of other thoughts--

1) when you hear his line in the first clip, man, does it sound like he is reading a script!

2) when he says the line in the last clip/version-- why does it take him so long? Did it take him that long to find or remember his line? Or did something else happen? Perhaps he was confused by what he saw because it actually wasn't what is shown in the video-- and then drew a belated conclusion??

me said...

a gift from us