August 30, 2008

Death threat from planehugger 'EzraPound'

EzraPound 31 Aug 2008, 01:32 AM

KillTown, you would not ever want to be left alone in a room with me, along with Judy Wood, Reynolds, Fetzer, and half a dozen of your moron retard followers. You have done millions of hours damage to the 9/11 Truth movement's campaign to get the simple obvious reality of this day out to the wider public. You have prolonged the slaughter of now over a million Iraqi women and children. You have assisted these neocons to spread DU all over the middle-east which will result in increased cancers in the world. You have allowed 4000 US soldiers to be sent to their death. You have allowed 20,000 US soldiers to become sick from DU poisening.

You would not want be left in a room with me and an M16 in my hand and all you No-PLaners lined up against a wall. I know what I would do, and I would do it without blinking.

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'EzraPound' denies comment was a death threat. Says I'm "slandering" him (lol):

This is absolute slander. I never made a death threat. If KillTown is making any money from this false cry then I Ezra will have it.


Ezra now tries to change what he meant:

I would leave the M16 in the room, and lock the door behind me for you No Planers to squabble over your ALien Lizard Orb Microwave Tiem-Machine 9/11 theories.


Unknown said...

wow Kt, I didnt know you caused all that shit to happen! LOL.

Professor Taylor said...

He would leave the room without blinking?