June 30, 2007

Retiree discovers seawater can be used as fuel

Water into fuel?

Retired TV station owner and broadcast engineer, John Kanzius, wasn't looking for an answer to the energy crisis.
His machine could actually make saltwater burn.

John Kanzius discovered that his radio frequency generator could release the oxygen and hydrogen from saltwater and create an incredibly intense flame.
The APV Company Laboratory in Akron has checked out John's amazing invention. They were amazed.

"That could be a steam engine, a steam turbine. That could be a car engine if you wanted it to be."

Imagine the possibilities. Saltwater as the ultimate clean fuel.


Monkey and banana said...

This is total baloney. The "radiowaves" they use are exactly the same or rather close to the "radiowaves" in your microwave. I am saying this simply because he had to ignite the lamp. What's happening in the water is essentially transporting energy from power grid into flame on that tube, with enormous losses along the way.

You can ignite a plasma ball on a toothpick in a microvawe, turn on virtually any lightbulb, dead or live, and do all sorts of other things. He's just repeating these tricks open in the air with perhaps a bit different setup.

This is an amazing experiment but has absolutely nothing to do with solving energy problems. I am horrified how dumb and sensation-fishing all these TV people are. 1

streamfortyseven said...
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streamfortyseven said...

yeah. same comment here. Just like all the other frauds who pop up during an energy crisis talking about going 100 miles on four ounces of water... The energy invested in producing the radiofrequency energy turns out to be a lot more than the energy produced by the "incredibly intense flame". Saltwater isn't the fuel here, it's whatever is used to produce the electricity needed to generate the radiofrequency energy. Duh.

The APV Company are boneheads.