July 18, 2008

'New clues' in unsolved Jovin murder

New Clues in Yale Student Murder

Investigators Release Sketch of Man Seen Near Where Suzanne Jovin's Body Was Found

July 3, 2008 — ABC

Shortly after the murder was reported, a local woman came forward claiming to have seen a man run in front of her car just half a mile from where Jovin's body was found. She had been driving slowly enough to get a look at his face and give a description to police.

The witness described a white male of medium height in his 20s or 30s, athletically built with blond to dark hair and sharp, chiseled facial features. Prosecutor James Clark in New Haven State's Attorney's Office, who inherited the case in 2000 after the former prosecutor became a judge, said the witness told authorities the man "was running pretty fast," which made her suspicious.

However, a source with knowledge of the case said the witness's information was disregarded at the time because investigators and the media were focused on Jovin's thesis adviser, who is no longer considered a suspect. The source called the decision to focus on the adviser a "fatal flaw" in the investigation.

The team, however, was very hesitant to make the sketch public, Clark said, because "this picture is not a portrait of anybody." That is why the police are not calling the depicted male a person of interest or a suspect.

Investigators seek the 'someone' Jovin referenced in hour before stabbing

Published Wednesday, July 16, 2008 -- yaledailynews.com

In its second revelation to the public in two weeks, a team of investigators probing the 1998 slaying of Yale College senior Suzanne Jovin has announced that it is seeking the identity of an individual to whom Jovin had lent GRE study materials — a potentially critical line of inquiry that lead investigator John Mannion said previous investigators on the case neglected to explore.

A mysterious, nondescript "someone," whom Jovin mentioned in an e-mail she sent less than an hour before she was found stabbed in New Haven's East Rock neighborhood, is the target of the Jovin Investigation Team's latest lead. But Mannion said there is nothing at this point to indicate that this “someone” is connected with the murder.

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