December 04, 2008

[52] WTC crash videos . . . so far

(Update 12/07/08: One more new "amatuer" 2nd hit video released.)

There's been quite a few new South Tower crash videos coming out of the woodwork lately. That makes a total of 52 known WTC crash videos so far. All the latest ones are "amateur" with one showing a rare south face impact.

Here is a run-down of the newly released ones and their new nicknames:

"B&W" (Black & White)

One of three new videos released by the FBI in a FOIA request by Scott Bingham. Named after the video being in black and white making it the only B&W crash video (Can camcorders record in B&W?). No audio and filmer unknown. Shows the impact into the south face. The smoke oddly seems to "bounce" throughout the recording. Shot trajectory is between the Jennifer Spell and Brian Gately videos.

One of three new videos released by the FBI in a FOIA request by Scott Bingham. Named after the crane seen in front of the plane's path. No audio and filmer unknown. Camcorder is still the entire time and is aimed at the South Tower as if the filmer knows something is about to happen to it. Video shows no other buildings for reference point. Shot angle is closest to the Columbine video.

One of three new videos released by the FBI in a FOIA request by Scott Bingham. Named after the unknown woman filmer who says "It's like the end of the world!" after the crash. The woman comments about the Tower exploding, but never mentions a plane. The shot trajectory is almost identical as the TinaCart1 video.

Fred Hadley

Released after seven years out of "reverence for the event" by the filmer Fred Hadley who, you guessed it, is in the film industry. Video was shot from his North Shore Towers apartment complex in Queens and just like so many of the other 2nd hit videos, when Mr. Hadley zooms in on the WTC, he focuses on the South Tower as if he knew something was about to happen to it. And if there couldn't be any more coincidences, Mr. Hadley uploaded his video to YouTube on Sept 10, 2008, the very same day as another new video shot from Queens that almost caught the 2nd hit (which that one has a similar trajectory line as the TinaCart2 video). Mr. Hadley's video shows a very prominent haze across the horizon where the WTC is which makes it look like the only other merky 2nd hit video, the Earth Station video, which coincidentally is was taken at a similar angle.

"SY 01"

This video is named after the "SY 01" letters seen in the upper-left corner of the screen. It is from a compilation of new crash videos found here. The source is unknown, the filmer is unknown, and it has no audio. The shot angle is closest to the Anthony Cotsifas photo.



Named after being shown on MSNBC and an unknown woman in background heard saying "Oh my God!" twice. "Amateur" filmer unknown. Seems to have been shown on MSNBC only and perhaps only once and never again. Shows south face entry. Similar angle as the B&W video above and the Naka Nathaniel video. Catchs the "white elephant" plane in the upper right corner flying in towards the right just like the "Flight 175 plane." Video does remarkable zoom-in to catch the "plane" as so many other 2nd hit videos do.

Btw, I've been working on upgrading my 2nd hit page since it's gotten too big. It will have a new name and sub-pages. I'll post a notice when it's done.


Professor Taylor said...

Dude! The trajectories! Come on man....

L.L. said...

I don't understand why you say "they focus on the south tower, as if they know.." The first tower is on fire, and they're focusing on BOTH towers. Just because the camera is slightly pointing in the direction of the south tower doesn't mean they knew anything. Video fakery is proven by the live videos. Nothing can be proven using these useless shots. You're directing people's attention to useless facts that take away from the real evidence for TV Fakery.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link to scotts' new site. i thought he dissapeared off the internets when got picked up by someone else.

maybe a big wiki page with all videos listed (plus screenshots) , locations, etc would be good.