June 08, 2007

AboveTopSecret.com latest to join censorship camp

AboveTopSecret.com has started to crack-down on no-planers:


Due to member demand, the 9/11 forum is now under close staff scrutiny.

posted on 7-6-2007

Any inappropriate comments, insults, topic derailment, or trolling will result in immediate posting ban or account termination.

We've received an overwhelming number of member complaints since the topic of "TV Fakery" splashed on the ATS scene a few days ago. Most of the member complaints are dealing with the trollish nature of the new member(s) promoting these theories, and a handful of supporting characters.

Their original post actually named names (including me):

What we (staff and memebrs) have noticed about this group is that their individuals (namely, Rick Siegel, Jim Fetzer, Nico Haupt, Coffinman, bsregistration, Killtown , etc etc)

Their claim that the no-planers like me are spamming and trolling their forum is a joke. Read my rebuttal to their post here to see why.

For all the latest with the censorship at ATS, visit the forum that won't censor you for your theories: 911movement.org


Anonymous said...

Above Top Secret is an un-American disgrace. Their pompous owner, who calls himelf 'SkepticOverlord' makes Paris Hilton seem humble and well-mannered. His unpatriotic censorship of the overwhelming TV fakery evidence shows his goal is to protect the 9/11 perps. He's maliciously changed the text of my posts and injects his own disinformation into the topic. ATS's SkepticOverlord a fraud and a liar, and he allows shills to shout down anyone telling the truth.

If you want a real site to discuss 911, check out
>911 Researchers
or 911 Movement

Go ahead and start your own TV Fakery threads over there. All the can do is ban you in a pointless display of impotence.

Anonymous said...

Oh for goodness sakes killtown, how you can go on about censorship in the denier community when you yourself delete everyone who disagrees with you is disengenous at best.