May 30, 2008

Banned at Sherdog forum

Well add one more place to the list of troll-ridden forums with mods that don't follow their own rules.

I created a thread at one of my favorite MMA sites, Sherdog, about my article Why They Didn't Use Planes To Hit The WTC in the appropriate political section called The War Room:

Gun-toting neocon? Tree-hugging lib? Duke it out in the War Room.

After posting it, the trolls came out of the woodworks:

"go into the kitchen, grab a steak knife and stab yourself in both testicles." - IrishBeatDown

"Some people are dumb enough to have a talent for completely disregarding solid evidence in favor of asinine theories." - AlphaDelphic

"killtown get you a piece of toilet paper. put it on top of your head. look in the mirror and say. im a peice of dirt im a piece of dirt. till ya relize its so" - smasheroffaces

"Killtown also belongs to the flat earth society." - bruce_campbell

After 7 pages of insults by the trolls, a mod there moved my thread to their hidden section, The Dump, without explanation. It's unknown if they moved it there because of all the trolls, or for political reasons. If they moved it there because it became infested with trolls, sad that the mods caved into the trolls and moved my thread instead of "moving" them.

I then started another thread in The War Room about Simon Shack's video, Nosed Out:

It ended up in The Dump too after, to no one's surprise, the trolls came a trollin':

"your retarded, so was 9-11 faked so bush junior could finish what his father started then? god i hate conspiricy theorists." - Nothus

"A laughing matter...much like ALL of your bullshit theories." - Jackson81

"I think the "TV Fakery" folk are the A-grade of 911 Truther retard. " - Ruprecht

It even brought out a planehugging truther:

"People, when I claim to be a 9/11 Truther, don't immediately group me in with the threadstarter and his crazy fucking friends." - Jin-Roh

(No, Genghis isn't my friend anymore.)

And then, you guessed it:

Sad to see Sherdog helps to feed the stereotype that fighting fans are mostly close-minded, reactionary, meat-heads. Well, I'll still love the sport of MMA regardless.

And the list of censoring sites keeps growing, and growing, and...

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