October 15, 2008

Shure: Jack Blood & Dylan Avery admit to TV fakery; Cuccurillo confirms; Dylan denies

(Update: 10/16/08)

I think I'm going to let all the he said/she she unfold here.


FatesWebb said...

While I am with you, and pretty much believe what you beleieve. What I dont understand is why the truth movement can let this come between them. It is almost as if now, the enemy has become the no-planers, or the planers... depending on which side you are on.

But lets look at this... if there were planes... and still explosives in the buildings. This is the same result. They lied to us, and killed innocent people...

Or if there were no planes, they simply lied to us more....

This isnt the democrats vs the republicans, this is 2 parts of the same team fighting each other over something that really doesnt change the outcome, false flag attack.

Why cant everyone just agree that there are some things that we will disagree on, and band together to fight the power?

Divided we fall.

Killtown said...

Hi Fates,

I agree with you. I've never had a problem with any truther who had a different theory, just the one's who attacked me for mine.

NeoProg said...

Where is, the WTC7, in this video?