May 02, 2007

Banned at Loose Change forum

I’m banned at Loose Change forum . . . again. Well technically I’m not banned, just suspended (until the year 2009!):

Your account has been temporarily suspended. This suspension is due to end on Feb 26 2009, 10:40 PM.

Looks like Dylan Avery was too much of a coward to outright ban me and have the word “gone” appear under my avatar there, so he choose to sweep me under the rug.

I had earlier called for Dylan to step down as admin at his joke of a “9/11 truth” forum because of his censorship, hypocrisy, and unprofessional actions at the forum. Dylan suspended me for 7 days the other week because I told him he fell hook, line and sinker when some JREF punks starting bumping all my previous threads and adding pro-TV fakery/no-plane stuff on them in order to make me look bad in the eyes of all the Loose Change groupies. Subsequently, all my threads at LC have since been locked.

I’m sad to see that very few truthers (if any) who have complained about Dylan running the forum into the ground (again) have publicly called for him to step down as administrator there.

So why was I banned there this time? I dared to post about TV fakery which is now apparently forbidden to discussed at Loose Change’s 9/11 “truth” forum although it’s not listed in their main rules as of this post and is not even listed in their new prohibition of no-planes:

(Main rules)


The Loose Change Forums are a place for the intelligent, respectful exchange of ideas.

Certain theories perceived as extreme and divisive will be moderated at the discretion of the administration.

This is a privately owned forum and the administration reserves the right to restrict the participation of any user that is deemed disruptive for any reason.

Please take a minute to read the Invision rules which we are also subject to in detail.

Also, if you are a self-professed "skeptic", please note the following arguments will be either ignored or erased, as they have no merit:

"too many people would be involved, so your conspiracy is bogus"
"all the people involved must be paid off, so your conspiracy is bogus"
"you guys are still alive, so your conspiracy is bogus"
"our government is too dumb to pull this off, so your conspiracy is bogus"
"our government would NEVER do this, so your conspiracy is bogus"
"screw you guys, your conspiracy is bogus"
"you guys are all in this for the money"
"you guys are all Bush bashers"
"you guys are all Liberals"
"you guys are all nuts"

Thank you.


(No-plane rules)

Loose Change Forum is from now on taking a NO TOLERANCE POLICY on "No Planes At WTC"

From this post forward, anyone seen promoting that theory ... first offense, 7 day suspension. Second offense, banning.

This is our forum, and we refuse to allow our reputation to be tarnished any further.

So as you can see, I didn't talk about anything forbidden at LC.

It's kind of funny that Dylan forbids talk of no-planes (and apparently TV fakery as an unwritten rule) because he thinks it makes the truth movement "look bad". I can’t help but chuckle when I saw what the Man has to say about his film Loose Change:

“Loose Change” Debunked

Amateurish video on 9/11 full of errors, faulty reasoning

Despite the video’s extraordinary popularity, its claims are so absurd that
they are considered an embarrassment by other conspiracy theorists, some of whom have written lengthy critiques of the video’s most outlandish claims.

Dylan has also axed the Alternative Theories section at the LC forum, but interestingly has kept the Skeptics section. Hmm.

Here’s my post that got me banned, but don’t bother clicking the link because Dictator Dylan already deleted it from his “truth” forum. Fortunately my friend Fred saved Dylan’s last good-bye to me:

dylan avery
Posted: May 2 2007, 05:36 PM

You know our policy on this, "Killtown"


Yes Dylan, I know your policy of censorship. My bad.

Btw, my post showed how CNN’s Michael Hezarkhani video showing the 2nd WTC hit is fake -- kind of like how Dylan tells us in his video Loose Change that the U.S. government used voice morphing software to fake the passenger phone calls from the four hijacked planes, "no question about it". Now that theory won't look "outlandish" to potential 9/11 truth newcomers, right?

I spent about an hour making that TV fakery post and I felt it showed very clearly that CNN video is fake and was made in 2D animation, but did Dylan care? Nope.

So I’m making the call again:

Dylan, your censorship, hypocrisy and unprofessional actions has made the forum become a joke. For the good of the 9/11 truth movement, step down as admin at the Loose Change forum, or close the forum like you did with the your first one.

I also call on all the admins/moderators at the Loose Change forum who do not support censorship to immediately resign from there.

To all members currently posting there, don’t wait until one of the theories you believe in is forbidden to be discussed there to stand oop against 9/11 truth dictators.

My banned from list.


Unknown said...

You probably had a tear in your eye when you typed that. Again, I laugh heartily at your much deserved misfortune. It's Dylan Avery's forum, his rules, obey them or leave the premises.

How would you feel if i came over to your mother's house, and stood next to you in the basement screaming about Tom Selleck's mustache being responsible for third world debt? What if i did this damn near every day with very little variation? You would ask me to leave several times, then eventually you'd either remove me or more likely just call the police. Congratulations, you're now a dictator censoring free speech and deciding for everyone else what the truth is. Can you at least try to understand this?

In all seriousness, you need to get over yourself and take a time out from pretend-land to realize you're unimportant and you dedicate most of your life to making yourself look like a boob. It's not too late to salvage some dignity.

Peggy Carter said...

(It's funny that a guy who has the same name as half the planet of "guys" should feel conceited and above others. Eh, "Mike?" At least Dylan has a cool name. Even though he and his friends have gone to looking more and more like "thugs." (Have no idea why that is!) Why don't they just get over themselves?)

"Mike" (what a creative name?!) must've had a tear in his eye when he wrote that. Mike is filled with blockishness to think being "banned" from such an enfeebled forum is any kind of "deserved misfortune." I guess he can't get over himself and the fact he thinks he "belongs," by being part of the LC social group.

Dylan Avery "owns" the information, since he is a "Hollywood Star" now.

Avery gets to decide what's true and false simply because he owns the property - Just like CNN, Fox, Time-Life, Silverstein (where you can't stand outside his building with a sign), Frank Morales - who gets to decide what goes on and what stands for "truth" at St. Mark's NYC.

So sure, Avery owns the property and should get to decide what plays and what doesn't play. And he can kick out the truth if he deems it socially unacceptable or unpopular.

But, if it's really not a threat, why ban it? I guess that could be said about any 9/11 information or discussion of facts?!

These famous young men think "Killtown", "bsregistration" and my own research will hurt their reputation. Meanwhile, as they are courted by the HOllywood elite, they are slandered 24/7 by the powers that be and the "mainstream" illusion enforcers.

Only a shit-breath, too stupid to be hip to 9/11 truth at all, but just doing it to belong to a "in-group," (or to get paid), would be so stupid as to think that by reining in the truth the social conformity nazi-s would lighten up!

But that's what you're supposed to think, if you want to be good little boys. Also, if you are too lazy or incompetent to look at the actual evidence and understand it.

But, hey, if everyone tells you "We have enough info already, which no one is looking at, it makes sense to rein in the new research." you know that advise must be all in good faith. And the reason "Killtown" persists is because he is "trying to destroy us."


I mean, isn't a good prosecutor, one who really wants to get the murderers, (like those who prosecuted O.J.?!), always wanting to limit the evidence of the crime?

How would you like it if some oaf came to your blog and compared research which proves faked vids were aired on CNN to Tom Selleck's mustache? Would you think that "person" was in good faith?

What would you think if this whiny "Mike" claimed he was being abused by your posts, by which you were trying to spread info important to those who supposedly have an interest in the cause?

Would you think he was lying, since of course no one ever forced him to read your posts?

At least he admits what he is:

"[I] am now a dictator censoring free speech and deciding for everyone else what the truth is. Can you at least try to understand this?"

Yea, we can definitively understand! It's our own point with which you agree.

But at least give us the courtesy of being silent over your flaw instead of advertising it everywhere. It gives 9/11 Truth a bad reputation.

These are too important matters to give in, either to the money you are being paid by the perps for your shill job (but at least you do us the favor, "Mike," of doing a poor, transparent job) or to the herd mentality from 7th grade of "let's all gang up on the different one."

I know it's difficult not to imitate O'Reilly since the brain washing and Propaganda is so all pervasive. But please, for the sake of the future, stop making yourself look like a boob. It's not too late to salvage some dignity.

Conspicuous Plot
Sheweth Picts

Fred said...

I posted a link to Dylan's censorship site over at 9/11 researchers before LC made the thread on their PSYOP site disappear.

Banned until 2009 for daring to tell the truth
Submitted by Fred on Thu, 2007-05-03 20:26.

When I posted the link it actually displayed something. They probably (correctly) realized that they look like little dictators with their heavy-handed censorship so they yanked the whole thread down.

Killtown had posted a nice one-page article summarizing the TV Fakery evidence with links providing backup. There were a couple of comments, and then the rather curt "Goodbye" from Dylan.

I wish now that I had taken a screenshot of the page. I'm afraid Loose Fascism won this battle. I guess the reason dictators "go Orwell" is because sometimes it works. Killtown is banned until 2009 as punishment for telling the truth. Meanwhile the "Kevin Federline of 9/11 Truth" is drooling over his chance at Hollywood Stardom.


CherokeePilot said...

Wow, I'm suprised you people haven't realized by now that the whole 9/11 "Truth" movement has been bogus since day one. Hell did you even wonder WHY Dylan Avery created "Loose Change"? In a quest to search for truth? HA, you wish, Dylan Avery was an aspiring film maker, and originally Loose Change was susspose to be a fake documentary, but apparently he saw big dollars sign by making it a 'real' documentary and having a bunch of idiots believe his story. Yea, the people who followed this "Truth" movement, fell for Dylan Avery's plan to become a famous film maker hook, line, and sinker.

Unknown said...

You're one up on me, KT. You still have an account at 911blogger. I found that had gone one morning and with it my blogs and half my comments it seems. Now we know we are on the right track. Why ban you unless you're telling the truth? Would they ban someone who thought OBL did it? Would they ban Jon Gold?

Jordan Ryan said...

hi kt, i was kicked off the lcf, but not by dylan, i was acused of been a jerfer