June 05, 2008

Why Use Real Planes?

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Jim Rex 1611 said...

Maybe a couple more reasons - save the plane and ease the logistics.

If they had used the real jet liner, then they would have had to done a huge amount of pre-planning at the airports and coordinating to make sure the proper planes were boarded, etc. They would have had to kill everyone on board with some sort of gas to make sure they didn't override the systems, or otherwise mess things up.

Yet if they used dummy planes, then the wreckage would have been impossible to predict where it would land, and that means a potential that the clone plane be found out by some identifying piece of machinery.

Perhaps they were able to convince some of the people working on 9-11 that casualties would be kept low by keeping the real plane passengers alive and by evacuating the buildings. Perhaps like "Northwoods" they story was that the passengers would all be quietly released at some future point. If the plan had been as gruesome as a real hit, perhaps some conspirators would have balked.

Not sure about that - I would imagine that these plan passengers were informed that their plane was contaminated and that they all had to go into quarantine until their health could be certified. This would have gotten them to calmly cooperate while being boarded onto some sort of "medical" flight out to the prison ship. They are probably still out there somewhere rotting away.