June 15, 2007

911Blogger.com is a joke

(Update 06/16/07: Podders now feeling the 'ripple effect' of the 911Blogger haters!)

I emailed the main admin at 911blogger, DZ, and asked him why I got banned there.

I finally heard back from him and here's the reason why they banned me:

Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007
From: "dz"
To: "Killtown"
Subject: Re: Banned at 911blogger today


Your account was blocked based on the community's feedback on your comments via our up/down comment moderation abilities. During the month of May approximately 93% (and since January approximately 90%) of your comments received negative ratings - with a cumulative total of comment scores near -450 since January 1st, 2007.

It is important that user moderation on our site be based on our community's feedback, and when a user receives such consistently low scores by the community then that feedback must be listened to, and that is the reason your account has been blocked.

p.s. Please forgive me for the delay in my response, I have been without an internet connection at home for about the last 1-2 weeks.

Best wishes,


So basically any group can have a bunch of their goons join and just sit their all day and vote the people they don't like down to eventually get them banned. Rich.

What if my "evil" no-planer friends and I all ganged up at 911Blogger and just sat there all day and selected negative marks on all the comments by the people who we think are planehuggers for the sole purpose of getting them banned? What would you think of 911Blogger if they allowed that to happen?

911Blogger is full of a bunch of hater "truthers" (see here) who hang out in the comments section and insult everybody they disagree with because they think they know what's best for the truth movement (if they are not just shills) and vote down people's comments not because they disagree with the comment, but because they simply don't like the person who made the comment. How do you think that makes the 9/11 truth movement look?

The comments section at 911Blogger is a big reason they are so popular. They get a lot of traffic and are probably one of the first 9/11 "truth" sites newbies will come across, so just think of what newbies will think of the truth movement if one of the first sites they come across is a site where mob rules and the mob that currently rules there act like immature little punk kids in which their insulting foul-mouth comments will be littered all over the site for the newbies to read.

If 911Blogger wants to have any credibility for their site, they need to either:

  1. Select mature unbiased members to moderate their comments section in a professional manner, or
  2. Close their comments section down

9/11 "truth" sites shouldn't block comments from other truthers, unless they support censorship.

See my banned from list.


Anonymous said...

I'm not even sure 911blogger is popular. They have a bunch of shills and autoposting going on. Just try mentioning something truthful there and you'll get banned just like I was and Andrew Lowe Watson was.

It's not a credible site, it's just there to lead the sheep to the slaughter. They allow dangerous suicidal Al Qaida nutcases like John Albanese to downvote comments and post spam all day long. Let's all pray that he turns himself or seeks treatment before the world has another Virgina Tech situation to contend with.

Ningen said...

The rules at 911 Blogger say:

"Users should use the vote up/down widget to vote down comments which go against the basic guidelines listed above. Users who maintain an extreme case of continued low rated comments may have their commenting abilities removed."


So only comments that violate the guidelines should result in banning.

slaqqer said...

From what I have read of Killtown and the 911blogger (haha) posters, KT rocks them all. He is above reproach in this readers opinion.


Unknown said...

If what you say were true, Ningen, everybody would be banned.